Time management; probably something all of us do, even without consciously realising. Badly, very well, sporadically, haphazardly – we all have our own little ways of going about it and it’s a topic that sounds scarily grown up and at times, perhaps a little mundane. But the fact is weย need a little time management within our lives, whatever your job, whatever your day to day schedule – managing your time efficiently and with a little thought can make the biggest of differences to our lives.

Time management isn’t limited to a certain lifestyle – I needed time management when I worked 4 jobs, juggling working in a coffee shop, a cocktail bar, acting and blogging and I still need it now. Without it, I can feel without purpose, un-proactive and lost and with it I feel like I can take over the world (no exaggeration necessary – you shall see this once put into practice!) So here’s my 3 ways to manage your time like a girl boss – from one aspiring bossy to another.



I constantly keep a little bank of inspirations – a notebook spilling with thoughts, musings and blog post ideas, waiting for the right concept to bring them to life. I’ve worked with my fave Watch guys Ice before over on Instagram, I adore a watch brand thatย finally brings us luxe, sleek and quality designs without the ยฃ1000 price tag – which was why I was super excited to bring you this post in collaboration with them! This seemed like the perfect time to share my time management tips with you all that I’ve been scribbling down for a while! Which brings me to one of the most obvious, but important things about time management – A WATCH! A chic accessory, yes, but also an instantaneous and effective way to always make sure a gal is always on time. I’m sporting the City Tanner ( V. Appropriate for a day in Englands Capital!) My top tip? If your a serial late runner – set your watch 5/10 mins late – it’s guaranteed to always get you shifting (and running for my train only to be early ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


I‘ve always loved the yearly tradition of picking up a new diary to motivate me for the year ahead – from writing in my GCSE’S to finding my way into adulthood (crap, I’m an adult?!) and scheduling in press days. My friends have often asked why on earth I still use a pen and paper and not my iPhone for scheduling – I can’t quite say why, but I can’t seem to shake the classic diary. It’s almost as if it isn’t set in stone if you haven’t written it down – tapping it into my iPhone calendar just won’t do, this makes me sound so anti millennial which is ironic when I spend 80% of my time on Instagram!ย In all seriousness, having a sassy diary does wonders in making you feel like your have your life together (even if you donโ€™t!) I feel very organised and grown up writing things down and thats the way I like it and what works for me!

Paperchase do adorable ones, I tend to go for the handbag friendly sizes and jot everything down to my workouts, meetings, events, holidays, birthdays and everything in between. This is particularly helpful when you need to jot down timings too for things, knowing where and when you have to be always keeps me on track. Always make sure to factor in travel time – when we shot this we skipped between meetings and into my all time, fave, lunch spot in the City – No.11 Pimlico Road! If you can’t resist phone organisation you can always take a pic of the weeks schedule anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 


Kind of sounds like something a grandparent would say after you’ve forgotten someones birthday card, but it really does ring true – I’m all over the place if I fail to prepare myself – I’d rather spend time over preparing and feeling at ease than panicking like a mad woman! If you have a busy day – prepare everything you possibly can the evening before in order to sleep easy. Lay your outfit out, pack your bag, check where you need to be and at what time, transport (know which train or what route on your sat nav you’re heading!), sort your food out and everything will fall into place a lot easier!

I can’t say how many times spending an extra 10/20 mins an evening preparing has helped me in the long run (and I’m the type of person who ALWAYS leaves things to the last minute, so this has definitely helped kick the habit!) The fact is when we don’t manage our time, it’s easily wasted and time is SO precious. Having a down day? THATS OKAY, enjoy it and watch a Harry Potter marathon! You’re allowed to enjoy down time, factor in time especially for that – In fact I wrote here all about the importance of taking time out!! Then refresh yourself and feel motivated to kick butt the next day and smash everything on that to do list! That’s the work life balance and that’s what proper time management is all about!


I hope you loved this one beauts – I’ve always felt on top of the world when I manage my time effectively – so I thought why not share the love and hopefully it will help you guys too! I’d love to hear if you have any tips that really help you to get going and smash that to do list!ย 

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Photography by Ben Kapur

This post was a sponsored collaboration with the beautifuls at Ice Watch!