Ahh foundation, something we spend days, months and years hunting down the perfect one ( or three 😉 ) If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that I talk to you guys openly and frankly about the struggles of my problematic skin. I talked about it briefly here and in fact, whenever I raise this topic over on Insta Stories it seems like quite a few of you loves can relate (cheers to the power of the internet and uniting those of us in the same boat, making us feel like we’re not totally alone in our struggles!)

With that said, in response to your incredibly touching and thoughtful messages and words of advice, I thought it was about time I bring more of this to my Blog and Youtube Channel, because if I can help at least one gal and her confidence out a little, by sharing my top war paint picks, then that’s a job well done in my books. Makeup is fun, incredible and it’s art. It also builds us up and helps fill the holes that problematic skin can puncture in our self esteem. So I’m sharing the best long lasting foundations for oily and spot prone skin – here’s helping they work for you beautifuls too! x


Whether you favour a light formula with high coverage, a long lasting and thicker consistency, something that will withstand the sweatiest of clubs, or something to heal your breakouts, I like to think I’ve come up with a selection that does it all. A good foundation is like a wing woman, makes you look good, always has your back and you know you can rely on her time an time again. Life’s too short for friends that let you down and the same applies to foundation – find a good one and you’ll feel like you can take over the world together.


Ahh L’Oreal True Match, the one that makes me ask myself “Why the hell did I ever stop using this?” I picked this up years ago, we had a brief separation and I came running back, apologetically, wondering why I ever left. This really is the dream, high street foundation, whatever your skin type – it’s a multitasking, wonder and I have no doubt everyone could benefit from this. At £9.99 I can afford to stock up and have a drawer full should I find myself critically low.

It’s breathable, blendable, has a shade for everyone and their dog and is super buildable too. I suffer with blemishes in some areas more than others, so being able to layer it on slightly more stubborn areas smoothly is always a winner. The finish isn’t matte, but not super dewey, somewhere beautifully in between, I usually pop some powder on top to set and combat shine and I’m good to face the world!


At £30 this is definitely more of an indulgent purchase, I know there’s foundations going for £100+ on the market, but £30 was still enough for me to have to think on the purchase for about, ohh, 2 years! Estee Lauder Double Wear is a total cult, foundation product, the most highly reccomended by anyone to me, so it was only a matter of time until had to give it a go. Loved by all, but particularly those among us who want the utmost coverage and long lasting of formulas.

I favour the more breathable of products – I have crappy skin so anything that suffocates it makes me feel worse, which is why personally, I reserve this baby for night time or an occasion such as weddings, etc (which is probably why it’s lasted so damn long!) Because this foundation doesn’t budge for anything, the formula is slightly thicker but not too much and if I want something a little sheerer I tend to mix in a bit of moisturiser. This IS the definition of a wing woman, never lets you down and you can totally rely on her time and time again.


It’s not often I fall head over heels so quickly and so intensely, but even before I tried The Body Shops skin clarifying foundation, I knew I was gonna be in for something good. Long lasting but SUPER breathable (like, as in this feels like a BB cream!) yet it has amazing coverage, is non pore clogging and enriched with tea tree – it’s basically a total dream for oily and spot prone skin girlies. I feel GOOD when I wear this, like it’s really helping heal my skin at the same time, instead of mask the problem.

This has become a total and utter favourite and I cannot recommend this enough – it’s pretty much everything I want from a foundation and more and does wonders for my confidence! At £12 it’s also super affordable and has made me want to go into The Body Shop and basically raid their whole make up section – a total new obsession, all whilst being natural and still with the important principles behind the brands ethics, meaning I feel not only good about myself wearing this, but also like I’m not harming the world or animals in the process.




I hope you loved this one huns, I cannot recommend these incredible formulas enough – even if you don’t have problematic skin, they’re so beautiful and long lasting! What are you fave foundations? Would LOVE to hear your recommendations!

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