After being inspired by a string of incredible books that I received for Christmas (and quite possibly, engulfed too quickly!) I’ve decided that this year I want to bring you guys more innovative, inspiring and uplifting content. I love looking at beautiful, pretty images (hello, Pinterest whore over here!)  but I also love being inspired to get up, go and conquer – which is why I want to combine all of these things into my little blog! Style that sparks your creativity, ideas that inspire you to try something new but also ramblings that get you thinking a little deeper. Some people prefer to look at the pictures and find out where those shoes were from, whilst others love to get stuck into an interesting topic. I’m both of those people, so I’m really excited to try and translate these books I love so much into my blog, to give a fresh, 2017 perspective! And if you have any killer book suggestions, do send them this gals way!

“The moment I started doing things solely for myself, I became instantaneously happier.”

To some this post perhaps might seem odd and random – “Umm Primrose, since when do outfit shots call for an in-depth talk about mental happiness?” Well, a recent chat with an old friend who reached out to me for blogging advice, as well as this silk, pyjama shirt inspired me to chat about that, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. For me, the blogs, books and magazines that inspire me the most are those not only filled with lust worthy clothes, shoes and lipsticks, but also those that spark conversation and stories, which brings me on to sharing why you should care less about what others think (and why you’d be 1000x more happier for it!)

It occurred to me that somehow, perhaps through my parents and the way I was raised/ friends/ years of making mistakes/ a miracle – I realised that I don’t really, utterly, totally and definitely do not give a single crap what people think of me. Bluntness aside, I realised recently that in actuality, I’m pretty lucky to think this way. A LOT of people care WAY too much about other’s opinions of themselves and it’s absolutely, detrimental, not only to their mental happiness but it also physically stops them from doing things.

“Don’t make friends with people who tell you your clothes look stupid”

I’m not going to say that for me it’s always been that way – OH. MY. GOD. if I wore this shirt in high school a plethora of sarcastic comments about ‘why haven’t you got out of your pyjamas’ would have ensued. I think the last time I cared what someone thought about me and my sartorial choices was rewinding to 10 year old Primrose, who had her eye on a pair of Red, ‘Converse, All Star – esque’ shoes in the La Redoute Catalogue. My friend commented how she thought they looked like clown shoes and that they were hideous and ugly, which in turn made me feel so stupid for liking them. I was gutted and never got my mum to order the shoes. Needless to say she wasn’t a friend for long and I invested in numerous pairs of Converse there after,  which I still rock whenever I fancy, giving a total of zero craps about who loves or hates them. Chuck Taylors are a pretty, damn, classic shoe – hell she’s probably got 5 pairs now herself! 

“Funny stories of my failed friendships aside, from that day I learnt that the world would be a much more fun and enjoyable place if I cared less about others and more about myself.”

As long as your intentions for the world, yourself and others are good – then why shouldn’t you do as you please? Dress how you want, dye and cut your hair as you wish, go vegan, eat meat, start that blog and Youtube you’ve been putting off in fear of what others think (Harriet – this ones for you, do what you love and what you want to do – people that are unnecessarily mean aren’t worth acknowledging!) If I let a few snarky comments about ‘Primrose’s blog’ get to me back in the day, I would have ceased to keep at it. I’ve now made a fully fledged career out of it and couldn’t be happier, which is living proof that sometimes you just have to let go of your inhibitions, fear of peoples judgement and DO IT FOR YOU!

Pyjama top – Lipsy 

Bag – Mulberry Bayswater at Uncloset

Jeans – Topshop (similar)

Shoes – Truffle collection (similar)

As always – thank you SO MUCH for reading, I love hearing your thoughts, comment and stores! Do you struggle to let peoples opinions go or do you find it easy to brush it off and carry on? Get in touch, I’d love to know! You guys are the most incredible and hearing all about you, your lives and thoughts is the best!

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