The best long lasting foundations for oily & spot prone skin

The best long lasting foundations for oily & spot prone skin


Ahh foundation, something we spend days, months and years hunting down the perfect one ( or three ūüėČ ) If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that I talk to you guys openly and frankly about the struggles of my problematic skin. I talked about it briefly here¬†and¬†in fact, whenever I raise this topic over on Insta Stories¬†it seems like quite a few of you loves can relate (cheers to the power of the internet and uniting those of us in the same boat, making us feel like we’re not¬†totally alone in our struggles!)

With that said, in response to your incredibly touching and thoughtful messages and words of advice, I thought it was about time I bring more of this to my Blog and Youtube Channel,¬†because if I can help at least one gal and her confidence out a little, by sharing my top war paint picks, then that’s a job well done in my books. Makeup is fun, incredible and it’s art. It also builds us up and helps fill the holes that problematic skin can puncture in our self esteem. So I’m sharing the best long lasting foundations for oily and spot prone skin – here’s helping they work for you beautifuls too! x


Whether you favour a light formula with high coverage, a long lasting and thicker consistency, something that will withstand the sweatiest of clubs, or something to heal your breakouts, I like to think I’ve come up with a selection that does it all. A good foundation is like a wing woman, makes you look good, always has your back and you know you can rely on her time an time again. Life’s too short for friends that let you down and the same applies to foundation – find a good one and you’ll feel like you can take over the world together.


Ahh L’Oreal True Match,¬†the one that makes me ask myself “Why the hell did I¬†ever stop using this?” I picked this up years ago, we had a brief separation and I came running back, apologetically, wondering why I ever left. This really is the dream, high street foundation, whatever your skin type – it’s a multitasking, wonder and I have no doubt everyone could benefit from this. At ¬£9.99 I can afford to stock up and have a drawer full should I find myself critically low.

It’s breathable, blendable, has a shade for everyone and their dog and is super buildable too. I suffer with blemishes in some areas more than others, so being able to layer it on slightly more stubborn areas smoothly is always a winner. The finish isn’t matte, but not super dewey, somewhere beautifully in between, I usually pop some powder on top to set and combat shine and I’m good to face the world!


At ¬£30 this is definitely more of an indulgent purchase, I know there’s foundations going for ¬£100+ on the market, but ¬£30 was still enough for me to have to think on the purchase for about, ohh, 2 years! Estee Lauder Double Wear is a total cult, foundation product, the most highly reccomended by anyone to me, so it was only a matter of time until had to give it a go. Loved by all, but particularly those among us who want the utmost coverage and long lasting of formulas.

I favour the more breathable of products – I have crappy skin so anything that suffocates it makes me feel worse, which is why personally, I reserve this baby for night time or an occasion such as weddings, etc (which is probably why it’s lasted so damn long!) Because this foundation doesn’t budge for anything, the formula is slightly thicker but not too much and if I want something a little sheerer I tend to mix in a bit of moisturiser. This IS the definition of a wing woman, never lets you down and you can totally rely on her time and time again.


It’s not often I fall head over heels so quickly and so intensely, but even before I tried The Body Shops skin clarifying foundation, I knew I was gonna be in for something good. Long lasting but SUPER breathable (like, as in this feels like a BB cream!) yet it has amazing coverage, is non pore clogging and enriched with tea tree – it’s basically a total dream for oily and spot prone skin girlies. I feel GOOD when I wear this, like it’s really helping heal my skin at the same time, instead of mask the problem.

This has become a total and utter favourite and I cannot recommend this enough – it’s pretty much everything I want from a foundation and more and does wonders for my confidence! At ¬£12 it’s also super affordable and has made me want to go into The Body Shop and basically raid their whole make up section – a total new obsession, all whilst being natural and still with the important principles behind the brands ethics, meaning I feel not only good about myself wearing this, but also like I’m not harming the world or animals in the process.




I hope you loved this one huns, I cannot recommend these incredible formulas enough – even if you don’t have problematic skin, they’re so beautiful and long lasting! What are you fave foundations? Would LOVE to hear your recommendations!

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Making decisions for yourself | My experience At Viva Skin Clinic

Making decisions for yourself | My experience At Viva Skin Clinic

“Do things that make you smile and feel amazing, life’s too short to feel anything less.”

I‘ve always been a firm believer in ‘live and let live’. If someone can make a decision that makes them happy, without fear of others judgement, then that should be celebrated! Imagine all of the things we wouldn’t do, if we spent life worrying about other’s opinions and thoughts. It’s¬†your life and should be lived without regrets, or wandering ‘what if’. Do things that make you smile and feel amazing, life’s too short to feel anything less. Whether it’s taking up dance lessons, buying a pair of shoes you’ve lusted over or dying your hair green!

We are so incredibly lucky to have the freedom to make decisions for ourselves and we should recognise this and be grateful, instead of perhaps critiquing others sometimes, which we all can too easily get caught up in. I’ve also always been a very open minded person, although some things may not be for me, I can still respect and admire people for chasing after what they love and having confidence behind their decisions! Being open minded has really improved my outlook on life and has made me able to empathise with and understand people so much more. It’s also helped me make my own decisions, one of which was a big turning point in shrugging off peoples judgement and I couldn’t be happier!

“I spent way too much of my school years not having my hair a certain way or not wearing my favourite shoes, because there would always be someone who had something to say about it. Over the years I’ve come to learn that nothing makes you happier than doing something for yourself and that you’re passionate about. Other’s opinions will slowly become irrelevant and really, there’s worse things going on in the world than whether or not someones lipstick is wonky!”

“Personality, values and someones genuinness should never be judged through how they choose to present themselves. “

Learning to full heartedly make decisions for myself, without worrying about what others think is and probably always will be a slight battle, especially being in the blogging industry. Nasty comments can sometimes be thrown around on the seemingly most innocent of videos and blog posts, without any disregard or consideration thought about the person on the receiving end. Ultimately, these people probably have more issues than just a fear of judgement, so should you let that dictate what you do? Hell no! The people worth having around with always have your back and those are the only ones you should be worrying about. Self love is the most important thing in the world, don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you’re making the wrong decision.

I’ve always been totally accepting and open minded about anything cosmetic, from fake eyelashes, hair extensions, filler and boob jobs. I can’t say I’m interested in all of them, some of them I never will be, but I certainly have nothing against anyone that decides otherwise.This is the problem with anything cosmetic, even throughout school, if someone wore fake tan, nails or too much makeup, they were considered ‘fake’. Personality, values and someones genuinness should never be judged through how they choose to present themselves. I finally took the plunge two weeks ago and had a very small amount of filler in my lips by the wonderful Dr Rupert at Viva Skin Clinics. This was something I’ve wanted to do for ages, it was just a matter of getting to the point where I felt confident in my decision, that it was right for me and where I no longer cared about others opinions.




Swelling after 4-5 hours


“Why didn’t I do it before? Primarily, I was worrying all too much about other’s judgement.”

If anything has ever dented your confidence, being able to lift it back up really is a wonderful feeling. I’ve always felt much more confident with lipstick on, so wanted to feel the same, sans makeup! Why didn’t I do it before? Primarily, I was worrying all too much about other’s judgement. Coming from a small town in Devon, anything out of the ordinary is definitely hot gossip. I love where I came from and I find this so endearing, but not when people love to follow along with your life religiously and then criticise it. London has been a lot more accepting for me, nothing is judged upon too harshly (or so I’ve found!) and that’s helped me embrace myself, my personality and ultimately, my decisions.¬†After seeing the incredible Dr Rupert, from Viva Skin Clinics¬†perform live demonstrations at the opening of his new Harley Street clinic, myself and Ben were astounded by his artistry.

Like I mentioned, there is a slight stigma around anything cosmetic that involves a little more than a bit of lippy. Ben and even myself, previous to watching Dr Rupert, both thought that it would always be blindingly obvious if someones had something done. Looking through his client ‘before and afters’ I was so impressed with the natural approach he takes to any procedures! It was insanely quick and painless too – you have a numbing cream applied for 10 minutes, the total procedure took about another 5-10 and you’re done!¬†As you can see, after a few hours my lips definitely began to swell a little bit, which disappears within a day or two. The end result? It’s¬†that subtle that even my family couldn’t tell until I told them. For me, it’s not about other’s noticing but¬†myself¬†and how I feel. You all know from my Insta stories and¬†Youtube Channel that my problematic skin can really make my self confidence hit rock bottom and Viva Skin have really given me a boost and I can’t thank them enough for that!

I really hope that this was insightful for you guys and I hope it inspired you to make decisions FOR YOURSELF, whatever they may be!  If you have any questions at all about the procedure, what it involved, my experience, etc Рplease do shoot them my way! I would be more than happy to do another blog post, Q&A or YouTube video all about how it works. You can also catch any info with the lovelies themselves over at Viva Skin!  As always, let me know what you loves would like to see and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart or being ever supportive, your response on Instagram was really lovely to hear!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

This post was proudly in collaboration with the incredible Viva Skin Clinics!

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My Winter hair must haves

My Winter hair must haves

So I’ve finally decided to give myself a huge, kick up the back side and start to churn out regular Youtube videos, instead of the odd one here and there! Of course, I’m doing Vlogmas this year as Christmas is MY ABSOLUTE FAVE! You can catch part 1 & 2 here if you’ve missed out! But Vlogmas and festiveness aside, I asked you guys over on my Twitter¬†what you wanted to see more of and you voted hair – so I thought a winter, hair, favourites would be perfect to kick start the season! I always get quite a lot of comments on my hair over on Instagram¬†so thought I would put together a little round up of my essentials that have really helped keep my hair amazingly hydrated, frizz free and looking fab for the party season! So here’s a little bit all about my winter, hair, must haves!

The Basics

Shampoo & Conditioner

This winter, I’ve found that my hair’s been having daily tantrums – one day it’s dry, the next frizzy and the day after that it’s just not cooperating! It’s worth adding that my hair is VERY long, fine (but there’s a lot of it!) and any product that is too dense will just make my hair look like it hasn’t been washed for a year! I’ve been a fan of OGX for years and was excited to try this when I pulled it out of my Cosmopolitan Influencer awards, good bag! (Catch the vlog here!) It hydrates, tames that winter frizz (thank you, central heating!) all whilst leaving you hair smelling INSANE! Like seriously, your hair smells good all day! WIN.

Dry Shampoo

I’m the first one to admit that my life would be in shambles without dry shampoo. At a festival? Dry shampoo. Travelling and no time to wash your hair? Dry Shampoo. Broken leg? Dry Shampoo. I also love to spritz this can of wonder all over my hair when it’s freshly washed and needs some grip or texture for up-dos and topknots, otherwise my fine hair will be slipping and sliding all over the place. I like to think I’m a faithful and loyal gal, so naturally, considering Batiste saved my hair (and life) many a times as a teen, I like to stick to it, in fear of trying something that disappoints. I have indeed tried some other fab, dry shampoos, some great, some not so great – but what can I say, I’m a Batiste girl at heart.


The Bardou¬†has become a serious, up and coming favourite brand of mine, especially since the launch of their INSANE Booster brow (basically a brow product like I’ve never seen before!) Glamorous, sleek and luxe – I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging but this hairspray also delivers the goods. I normally detest hair sprays because of the rock solid feel their give your hair and for that reason put off using them where possible. However I’ve found that with this keratin enriched spray, you still get that hold but without feeling like a piece of plastic – thank god!



I must admit, 90% of the time I stray away from ‘volumising’ products (would LOVE to know if any of you fine haired gals do too!) and this is simply because they’re usually way too thick and greasy! Ironically, I really need some volume so the Umberto Giannini volumizing root lift has seriously changed my hair game. I now¬†genuinely enjoy blow drying my locks – it volumizing without causing build up, smells gorgeous, holds your hair in place and¬†just¬†generally made my hair look like I’d had it professionally blow dried (a big accomplishment for me, who is definitely NOT a hairdresser!)


Ya’ll know I love a good multitasking product – who doesn’t?! This magical, Cloud 9 quick dry, potion of amazingness not only protects your hair from heat damage but it¬†seriously¬†cuts down the time it took to dry my hair! I was in a frantic rush the other day to dry my hair before catching the train into London. Spritzed this in, combed through, grabbed my barrel brush and hairdryer and 5 minutes (yes, really.) later my hair was dry, sleek and I made the train (might have ran a little!) A must have if you’re a traveller or low on space!



Body, hair or face – oils are a natural godsend and do wonders for everything and anything – I currently switch between the Batiste Oil mist and Lee Stafford Argan Oil Serum, depending on the level of nourishment I need. The Argan oil serum is fab for deeper hydration, particularly on the ends of your hair and I love to apply this to wet or damp hair after a bubble bath, or dry hair when it’s feeling unhappy from the cold. For on the go, I love the Oil Mist as it’s so fine so much lighter on the hair – great if it isn’t freshly washed but needs a hydration boost!

Pamper essentials

The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree range tonic (available in Jan!) and¬†Lee Stafford deep nourishing hair treatment¬†are a must have for any pamper evening and for those of you who really want to get yourselves a healthy, head of hair! Like I mentioned in my winter, hair care must haves video below, a lot of us probably overlook taking care of out scalp, despite it being the starting point of amazing locks! This refreshing tea tree tonic gently invigorates the scalp and takes care of your hair from the roots! There’s also nothing I love doing more on a winter evening, than slathering the Deep nourishing hair treatment all over my hair and leaving in a hot towel for 10 mins for utter bliss and some crazy, soft hair! This really puts moisture back in your hair if your normal conditioner just isn’t cutting it.

I hope you guys loved this post ‚Äď do check out the video for some more, in depth thoughts about all of these products and how I use them! I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of them – leave a little comment or snap me ‘style petal’!

As always, you can catch all my posts over on BLOGLOVIN or see what I’m chatting about over on Twitter @stylepetalblog !

Watch my winter hair faves

What’s inside my wash bag – how to pack like a pro

What’s inside my wash bag – how to pack like a pro

I like to think that I’ve become somewhat of a seasoned pro when it comes to packing. Okay, so my boyfriend would definitely raise an eyebrow to that statement when it comes to clothes packing (you never know when you might need those 6 pairs of identical heels, right?) But when it comes to packing a wash bag, I’ve definitely got that one nailed. There’s nothing worse than leaving something behind and no matter wherever or whenever I’m traveling, I love to have my fave products with me! Whether you’re planning on a winter sun break, skiing in the new year or simply stealing a few days in the countryside, I’ll be showing you what’s inside my wash bag and how to pack like a pro!

First things first, you want to make sure you’ve got a killer list! (Yes, I’m one of those people that has to have a list for ERRRYYTHANG! ) As good as my memory is, some things do slip my mind and if I don’t write it down that second, I’ll be aimlessly be wandering around the house stewing over what it is I’ve forgotten! Get yourself a cute, ass, notepad or sticky note set (I personally favour ones that stand out so I don’t miss them, mine are donuts and french bulldogs! ) and sit down and write a list! I also tend to go all out, Monica Bing from Friends style and categorise that list!


Cleansing – Face Scrub | ¬†Face Wash | ¬†Face Mask (if you fancy!) | Miceller water/cleanser | Spot Gel/treatment (Sorry bro, you ain’t ruining my holiday!)¬†

Moisturising РDay Moisturizer | Night moisturiser/serum/facial oil | Facial tan | Thermal spray (particularly good for hot holiday and post flight, tired skin!)


Wash РShampoo | Conditioner 

Maintenance – Dry shampoo | Serum/oil

Styling – Hair Brush (I’m a Tangle Teezer gal) ¬†| Stying tools (straighteners, curlers, etc.) ¬†Thermal Protecting spray


Moisture & Tan – Moisturizer | Tinted moisturiser (or just plain tan if you’re not as¬†lazy, sorry, ‘low maintenance’ as me! – don’t forget your mit if you’re fake tanning! | Gentle body scrub | Sun cream¬†

Hygiene – Deodorant | Shaving foam/shower gel | Girly hygiene essentials (wash, wipes, etc.)


Tools – Nail clippers | Nail file | Cotton pads | Tweezers | Razor | Baby wipes | Toothbrush

Touch ups РThe nail polish you have on | Tooth paste 

Now that we’ve got a list sorted, I’m going to show you guys the products that have stayed glued to my wash bag recently! The list might sound a bit hefty, but you’ll be surprised how packing friendly the packaging is on most products. Of course, depending on where you’re heading you can also tailor your washbag to your destination, because let’s be honest, I really can’t be bothered to fake tan if I’m going skiing = hello more suitcase too for duty free goodies!


I’ve tried a good handful of Lush’s moisturisers and I’m loving the Enzymion, as it’s perfect for keeping oily skin like mine at bay! It also makes my face feel super fresh in the morning! Come night time, I am obsessed with The Hero Project’s glow drops – they smell absolutely incredible and really help repair and nourish my skin over night. I’ve been using them for a good few months now every night and it has definitely become a nightly ritual, I really enjoy massaging it into my skin so it soaks up all the goodness!


Recently I’m loving using Lush products on my face, especially as it gets super upset in between seasons, meaning it needs some gentle, loving, ingredients! The Ultra Bland is an absolute beauty cult no matter what your skin type, but I love to use this instead of micellar water sometimes to gently remove makeup before cleansing. It melts my makeup off without irritating my skin, then after I will use the La Roche Posay Effaclar cleanser to give a deep but gentle cleanse. If my skins playing up, the Origins super spot remover is fab for getting rid of any, as it’s jam packed full of natural, spot fighting ingredients. If you fancy treating yourself and bringing a face mask along for a pamper evening, you need to check out my post about The Body Shop super food masks here, there’s literally one for every skin type and they feel uhhh-mazing! I took the honey one away with me for a Cornwall mini break and I’m so glad I bought it!


I’m pretty low key and easy going when it comes to my hair, so usually all I bring is my favourite shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and perhaps serum if I feel like pushing the boat out! I love this L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner, it refreshes my hair perfectly yet still leaves it soft and conditioned, with no residue! I’m also loving my The Bardou dry shampoo, it looks good, feels good and smells good. This lives in my handbag at the moment and the girls also gave my a cheeky discount code ‘primrose10’ for you, if you fancy grabbing their stuff here!¬†I also usually naturally let my hair dry, but by all means take a little hair dryer with you, or even some straighteners if you know you’re going to want to style it up!


An obvious essential for any wash bag but less talked about, meaning it’s harder to find some great opinions and recommendations! I love great smelling products, as well as ones that are gentle on your body. This Dove deodorant smells INSANE and I genuinely feel like I’m putting perfume on rather than deodorant, as the smell lasts so long! I also always buy the compressed cans, they last forever and fit snuggly into my bag! I’ve been using Femfresh products for absolutely years, so when they asked if I would like to try some more out, I’m not afraid to say that I was like, umm, hell yeah? I really love to talk about brands that I actually care about and genuinely love and admire! Hence why I never feature anything I don’t actually like, otherwise I’m pretty sure even I would stop reading my blog! I feel like I’m really taking care of myself when I use their products, it’s like the difference of blow drying your hair at home or going to a salon – going the extra mile and having that little bit more of confidence. The deodorant and wipes are constantly in the bottom of both my gym and wash bag – there’s nothing worse than feeling groggy when you’re busy and don’t have time to freshen up, which is why I always have them with me. This wash is also perfect for travelling as it’s mini, so slots in nicely amongst everything else!


Much like my hair, I’m totally lazy when it comes to tanning, so I usually just stick to tinted moisturiser unless I’m going to an important event or night out! This Bondi Sands one smells like a dreamy, cocktail and leaves a gorgeous and subtle tan, all whilst keeping my skin super, soft! I’m also obsessed with this James Read Rose Water Tan. I’ve mentioned over on my snapchat ‘style petal’ that I’m a sucker for anything Rose scented, so this was always going to be a winner. I really struggle to find decent products to actually evenly tan my face and this does a beaut of a job! It’s a really fine mist, so you can spritz it under your makeup as a primer or over the top to refresh and develop a beautifully natural tan – win!¬†

I hope you guys enjoyed my tips for packing like a pro and saw some products that you’d like to try out! Do let me know if you’ve used any of them before and what you think, or send your ultimate, wash bag essentials suggestions my way!

I’d love to know if you’d like to see any more posts like this – do get in touch below or snap me ‘style petal or catch me on instagram here!¬†You can also catch me over on BLOGLOVIN or YouTube for my rambles!¬†

Creating the perfect at home facial – The Body Shop Superfood masks

Creating the perfect at home facial – The Body Shop Superfood masks

At the first whiff off summer the majority of us (please say its not just me) all go into meltdown and buy enough razors to bald a Gorilla and enough tan to bring Casper back to life. Similarly, when it comes to winter we take the same, albeit a little calmer, approach to kick starting our bodies for the new season. Being a January baby, I’m a total autumn/winter girl and love getting ready for the colder months! Pumpkin spice lattes (yes, I’m basic) turtle neck sweaters and leather boots, 3 of my many favourite, winter, goodies. However all the temperature changes and wandering from the windy, bitter cold outside to the stuffy central heating inside can play havoc with our skin. A winter baby I may be, but my skin certainly behaves better in the summer months!

This is why I love to pay that extra attention to nourishing and taking care of my skin when winter swings around. As a child, I remember watching my sister pamper herself with incredible smelling The Body Shop goodies. Now that we’re older ( and that I know that strawberry moisturiser isn’t edible) we often like to create spa and pamper evenings at home, which always leave me feeling super refreshed, revitalised and ready to take on the world! The Body Shop Superfood face masks launched mid August so we were quick to get to our local store to have a peek. (and a sniff Рthese masks smell INCREDIBLE!) So you can imagine my excitement when these dropped on my doorstep! 

I absolutely adore the whole concept of these masks. Not only are they delicious smelling, all natural and vegetarian, but they cater for all skins, something which is great when you have the girls around, as let’s be realistic here, not everyone has the same skin type! I suffer from
imperfections, oiliness and the occasional dry area, whereas my sister‚Äôs skin might need more of a radiance and moisture boost. I had so much fun trying these out on a lazy afternoon with a coffee, I really feel like I‚Äôm taking care of myself and can almost hear my skin thanking me for it! The best part is creating a combination that is unique to you and to really hone in on what my skin needs. Spots on your forehead? Grab the Himalayan Charcoal mask. In need of some radiance? Swipe on the Amazonian Acai energising mask! In need of a moisture boost? Sit back, relax and breathe in the amazing British Rose mask. In my books, these masks tick every single box and more and have totally revolutionised my pamper night game! Me and my sister (a tough cosmetic cookie to crack, she won’t usually try something she doesn’t swear by!) are totally besotted by these jars of wonder, I even caught my boyfriend stealing some!

I‚Äôd love to hear if any of your guys have tried these, you all sounded so intrigued by my thoughts on my snapchat ‘style petal!’ I honestly cannot recommend them enough to give your skin that winter kickstart and to treat your skin to some all natural goodness – you can check out the mask range here (but personally I would go into store and smell them, when will someone create an app to share smells!)

As always you can catch up on all my posts over on BLOGLOVIN or see what I’m rambling on about over on my YouTube channel!

Summer beauty favourites

Summer beauty favourites

As good as I have been trying to be in the recent months, in terms of frivolous spending (basically wandering into Boots and not resurfacing until 4 hours later…) it has, however, meant that I have accumulated a few (affordable!) beauty favourites this summer! From my fave, highstreet highlighters, products guaranteed to give you killer brows or a new lip obsession, I’m going to be talking you through my latest finds and why I fell head over heels!


Rimmel London Fix & Protect primer

I love the multitasking effects of this primer – it has SPF and anti stress and anti pollution technology, so I really feel like my skin is being dealt with throughout the day. It has a creamy consistency but still blends out well, whilst leaving a nice, comfortable and protective layer over your skin. I always like to prep and prime my skin, especially as it’s oily and spot prone, so it’s nice to know this protects it throughout the day! I love applying this and it definitely pro longs the wear of your foundation, all whilst keeping it in place, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup doing a runner half way through your day!

Rimmel London lasting finish foundation

Everyone knows that Estee Lauder Double Wear is my one, true, love when it comes to getting your skin looking perfecto. So naturally, finding a cheaper, high street alternative is going to be difficult as it has a lot to live up to – especially when you have skin as difficult as mine! It needs to be long lasting, high coverage ( but still feel breathable) and easy to blend…not that I’m asking much of something under ¬£10 ūüėČ I have found that Rimmel foundations always tend to be pretty great for the price, so I thought I would give this a whirl seeming as it’s advertised as long wearing and high coverage! It applies really well, feels comfortable and provides great coverage from the very start, so you can either apply one layer or build it up in more troublesome areas. It stays on really well, regardless of whether I’m having a lazy day or running around like a crazy lunatic! This is my go to, cheaper alternative to Double Wear and even beats my previous high street fave, the L’Oreal infallible foundation. Definitely worth giving a go if you want something comfortable and high coverage!

NYX mineral stick foundation

Naturally, when the NYX counter opened up at my local Boots I went a little bit impulse buy crazy. This was marketed as a contouring tool so it was only after I brought it that I realised it was a foundation! I grabbed mine in the shade ‘Caramel’ – they have a great range of shades and this is what makes the difference with contouring, especially if you’re wanting a subtle look for day time. I loved the idea of the stick, simply swipe it under your cheekbones, over the forehead and sides of the nose for precise application and easy blending! I hate applying cream contours normally as they get everywhere and are sometimes difficult to blend, however this one is super creamy and blends in really seamlessly – a definite re purchase and a contour saviour!¬†


The Balm Mary Loumanizer

Having been on the hunt for a holy grail highlighter for a while, I decided to give The Balm’s famous Mary Loumanizer a go, after hearing amazing things which left me with no reason to not give it a go! This is slightly pricier than some and retails just under ¬£20. Major points for the cute, kitsch, compact design and the mirror means that this is always glued to my handbag for mid day touch ups to keep my glow game strong! The colour is a subtle, golden shimmer that can either be lightly worn for a natural look, or layered up come night time! Where most highlighters slide off my face within a few hours, this baby looks flawless and stays in place all day long! A definite try for you highlight lovers, I’m addicted!

Sleek Makeup highlight palette in ‘precious metals’

With so many affordable highlighters on the high street, it’s hard to know what’s worth trying and what’s going to be a disappointment. I adore everything Sleek Makeup so I knew I wouldn’t be left with buyers regret. The consistency of the four colours differs from powder to cream, meaning you get the best of both worlds. Not only do you have a lovely palette of 4 colours, but can also choose between the different formulas depending on your mood and the staying power you want! My fave is definitely ‘Antique’ – the bronze shade on the bottom right, it gives a beautiful, all day, golden, glow! Seriously impressed with the colour selection, staying power and value for money of this palette, but then again I wouldn’t expect anything less from Sleek. The Solstice highlight palette is definitely next on my hit list!¬†

Eyes & Brows

Barry M Gel eyeliner

I was hesitant to stray from my fave Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner pot, but after seeing this dupe for a mere ¬£5 I had to give it a whirl. The packaging makes application slick and simple, with the brush being kept in the top of the lid. It has a surprisingly good shape and is really easy to get the angle and wing you want, something that you perhaps don’t always get with cheaper brushes. The gel formula glides on beautifully and has great pigmentation. It is also really build able and doesn’t flake – perfect if like myself you need to touch up any mistakes! Added bonus points for it being waterproof – I often find myself with half a cat eye by the end of the night, but the Barry M eyeliner stays put for hours but is still super, easy to remove come bed time!

Benefit Goof proof brow pencil

Always being hesitant to stray from my staple, Sleek makeup brow kit, I found this beauty in a magazine when Benefit launched their new brow range and simply couldn’t resist! Having really blonde hair and dark brows, I find it hard to colour match and always end up with a weird, orange, toned colour – not great! This pencil was surprisingly a match and it now my go to when I want natural and full looking brows! My brows tend to go a little bit sparse towards the ends, so my Goof Proof is fab for faking thicker brows! I gently draw hair like strokes upwards to achieve a beautifully natural look. The formula itself is lovely and creamy, applies really well but is also hard enough to stop you getting heavy handed. It’s pretty difficult to get this wrong and literally is a Goof Poof way to perfect brows!

Benefit ‘ready, set, brow’ setting gel

Previously a fond user of the ‘hairspray your brows to make them stay in place’ method, I was delightfully happy to find the Brow setting gel from Benefit. It comes with a mascara like wand that lightly combs through your brows, all whilst setting them wonderfully in place with the clear gel. Simple and effective yet totally essential – no one wants to look in the mirror ¬†realising their brows have gone crazy mid day!

Lilibeth Of New York brow shaper from Instant Beauty Fix*

I’m not exaggerating when I say this has been a total and utter game changer. Being someone who has never had their eyebrows professionally tended to, I didn’t realise how annoying the small, fine and almost ‘impossible to remove with tweezers hairs’ were until you actually manage to get rid of them! This handy little tool folds up to slot perfectly into your makeup bag and can be used literally anywhere that you have unwanted hair – underneath the brows, chin, upper lip, bikini line – anywhere! I think it’s important to reiterate that this¬†does not promote harsh regrowth so it’s 100% safe and perfect to use on your face, believe me I would not use anything of the sort near my face if it meant the risk of the dreaded stubble! Personally it has given me a massive confidence boost because I know that my face is smooth and fluff free, something that a lot of us can be conscious of, especially in the summer when we like take our makeup down a notch. I have literally whipped this baby out so many times to show my friends because I am forcing them to have one in their life! Instant beauty Fix have also given me a code to share with you guys that gives you 10% off with ‘IBFPRIMROSE’ – I’m not lying when I say this is the one beauty product you NEED, and at ¬£6.95 it isn’t going to break the bank!


NYX matte lip cream in San Juan/28 (orange red)

NYX matte lip cream in Cairo/16 (nude)

As I mentioned before, the opening of the new NYX counter at my local Boots mean’t that I went into crazy,¬†impulse buy mode! First of all I grabbed Cairo, a gorgeous, light, pink toned nude. This smells exactly like the Kylie Jenner lip kits – sweet, like cupcakes! At first, because the formula is very creamy, I thought it would be very unpigmented and need a lot of layering and thought I was left with a disappointing product. How. Wrong. Was. I. I am addicted to these matte lip creams, so went to buy the orange hued red ‘San Juan’ shortly after! They’re matte, have a beautiful colour range, are super buildable and feel amazing on the lips! Unlike most matte lippies, these stay on ALL DAY, without running the risk of having that horrible, dry, patchiness that you get with some. If you do feel like you need a touch up, they layer up really well without getting flakey or having a build up nightmare. I was so, so, surprised by how good these were for ¬£5.50, so much so that I have stopped buying Mac for a while, purely because these are cheaper and more comfortable to wear! The red is also ridiculously pigmented for the price, which you will be able to see in my newest YouTube video that will hit my channel soon – so subscribe here to catch it first!

So that’s it for my top, affordable summer picks! I hope you’ve found some goodies you’d like to try and don’t forget to grab 10% off Instant Beauty Fix¬†with the code ‘IBFPRIMROSE’! I’d love to know whether you’ve tried any of these products or what your essential summer items are! Snap me ‘style petal’ or catch me on instagram @PrimroseBW to get in touch!¬†I also have a slightly more in depth, chatty video of all of these products going up on my channel soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to catch it first!

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