The importance of having friend dates

The importance of having friend dates

“Sometimes nothing beats a cold, glass of wine and a chat with one of your favourite people. It definitely feeds the soul.”

Last week we did just this – myself and the wonderful Emma from The Emasphere – who you’ll almost definitely recognise from my previous post, all about the importance of blogging friends – headed to the Vintage Festival in London with the lovelies at Laithwaites and The Blogger Programme, to have a pretty unique experience. It’s no surprise if you follow along on Insta Stories, that you’ll know I LOVE a good glass of wine occasionally. Being able to pop to the shops and buy myself a little bottle, to enjoy a glass with Friday evenings dinner is definitely one thing about being an adult that I quite like (a lot!)

Myself and Emma are both wine lovers (she’s Aussie, so naturally a TOTAL PRO!) So it’s always super fun to hang out and have a good catch up over a bottle sometimes – so this seemed like the PERFECT girl date for us! We were invited by Laithwaites (the UK’s No.1 home delivery wine merchant!) to have a little peek at the Vintage Festival and to give ‘Wine tasting in the Dark’ a go – we were both pretty excited about kick starting our weekend off this way!

“How much can experimenting with the power of seeing, hearing and feeling really change our ability to taste”

I must admit, although I was thoroughly looking forward to the experience, I was also very dubious. “How much can experimenting with the power of seeing, hearing and feeling really change our ability to taste.” I can tell apart my whites from reds, but wasn’t expecting the fact we were sat in the pitch black, feeling different textures and listening different music, all whilst sipping wine, to have an effect on the taste. Oh god, I couldn’t have been more wrong – there is such thing as magic people (coming from the sceptic over here!)

It began with a series of different experiments, all whilst sat in the dark. We compared wines, trying to distinguish the grapes, as well as seeing if the music playing had an effect on the taste. The biggest thing for me, which even had Emma baffled, was that we tasted one wine, then sipped the same wine after stroking some velvet fabric – I KID YOU NOT the wine tasted like a whole different bottle! ( I repeated this another 5 times just to check 😉 ) 

“I actually kind of felt like a kid in a candy store. (except this is the grown up, prosecco obsessed version)”

Following this and after we got over our confusion and amazement (seriously though, if you want a cheap wine to taste incred, just invest in a velvet table!) we were then let loose into the festival. It’s always been something on my bucket list to go wine tasting, so this was something I was very much looking forward to (and can tick off of my 2017 list!) I actually kind of felt like a kid in a candy store. (except this is the grown up, prosecco obsessed version) – Laithwaites have the most INSANE array and cater for all budgets too, I feel like I’ve stumbled upon the wine version of my fave online clothes shop – browse, fill up that cart and have it all delivered to your door! They also do Hampers and spirits gifts (is it bad that I’ve pretty much sussed peoples Christmas presents already?!) 

What better way to catch up and have amazing conversations with your favourites than to get together and congregate in a room full of amazing wine! We were given a glass and left to our own devices, which left me pretty happy to say the least (followed by a HUGE pizza fuelled lunch!) We discovered amazing, new wines (sparkling, chilled red wine – SO GOOD!) met some wonderful people and even began to plan a trip abroad purely for the wine tours! If you love wine, people and having a fab time, tasting in the dark and festivals like this are a total no brainer! I’ve also got so much summer party inspo (and a list as long as my arm) of wines to try! Get out there and organise a day with your besties, you’ll feel so good for making time for the people you love and just enjoying yourself!

I hope you guys loved this one – we had SUCH A FUN time at the Vintage festival, having a little taste of everything – literally the most perfect friend date! I’d love to know what you guys love to do with your friends, film nights, cooking, shopping – share your best ways to spend time with your faves!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

This post was a sponsored collaboration with the wonderful Laithwaites!

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Making decisions for yourself | My experience At Viva Skin Clinic

Making decisions for yourself | My experience At Viva Skin Clinic

“Do things that make you smile and feel amazing, life’s too short to feel anything less.”

I‘ve always been a firm believer in ‘live and let live’. If someone can make a decision that makes them happy, without fear of others judgement, then that should be celebrated! Imagine all of the things we wouldn’t do, if we spent life worrying about other’s opinions and thoughts. It’s your life and should be lived without regrets, or wandering ‘what if’. Do things that make you smile and feel amazing, life’s too short to feel anything less. Whether it’s taking up dance lessons, buying a pair of shoes you’ve lusted over or dying your hair green!

We are so incredibly lucky to have the freedom to make decisions for ourselves and we should recognise this and be grateful, instead of perhaps critiquing others sometimes, which we all can too easily get caught up in. I’ve also always been a very open minded person, although some things may not be for me, I can still respect and admire people for chasing after what they love and having confidence behind their decisions! Being open minded has really improved my outlook on life and has made me able to empathise with and understand people so much more. It’s also helped me make my own decisions, one of which was a big turning point in shrugging off peoples judgement and I couldn’t be happier!

“I spent way too much of my school years not having my hair a certain way or not wearing my favourite shoes, because there would always be someone who had something to say about it. Over the years I’ve come to learn that nothing makes you happier than doing something for yourself and that you’re passionate about. Other’s opinions will slowly become irrelevant and really, there’s worse things going on in the world than whether or not someones lipstick is wonky!”

“Personality, values and someones genuinness should never be judged through how they choose to present themselves. “

Learning to full heartedly make decisions for myself, without worrying about what others think is and probably always will be a slight battle, especially being in the blogging industry. Nasty comments can sometimes be thrown around on the seemingly most innocent of videos and blog posts, without any disregard or consideration thought about the person on the receiving end. Ultimately, these people probably have more issues than just a fear of judgement, so should you let that dictate what you do? Hell no! The people worth having around with always have your back and those are the only ones you should be worrying about. Self love is the most important thing in the world, don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you’re making the wrong decision.

I’ve always been totally accepting and open minded about anything cosmetic, from fake eyelashes, hair extensions, filler and boob jobs. I can’t say I’m interested in all of them, some of them I never will be, but I certainly have nothing against anyone that decides otherwise.This is the problem with anything cosmetic, even throughout school, if someone wore fake tan, nails or too much makeup, they were considered ‘fake’. Personality, values and someones genuinness should never be judged through how they choose to present themselves. I finally took the plunge two weeks ago and had a very small amount of filler in my lips by the wonderful Dr Rupert at Viva Skin Clinics. This was something I’ve wanted to do for ages, it was just a matter of getting to the point where I felt confident in my decision, that it was right for me and where I no longer cared about others opinions.




Swelling after 4-5 hours


“Why didn’t I do it before? Primarily, I was worrying all too much about other’s judgement.”

If anything has ever dented your confidence, being able to lift it back up really is a wonderful feeling. I’ve always felt much more confident with lipstick on, so wanted to feel the same, sans makeup! Why didn’t I do it before? Primarily, I was worrying all too much about other’s judgement. Coming from a small town in Devon, anything out of the ordinary is definitely hot gossip. I love where I came from and I find this so endearing, but not when people love to follow along with your life religiously and then criticise it. London has been a lot more accepting for me, nothing is judged upon too harshly (or so I’ve found!) and that’s helped me embrace myself, my personality and ultimately, my decisions. After seeing the incredible Dr Rupert, from Viva Skin Clinics perform live demonstrations at the opening of his new Harley Street clinic, myself and Ben were astounded by his artistry.

Like I mentioned, there is a slight stigma around anything cosmetic that involves a little more than a bit of lippy. Ben and even myself, previous to watching Dr Rupert, both thought that it would always be blindingly obvious if someones had something done. Looking through his client ‘before and afters’ I was so impressed with the natural approach he takes to any procedures! It was insanely quick and painless too – you have a numbing cream applied for 10 minutes, the total procedure took about another 5-10 and you’re done! As you can see, after a few hours my lips definitely began to swell a little bit, which disappears within a day or two. The end result? It’s that subtle that even my family couldn’t tell until I told them. For me, it’s not about other’s noticing but myself and how I feel. You all know from my Insta stories and Youtube Channel that my problematic skin can really make my self confidence hit rock bottom and Viva Skin have really given me a boost and I can’t thank them enough for that!

I really hope that this was insightful for you guys and I hope it inspired you to make decisions FOR YOURSELF, whatever they may be!  If you have any questions at all about the procedure, what it involved, my experience, etc – please do shoot them my way! I would be more than happy to do another blog post, Q&A or YouTube video all about how it works. You can also catch any info with the lovelies themselves over at Viva Skin!  As always, let me know what you loves would like to see and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart or being ever supportive, your response on Instagram was really lovely to hear!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

This post was proudly in collaboration with the incredible Viva Skin Clinics!

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The importance of taking a break

The importance of taking a break

Work, life, relationships – it can all totally and overwhelming get on top of us at times. Sometimes you just need to take a step back, take time out, breath and refresh your mind. That’s definitely easier said than done; we all vow to do more of this, less of that, see more of the world, spend time on ourselves, when really, we probably become even more stressed trying to actually plan the time out. When I sit still for too long, I get agitated, I want to work ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. Any day I’m not conjuring up plans or drafting ideas in my head, I feel like I’m missing opportunities and that scares the hell out of me. Whilst my friends are off travelling, I felt like ‘that just isn’t for me’ because I want to be working on my career 24/7 and I just can’t afford to take time out, because that’s another opportunity out the door.This is definitely not true and made me realise I was a shameless, workaholic and something needed to change, because life’s all about balance and there is so much importance in taking a break. The perfect opportunity arose when CitizenM asked me to pop in and check out one of their 3 London hotels. I am so glad I said yes, I think the view alone speaks for itself.



Understanding that taking in a break was in fact, not a weakness but a strength was a massive turning point for me and allowed me to totally refresh my mindset. I came back feeling so inspired, bursting full of ideas and had a fresh perspective on things and what I wanted to achieve.”



I can probably count the amount of times I’ve stayed in a hotel on both hands, possibly even one. Growing up I did see quite a lot of the world, which I think is why I’m vowing to travel more this year and try and enjoy some time out now and again. It’s so easy to get caught up in ‘grown up life’ sometimes (Holy crap, I’m a grown up!?) that we forget the importance of breaks and holidays, which kept us sane at school. When we holidayed, we usually stayed with family, in chalets or self catered villas, meaning that whenever I stay in hotel I am literally like an over excited, annoying kid at Christmas. I LOVE staying in hotels, it’s just one of those things that makes me really happy and excited. I’ve never been on an all inclusive holiday (kinda happy about that because I’d probably come back a fat and very drunk!) If you follow me on Insta stories @stylepetal or snap chat, you would have experienced my excitement over our room at CitizenM Tower of London – I also vlogged this trip, which will be up on my channel soon, so fear not if you missed me showing you the bloody mind blowing gadgetry of this room!


Eeverything about this hotel made us smile, which made us feel so at ease during a really busy time. It allowed me to stand back, appreciate things, enjoy myself and reflect on what I wanted to do next. When I have a really good experience, I want to shout about it and tell everyone! You’ll probably get this idea when you see the vlog! Walking in (straight off the tube I might add – The CitizenM Tower of London hotel is literally right next to the tube!) we were immediately warmly welcomed and shown exactly what to do (great for a hotel novice like me!) In fact, all of the staff went out of their way to make you feel comfortable, which personally for me, makes a good experience a great one – you could have stunning hotel but if the staff let it down then you feel a bit deflated – in this case we felt so valued and literally both didn’t want to leave!


“After our event, we had a late night glass of vino on the 7th floor sky bar and you know when you go somewhere and feel emotionally overwhelmed with happiness, great fullness and just pure amazement? Yeah, we had that. We stood outside the glass walled bar looking over the London skyline and both said we NEED to come back here, it’s definitely now a happy place of ours, that we plan on running back to ASAP.”

One thing worth noting: this hotel is EXTREMELY instagrammable (hey bloggers paradise!) The bed was hands down the comfiest I’ve ever slept on (also, I didn’t even know they made beds that big!) and we tipsily jumped in the watch a marathon of late night films. There’s automatic, black out blinds (Like the ones from Cameron Diaz’s place on The Holiday!) but we kept them open and woke up to the sun rising over The Tower of London, which was a pinch me moment, being someone who has dreamed of waking up to a view like that one day. I Jumped into the rain shower (complete with iPad controlled lighting!), popped down stairs and had the most AMAZING breakfast and coffee. I’m a vegetarian and never had I had such an amazing choice! You all know I bloody love a good brunch and am a huge coffee whore, so I was in my element. They also have a fab coffee bar at the front of the Hotel, which is amazing for people watching – I definitely plan on having a date with myself and my laptop when I’m next in the area! 

Are you guilty of over working yourself? How do you know when to take some time out? I’d also love to know if you guys have ever stayed at CitizenM – I literally have recommended it no ends to everyone! Truly is one of my favourite hotels to date that I’ve stayed in – next I’m planning on visiting their Paris or New York hotels!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

Big thanks to the lovely guys at CitizenM for our wonderful stay! This was a collaborative post, however creative direction, thoughts, etc are all my own!

Why you should care less about what others think

Why you should care less about what others think

After being inspired by a string of incredible books that I received for Christmas (and quite possibly, engulfed too quickly!) I’ve decided that this year I want to bring you guys more innovative, inspiring and uplifting content. I love looking at beautiful, pretty images (hello, Pinterest whore over here!)  but I also love being inspired to get up, go and conquer – which is why I want to combine all of these things into my little blog! Style that sparks your creativity, ideas that inspire you to try something new but also ramblings that get you thinking a little deeper. Some people prefer to look at the pictures and find out where those shoes were from, whilst others love to get stuck into an interesting topic. I’m both of those people, so I’m really excited to try and translate these books I love so much into my blog, to give a fresh, 2017 perspective! And if you have any killer book suggestions, do send them this gals way!

“The moment I started doing things solely for myself, I became instantaneously happier.”

To some this post perhaps might seem odd and random – “Umm Primrose, since when do outfit shots call for an in-depth talk about mental happiness?” Well, a recent chat with an old friend who reached out to me for blogging advice, as well as this silk, pyjama shirt inspired me to chat about that, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. For me, the blogs, books and magazines that inspire me the most are those not only filled with lust worthy clothes, shoes and lipsticks, but also those that spark conversation and stories, which brings me on to sharing why you should care less about what others think (and why you’d be 1000x more happier for it!)

It occurred to me that somehow, perhaps through my parents and the way I was raised/ friends/ years of making mistakes/ a miracle – I realised that I don’t really, utterly, totally and definitely do not give a single crap what people think of me. Bluntness aside, I realised recently that in actuality, I’m pretty lucky to think this way. A LOT of people care WAY too much about other’s opinions of themselves and it’s absolutely, detrimental, not only to their mental happiness but it also physically stops them from doing things.

“Don’t make friends with people who tell you your clothes look stupid”

I’m not going to say that for me it’s always been that way – OH. MY. GOD. if I wore this shirt in high school a plethora of sarcastic comments about ‘why haven’t you got out of your pyjamas’ would have ensued. I think the last time I cared what someone thought about me and my sartorial choices was rewinding to 10 year old Primrose, who had her eye on a pair of Red, ‘Converse, All Star – esque’ shoes in the La Redoute Catalogue. My friend commented how she thought they looked like clown shoes and that they were hideous and ugly, which in turn made me feel so stupid for liking them. I was gutted and never got my mum to order the shoes. Needless to say she wasn’t a friend for long and I invested in numerous pairs of Converse there after,  which I still rock whenever I fancy, giving a total of zero craps about who loves or hates them. Chuck Taylors are a pretty, damn, classic shoe – hell she’s probably got 5 pairs now herself! 

“Funny stories of my failed friendships aside, from that day I learnt that the world would be a much more fun and enjoyable place if I cared less about others and more about myself.”

As long as your intentions for the world, yourself and others are good – then why shouldn’t you do as you please? Dress how you want, dye and cut your hair as you wish, go vegan, eat meat, start that blog and Youtube you’ve been putting off in fear of what others think (Harriet – this ones for you, do what you love and what you want to do – people that are unnecessarily mean aren’t worth acknowledging!) If I let a few snarky comments about ‘Primrose’s blog’ get to me back in the day, I would have ceased to keep at it. I’ve now made a fully fledged career out of it and couldn’t be happier, which is living proof that sometimes you just have to let go of your inhibitions, fear of peoples judgement and DO IT FOR YOU!

Pyjama top – Lipsy 

Bag – Mulberry Bayswater at Uncloset

Jeans – Topshop (similar)

Shoes – Truffle collection (similar)

As always – thank you SO MUCH for reading, I love hearing your thoughts, comment and stores! Do you struggle to let peoples opinions go or do you find it easy to brush it off and carry on? Get in touch, I’d love to know! You guys are the most incredible and hearing all about you, your lives and thoughts is the best!

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My 2016 Christmas #MerryWishmas gift guide

My 2016 Christmas #MerryWishmas gift guide

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I literally can’t believe I’m saying that but it is most definitely, nearly, almost THAT time of year! Whilst half the population sit smugly with a glass of mulled wine and bags full of presents that were sorted and wrapped months ago, the rest of us panic at the fact that we still have A LOT of shopping to do! So when M&Co asked me to put together a little wish list/gift guide for you guys of course I said yes! It occurred to me that although I’ve done Vlogmas this year over on my channel I haven’t really done any festive posts, so I was super excited to shoot this! Whether you need to grab something for secret santa, the boyf, bessie or ‘rents, M&Co have a FEAST of goodies for everyone that won’t break the bank. Scroll down to see my picks and a little gift guide for those last minute present dashes!

M&Co literally have something for everyone. Gifts for him, her, mum, dad, grandparents, kids and pets (I had to seriously stop myself from buying all of the cute pet outfits!) Some of the pieces on my wishlist are a little top secret, as I know my boyf will definitely be reading this – so I’ve got to tread carefully! However I did pick up my sister this stunning plus, navy, lace up jumper. Of course I had to grab myself a little treat – so I got some gorgeous, high waisted bikini bottoms (SO flattering!) as well as this B-E-A-Utiful lace shirt. I absolutely love treating myself to some stunning party pieces for the festive season!

“Of course you shouldn’t forget to treat yourself too! I spotted this incredible, black, lace shirt with a scalloped hem and HAD to have it. This is a piece that would definitely get some wear over the festive season and I can imagine I’m going to rock this at pretty much every Christmas get together!”

So if you’re lacking a little inspo this year, have a peek below at my top picks, there’s bound to be a little something for everyone! You can also check out M&Co’s little gift guide here for some extra ideas! I’d love to know your top picks or what would be on your wish list! Party dress, killer heels or something for your replies! 

I hope you guys loved this post, I had so much fun creating it for you! I’d love to know what your favourite picks were – mine is definitely the aviator jacket! I’d love to hear all about your wish lists and how your Christmas shopping is going! Be sure to snap me ‘style petal’ or catch me over on BLOGLOVIN to keep up to date with SP!

This post was in Collaboration with the amazing M&Co, all images, thoughts, ideas and ramblings are of course my own.

What’s inside my wash bag – how to pack like a pro

What’s inside my wash bag – how to pack like a pro

I like to think that I’ve become somewhat of a seasoned pro when it comes to packing. Okay, so my boyfriend would definitely raise an eyebrow to that statement when it comes to clothes packing (you never know when you might need those 6 pairs of identical heels, right?) But when it comes to packing a wash bag, I’ve definitely got that one nailed. There’s nothing worse than leaving something behind and no matter wherever or whenever I’m traveling, I love to have my fave products with me! Whether you’re planning on a winter sun break, skiing in the new year or simply stealing a few days in the countryside, I’ll be showing you what’s inside my wash bag and how to pack like a pro!

First things first, you want to make sure you’ve got a killer list! (Yes, I’m one of those people that has to have a list for ERRRYYTHANG! ) As good as my memory is, some things do slip my mind and if I don’t write it down that second, I’ll be aimlessly be wandering around the house stewing over what it is I’ve forgotten! Get yourself a cute, ass, notepad or sticky note set (I personally favour ones that stand out so I don’t miss them, mine are donuts and french bulldogs! ) and sit down and write a list! I also tend to go all out, Monica Bing from Friends style and categorise that list!


Cleansing – Face Scrub |  Face Wash |  Face Mask (if you fancy!) | Miceller water/cleanser | Spot Gel/treatment (Sorry bro, you ain’t ruining my holiday!) 

Moisturising – Day Moisturizer | Night moisturiser/serum/facial oil | Facial tan | Thermal spray (particularly good for hot holiday and post flight, tired skin!)


Wash – Shampoo | Conditioner 

Maintenance – Dry shampoo | Serum/oil

Styling – Hair Brush (I’m a Tangle Teezer gal)  | Stying tools (straighteners, curlers, etc.)  Thermal Protecting spray


Moisture & Tan – Moisturizer | Tinted moisturiser (or just plain tan if you’re not as lazy, sorry, ‘low maintenance’ as me! – don’t forget your mit if you’re fake tanning! | Gentle body scrub | Sun cream 

Hygiene – Deodorant | Shaving foam/shower gel | Girly hygiene essentials (wash, wipes, etc.)


Tools – Nail clippers | Nail file | Cotton pads | Tweezers | Razor | Baby wipes | Toothbrush

Touch ups – The nail polish you have on | Tooth paste 

Now that we’ve got a list sorted, I’m going to show you guys the products that have stayed glued to my wash bag recently! The list might sound a bit hefty, but you’ll be surprised how packing friendly the packaging is on most products. Of course, depending on where you’re heading you can also tailor your washbag to your destination, because let’s be honest, I really can’t be bothered to fake tan if I’m going skiing = hello more suitcase too for duty free goodies!


I’ve tried a good handful of Lush’s moisturisers and I’m loving the Enzymion, as it’s perfect for keeping oily skin like mine at bay! It also makes my face feel super fresh in the morning! Come night time, I am obsessed with The Hero Project’s glow drops – they smell absolutely incredible and really help repair and nourish my skin over night. I’ve been using them for a good few months now every night and it has definitely become a nightly ritual, I really enjoy massaging it into my skin so it soaks up all the goodness!


Recently I’m loving using Lush products on my face, especially as it gets super upset in between seasons, meaning it needs some gentle, loving, ingredients! The Ultra Bland is an absolute beauty cult no matter what your skin type, but I love to use this instead of micellar water sometimes to gently remove makeup before cleansing. It melts my makeup off without irritating my skin, then after I will use the La Roche Posay Effaclar cleanser to give a deep but gentle cleanse. If my skins playing up, the Origins super spot remover is fab for getting rid of any, as it’s jam packed full of natural, spot fighting ingredients. If you fancy treating yourself and bringing a face mask along for a pamper evening, you need to check out my post about The Body Shop super food masks here, there’s literally one for every skin type and they feel uhhh-mazing! I took the honey one away with me for a Cornwall mini break and I’m so glad I bought it!


I’m pretty low key and easy going when it comes to my hair, so usually all I bring is my favourite shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and perhaps serum if I feel like pushing the boat out! I love this L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner, it refreshes my hair perfectly yet still leaves it soft and conditioned, with no residue! I’m also loving my The Bardou dry shampoo, it looks good, feels good and smells good. This lives in my handbag at the moment and the girls also gave my a cheeky discount code ‘primrose10’ for you, if you fancy grabbing their stuff here! I also usually naturally let my hair dry, but by all means take a little hair dryer with you, or even some straighteners if you know you’re going to want to style it up!


An obvious essential for any wash bag but less talked about, meaning it’s harder to find some great opinions and recommendations! I love great smelling products, as well as ones that are gentle on your body. This Dove deodorant smells INSANE and I genuinely feel like I’m putting perfume on rather than deodorant, as the smell lasts so long! I also always buy the compressed cans, they last forever and fit snuggly into my bag! I’ve been using Femfresh products for absolutely years, so when they asked if I would like to try some more out, I’m not afraid to say that I was like, umm, hell yeah? I really love to talk about brands that I actually care about and genuinely love and admire! Hence why I never feature anything I don’t actually like, otherwise I’m pretty sure even I would stop reading my blog! I feel like I’m really taking care of myself when I use their products, it’s like the difference of blow drying your hair at home or going to a salon – going the extra mile and having that little bit more of confidence. The deodorant and wipes are constantly in the bottom of both my gym and wash bag – there’s nothing worse than feeling groggy when you’re busy and don’t have time to freshen up, which is why I always have them with me. This wash is also perfect for travelling as it’s mini, so slots in nicely amongst everything else!


Much like my hair, I’m totally lazy when it comes to tanning, so I usually just stick to tinted moisturiser unless I’m going to an important event or night out! This Bondi Sands one smells like a dreamy, cocktail and leaves a gorgeous and subtle tan, all whilst keeping my skin super, soft! I’m also obsessed with this James Read Rose Water Tan. I’ve mentioned over on my snapchat ‘style petal’ that I’m a sucker for anything Rose scented, so this was always going to be a winner. I really struggle to find decent products to actually evenly tan my face and this does a beaut of a job! It’s a really fine mist, so you can spritz it under your makeup as a primer or over the top to refresh and develop a beautifully natural tan – win! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my tips for packing like a pro and saw some products that you’d like to try out! Do let me know if you’ve used any of them before and what you think, or send your ultimate, wash bag essentials suggestions my way!

I’d love to know if you’d like to see any more posts like this – do get in touch below or snap me ‘style petal or catch me on instagram here! You can also catch me over on BLOGLOVIN or YouTube for my rambles!