“I’m not quite head to toe in neons yet but this girls making progress.”

Let’s kick things off by me expressing my excitment for pastels, pinks, blues and all things damn colourful this year! Shooting in our usual white washed houses, printing tiled floored, South Kensington location (how cliche can ya girl get!) I couldn’t help but be drawn down a quiet, little street. Wisteria floating over rows of pretty, pastel houses – the visual inside of me couldn’t help but wander how the duck egg blue would bring out the candy pink shirt.

I’m pretty excited to finally be embracing my colourful side and if you’ve watched my recent ASOS haul, you’ll notice it’s definitely a lot more vibrant than usual! Okay, so I’m not quite head to toe in neons yet but this girls making progress. I love a neutral palette and I’m definitely a minimalist dresser – I spent my teenage years experimenting and refining my taste and I’m confident in what I like, but there’s something about spring that brings out my colourful side!

“My style may favour the classic staples, but what is life without a few awful outfits to look back on”

It all started with the Pink Manolo Blahnik heels that I featured in my first ever unboxing – you can read all about it here. That bright, splash of colour reminded me that fashion is FUN! My style may favour the classic, wardrobe staples, but what is life if you haven’t got hilarious (and awful) outfits to look back on sometimes! I will forever be fond of the beautiful houses of Chelsea and Kensington, the white never fails to accentuate an outfit – but for now, I’m enjoying embracing my colourful side.

It’s so easy to feel like if you dress a certain way, then it needs to stay this way. I don’t wear a lot of colour, but that shouldn’t mean I can’t experiment and grow my style to incorporate a splash here and there. Wear what you love and love what you wear, regardless of whether it’s your usual attire or something totally new!

“Be creative, spontaneous, go with what you love and what makes you feel bloody amazing!”

Judging by my appearance, I probably present myself as pretty reserved, low key and quiet, when in actuality, I’m very lively, animated and basically never stop talking! I will probably never dress totally for my personality but I’m certainly having fun trying the odd new thing here and there, without fear of any regrets.

Pastel House backdrops are no revelation either, but I’m having so much fun experimenting with my style, content and concepts recently – including introducing a burst of colour. Be creative, spontaneous, go with what you love and what makes you feel bloody amazing! For now, I’m embracing my colourful side and I couldn’t be happier trying out some new, bright picks for the warmer months!

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I hope you guys are loving this pop of colour I’m embracing at the moment, I was also so impressed with how colourful my recent ASOS haul was! I’d love to know whether you’re a seasoned, colour expert or like myself, are only just dabbling your foot into this new world!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

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