“The days are longer, warmer and leave me burning with drive and big ideas”

will forever love the seasons of spring and summer, it continually fills me with hope for the rest of the year ahead and motivates me to work hard and chase opportunities. It’s a bit of a cliched mindset but I really do see it as a time of positive change. The days are longer, warmer and leave me bursting with drive & big ideas.

Having always had a positive outlook on life, I recently also decided to purchase and read the much raved about ‘Secret’. I devoured the book quicker than you can say positivity and was left feeling even more determined to make my outlook on life the best it can be, no matter how hard times get. I’ve always been a firm believer in silver linings and having bundles of optimism, so with that, here’s my tips on how to be a positive person!

“Put things into perspective and be thankful”

Whenever I’m having a bit of a crappy day or feeling sorry for myself, I think of the bigger picture. It’s okay to have a moment to yourself, a sob and relish in your woes but pick yourself back up again and remember how lucky you are. I will always be happy and thankful for being happy, healthy, have a wonderful family and friends and a roof over my head.

Some people have it a lot worse so I always try to remind myself of this and be thankful for what I do have. If we spent life focussing on what we don’t have, life would be pretty miserable! The amount of times I’ve been somewhere and there’s someone that will always find something to complain or have a moan about – don’t be that person! Be the one that enlightens people’s days and lifts them up!

See the silver linings

Similarly to being thankful, always try and see the silver linings in a situation. Whether thats counting your blessings, or when things really suck, thinking how you can learn and become a better person from the situation. Everything could go wrong but things could always be worse. You’ll probably laugh at the situation sooner or later anyway! Trying to look at situations in a positive light has really trained my mind to have a better outlook on overall life!

“Will this matter in 5 years time?”

What might seem like a pretty crap situation will admittedly, make you feel like you want to disappear into the ground for the unforeseeable future – but really, will it matter in 5 years time? It was the same at school, my god didn’t a fall out with friends feel like your world had ended forever?! Realistically, most issues can be resolved relatively painlessly in the grand scheme of things. When you feel like your world is crumbling, take a step back and think about how you can sort things out in the least stressful way. 

Saying this, always believe that these happenings in your life will go onto shape you into a stronger and better person – who you are today is because of what you’ve lived before. Having people make fun of what you’re wearing at school, making fun of your name or just generally being cruel for no total reason is heartbreaking. But I’m telling you your world will not end because of this, you will become stronger, better, kinder and compassionate and it will most definitely not matter in 5 years time.

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I hope you loved this one and that it inspired you to boost your positivity – I can’t tell you how important and bettering for your happiness it is to try and be a more positive person! I’d love to hear your thoughts and top tips for staying positive and optimistic! 

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Photography by Ben Kapur

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