I will forever hold a slightly, rose tinted view of London; forever choosing only to see the best, forever perhaps being a little naive. I was born close to London and moved to Devon shortly after and that’s where I’ve grown up. This upbringing made me dream of what a busy life would be like, in stark comparison to the sleepy (and OAP populated) towns I’ve lived in. I’ve always longed to experience the fast paced, exciting, anything-is-possible city and I feel like although over the last year I haven’t lived in the centre of it all, I’ve certainly experienced it well and have learnt a hell of a lot (as well as successfully being able to navigate the tube without a map or getting lost ūüėČ )

The people, the restaurants, the shops and the architecture all excites me and fills me with drive, happiness and motivation. It’s fast moving and dissolves your troubles instantly, reminding you to put life into perspective sometimes and focus on what¬†actually matters. It’s filled with all sorts of wonderful souls from all walks of life (making for incredible people watching from coffee shops – yes I’m a walking cliche!) And with that, I’m sharing my life lessons learnt from London and how it’s shaping the person I’m becoming!



Whenever I come to London and then back to Devon, I not only learn to¬†appreciate both, but also how different they really are sometimes. I’ve been in London when I’m on a complete, career driven high, but also when I’ve been feeling really down, trying to carry on as if life is dandy and be almost¬†distastefully chirpy in meetings when really, I want to curl up into a ball and cry. This¬†is short lived and a walk down Soho, Oxford street or Covent Garden soon reminds me that this city is full of people, full of¬†opportunities¬†and things can change in a second. A look around and you realise all these people are living these¬†crazy lives, from mansions in Notting Hill to tourists flocking onto Regent Street. They each have their own stories and when ever I’m feeling down I’m reminded that there’s people worse off than myself and I’m just happy to be alive, breathing and appreciative.


The people, oh my goodness the people are without a doubt the TOTAL HIGHLIGHT of this city! I’ve met so many incredible friends for life within the last year, sometimes when you grow up in a small town the opportunity for meeting people can be difficult past school and you can get stuck in the rut of ‘school friends’ and then your ‘work colleagues’. Being self employed means that it’s all the more difficult for me to meet new people sometimes, which is why Badoo is¬†blooming¬†marvellous and a godsend for my single gal pals – a place not only to safely meet new friends but also a spot of dating (you can also see who’s in your area (fab for those who don’t live in cities) and who you’ve bumped into which I think is amazing!

I’ve been in a long term relationship and when conversation between me and my friends turns to dates they’re constantly updating me on hilarious fails and dates gone wrong. I worked with Badoo last year and really admire how they’ve approached dating (because if I was single, man would I be clueless and need a little help!) They’re also the largest dating app in the world, so if that isn’t reassurance, I don’t know what is! I recommended a few of my friends download it, as I feel like it’s personally a more relaxed, friendly vibe as opposed to the fear of being Booty called like some others are notoriously renowned for! Their safety and verifying features are also super reassuring (because who hasn’t heard an online dating disaster story or two) so there’s no dodgy cat fishing going on – leaving you in a safe environment to meet similar, amazing people to yourselves! I must admit I’m a sucker for browsing through the ‘lookalikes’ feature just for a little look at who my lookalikes are (there’s also matched lookalikes for people like Jake Gyllenhaal and Ellie Goulding.. Just sayin’)


Further more on the subject of the amazing population of London, one thing I’m always mesmerised by is people watching and admiring peoples style! I love my home town but the style is seriously unvaried in comparison to cities and with London being an incredibly vibrant place, I feel a lot more confident expressing myself there! I’m a pretty laid back dresser as you’ll know and my style is pretty boring in comparison to most bloggers (okay let’s stop the self depreciation – it’s not totally boring, just basic, classic)¬†but I still get strange looks whilst walking through a small Devon town in my everyday attire, but London has taught me to dress for myself and do what makes me happy, regardless of others judgment (more on the topic of judgement here!)

I’m forever finding myself on the tube, creating little stories of who all these people are and what they do – that bloke is DEFINITELY a writer and that woman must have a pretty awesome job to be dressed the way she is. There’s so much to be told and a story in every corner – you literally can’t help but feel the pulse of the city below your feet and feel inspired by the energy! Life is waaaay too short to live it anything else but spectacularly.¬†Do what you love and do it unapologetically!


I really hope you loved this one my loves – whether you’re a city dweller or never experienced London ¬†I’d love to know your thoughts and where inspires you! Send over your fave places, I’d love to know as always!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

This post was very kindly sponsored by the beauts at Badoo!