“As someone who grew up, sneakily watching marathons of
her sisters Sex and the City box set, this is a pretty big

If someone would have said, almost 3 years ago, when I started up this little blog of mine, that in 3 years time I would have the opportunity to work with a brand as Iconic as Manolo Blahnik, I almost definitely, wouldn’t have believed them. As someone who grew up, sneakily watching marathons of her sisters Sex and the City box set, this is a pretty big deal. It’s a bit of a cliche, but whenever I think of Carrie Bradshaw, I think of Manolo’s – two absolute, fashion icons. In March, two wonderful brands, Manolo Blahnik and Farfetch, collaborated and a stunning, new shoe style, the ‘Scipios’ was born!

Inspired by Mr Blahnik’s iconic ‘stiletto’ design and NYC artist Mark Rothko – an abstract expressionist, famous for contrast, colour blocking (I LOVE the contrasting soles and vibrant colours, these babies have already had SO much attention!) The thing I love most about this shoe, apart from the beautiful design and elegant shape, is the whole concept behind them – each of the 5 colours (You can have a little peek here!) has their own ‘personality’ which really personalises the whole process of finding ‘the one’, perfect, shoe. There’s ‘The Romantic one’, ‘The Playful One’, ‘The Mysterious One’, ‘The Modernist One’ or the ‘The Wild One’ – I’d love to know which one’s your pick!

“To me, Manolo’s embody
everything about the kind of
person I want to be. Sassy,
playful, vibrant, elegant and
classic. Five words to 
summarise one seriously iconic
shoe and five words
I thrive to make myself,
because who wouldn’t love
to be described as sassy
and elegant atthe same time?!”
A pop of colour really offsets my usual, monochromatic

Moving on to the ‘umm, is this actually happening’ moment – I was beyond thrilled to be invited to celebrate the shoe collaboration with 4 other wonderful bloggers and the lovelies at Farfetch and Manolo. We headed to The Lanesborough, in London (which makes me feel like a princess in a Disney movie every time I go!) for a beautiful dinner, drinks and good conversation. I captured the day over on my latest Vlog on my channel, so make sure you have a peek! Cue some hilarious pictures of me being overwhelmed with joy, unboxing my new shoes (the struggles of having an over animated face!)

If you’ve been following my style journey for a while, or my Instagram, you’ll know I’m an avid lover of my blacks, my whites, greys and nudes. Boring, some may say, but I’ve never been drawn to huge, colourful and bold pieces. I do, however, like my colour in doses – my nails, lips, a cross body bag and on my feet. I feel like these incredible, vibrant shoes totally make up for my lack of colour elsewhere and the subtle palette of my usual outfits really makes them pop!

Never has ‘Give the girl the right pair of shoe and she can 
conquer the world’ rung truer.

Now I’ve heard many a girls remark how comfortable Manolo Blahnik shoes are (praise, finally comfortable AND stylish shoes!) and I can confirm that this is totally true! Comfortable and stable, two words I probably don’t immediately think of when go to buy heels, but something which is so important when it comes to actually wearing them for over an hour! There’s also nothing worse (and embarrassing!) than wobbling down a street, catching your heel on absolutely everything and almost breaking your ankle (this has happened WAY too much in the past!) I can report no such occasions have occurred with these beauties. They’ve also survived London’s tube, which always makes a shoe champion, in my opinion!

Farfetch have a seriously gorgeous and plentiful array of Manolo’s – from the colourful, to the subtle, embellished to classic – there’s a Manolo for every girl. Next on my hit list are the black, Sicariata Pumps – some of the girls were wearing them on the evening and my inner magpie was instantly drawn! I also love how my colourful Scipios’s have really made me feel more fun and frivolous when it comes to fashion – even with a tee and denim, they instantly make an outfit more playful and for me, that’s the best part about fashion – having fun and feeling like you can take over the world.

My top, Manolo picks
What I wore

Shirt – Coast*

Trousers – Primark (similar)

Shoes – Manolo Blahnik x Farfetch*

Bag – Mango

I really hoped you loved this one huns, I had so much fun putting it all together, how beautiful is the spring sunshine in London! You can see what I got up to at the dinner with Manolo and Farfetch below, in my youtube video – enjoy loves!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

This post was in collaboration wit Farfetch, for the launch of the exclusive, Manolo Blahnik Scipios shoe!

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