“Do things that make you smile and feel amazing, life’s too short to feel anything less.”

I‘ve always been a firm believer in ‘live and let live’. If someone can make a decision that makes them happy, without fear of others judgement, then that should be celebrated! Imagine all of the things we wouldn’t do, if we spent life worrying about other’s opinions and thoughts. It’s your life and should be lived without regrets, or wandering ‘what if’. Do things that make you smile and feel amazing, life’s too short to feel anything less. Whether it’s taking up dance lessons, buying a pair of shoes you’ve lusted over or dying your hair green!

We are so incredibly lucky to have the freedom to make decisions for ourselves and we should recognise this and be grateful, instead of perhaps critiquing others sometimes, which we all can too easily get caught up in. I’ve also always been a very open minded person, although some things may not be for me, I can still respect and admire people for chasing after what they love and having confidence behind their decisions! Being open minded has really improved my outlook on life and has made me able to empathise with and understand people so much more. It’s also helped me make my own decisions, one of which was a big turning point in shrugging off peoples judgement and I couldn’t be happier!

“I spent way too much of my school years not having my hair a certain way or not wearing my favourite shoes, because there would always be someone who had something to say about it. Over the years I’ve come to learn that nothing makes you happier than doing something for yourself and that you’re passionate about. Other’s opinions will slowly become irrelevant and really, there’s worse things going on in the world than whether or not someones lipstick is wonky!”

“Personality, values and someones genuinness should never be judged through how they choose to present themselves. “

Learning to full heartedly make decisions for myself, without worrying about what others think is and probably always will be a slight battle, especially being in the blogging industry. Nasty comments can sometimes be thrown around on the seemingly most innocent of videos and blog posts, without any disregard or consideration thought about the person on the receiving end. Ultimately, these people probably have more issues than just a fear of judgement, so should you let that dictate what you do? Hell no! The people worth having around with always have your back and those are the only ones you should be worrying about. Self love is the most important thing in the world, don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you’re making the wrong decision.

I’ve always been totally accepting and open minded about anything cosmetic, from fake eyelashes, hair extensions, filler and boob jobs. I can’t say I’m interested in all of them, some of them I never will be, but I certainly have nothing against anyone that decides otherwise.This is the problem with anything cosmetic, even throughout school, if someone wore fake tan, nails or too much makeup, they were considered ‘fake’. Personality, values and someones genuinness should never be judged through how they choose to present themselves. I finally took the plunge two weeks ago and had a very small amount of filler in my lips by the wonderful Dr Rupert at Viva Skin Clinics. This was something I’ve wanted to do for ages, it was just a matter of getting to the point where I felt confident in my decision, that it was right for me and where I no longer cared about others opinions.




Swelling after 4-5 hours


“Why didn’t I do it before? Primarily, I was worrying all too much about other’s judgement.”

If anything has ever dented your confidence, being able to lift it back up really is a wonderful feeling. I’ve always felt much more confident with lipstick on, so wanted to feel the same, sans makeup! Why didn’t I do it before? Primarily, I was worrying all too much about other’s judgement. Coming from a small town in Devon, anything out of the ordinary is definitely hot gossip. I love where I came from and I find this so endearing, but not when people love to follow along with your life religiously and then criticise it. London has been a lot more accepting for me, nothing is judged upon too harshly (or so I’ve found!) and that’s helped me embrace myself, my personality and ultimately, my decisions. After seeing the incredible Dr Rupert, from Viva Skin Clinics perform live demonstrations at the opening of his new Harley Street clinic, myself and Ben were astounded by his artistry.

Like I mentioned, there is a slight stigma around anything cosmetic that involves a little more than a bit of lippy. Ben and even myself, previous to watching Dr Rupert, both thought that it would always be blindingly obvious if someones had something done. Looking through his client ‘before and afters’ I was so impressed with the natural approach he takes to any procedures! It was insanely quick and painless too – you have a numbing cream applied for 10 minutes, the total procedure took about another 5-10 and you’re done! As you can see, after a few hours my lips definitely began to swell a little bit, which disappears within a day or two. The end result? It’s that subtle that even my family couldn’t tell until I told them. For me, it’s not about other’s noticing but myself and how I feel. You all know from my Insta stories and Youtube Channel that my problematic skin can really make my self confidence hit rock bottom and Viva Skin have really given me a boost and I can’t thank them enough for that!

I really hope that this was insightful for you guys and I hope it inspired you to make decisions FOR YOURSELF, whatever they may be!  If you have any questions at all about the procedure, what it involved, my experience, etc – please do shoot them my way! I would be more than happy to do another blog post, Q&A or YouTube video all about how it works. You can also catch any info with the lovelies themselves over at Viva Skin!  As always, let me know what you loves would like to see and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart or being ever supportive, your response on Instagram was really lovely to hear!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

This post was proudly in collaboration with the incredible Viva Skin Clinics!

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