As much as I used to force myself to be as highly anticipated as my peer for summer, the truth is, I’ve come to accept the fact that I just enjoy winter so much more! As soon as September hits I’m overwhelmed with a sense of excitement for the months ahead – Halloween (I filmed my first ever tutorial for my channel this year too!) Bonfire night, Christmas and New Year. All things wintery and cliche make me super happy. This was massively heightened by our gloriously autumnal Trip to Soho Farmhouse with Get More Vitamins!

Festive excitement aside, I still am really prone to the odd bout of winter blues, low motivation, mood and productivity as the darker nights and colder temps draw in. I learnt so much whilst away all about the importance that minerals and vitamins play a part in boosting our immune system and improving our general wellbeing and mood! With this new found knowledge under my belt I decided to compile a little list of things that perk me up when a bout of SAD hits – here’s hoping this gives you guys a little help too! 


For me, I love the cosiness and little rituals that come with winter. I love putting on my fave, fluffy slippers and PJs, reserved for the colder climates, which I look forward to getting out every year. I love lighting candles, having hot baths, baking and feeling festive. I also love winter fashion, layering my fave chunky knits, a cute bobble hat and shiny new boots. Spending time with loved ones, going out for a warm, hot chocolate and making your little space happy and warm and welcoming. At times where I feel I lack this feeling I resort to my beloved Pinterest to reignite my love for all things wintery and cosy. I have folders for events, such a Christmas, Halloween and dinner parties, as well as wintery fashion inspiration, my fave shoes and pictures of the world and cosy home interiors that make me want to go out and get motivated to enjoy winter. Create yourself a calming, cosy space and take time to enjoy it; it will soothe and relax your mind. (Fast track tip: Grab yourself a cliche wintery scented candle = instant happiness.)


A pretty cliche and standard peace of advice but, to be honest, exercise pretty much does solve a lot of problems. I’m not talking gruelling 2 hours gym sessions 6 times a week – it could be a half an hour walk, morning yoga sesh from a Youtube routine, a bike ride or dancing around the kitchen for 20 minutes. When I’m feeling low and unmotivated, the first thing I will do is force myself to move (easier said than done sometimes, of course 😉 ) A run first thing in the morning makes me feel so much better within myself and for the day ahead, so if I can manage this – my whole day is generally a lot more improved and I feel a great little sense of accomplishment.

I had a pretty jam packed week during our escape to Soho farmhouse, yet, after getting to bed at about 1am after a late dinner I still set my alarm for 5.30am for a morning swim followed by a yoga session at 8am. I felt so awake and rejuvenated (I NEED to remember to do yoga more!) In particular I find these activities are fab as they aren’t too strenuous and they really relax you and are so great for your body and flexibility! We also hopped on these amazing bikes which pop up everywhere for guests at the Farm – cycling is also such a lovely way to clear your mind and get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing! 


The one thing I really took away from this trip was that, as much as I like to think that the majority of the time I have a healthy, wholesome, vegetarian diet – in actuality, it’s probably missing a lot of things! We had the most amazing nutritionist talk, followed by a beautiful breakfast and freshly pressed juices. (make sure you have a peek at my channel to catch the Vlog – this trip was filled with laughs and wonderful people!) I learnt all about the vitamins we really need in winter to help boost our immunity and general wellbeing!

I came away with a growing list of supplements I want to buy (I’m probably waaay to low on Vitamin D which is most likely, resulting in why I feel down frequently in winter) I’ve also learnt which foods are nutrient rich and what to stock up on to boost my levels! It’s made me consciously think more about not just eating healthy, but eating for what my body needs. Certain vitamins are essential for normal bodily and mental functions, which is why I want to start eating the right kind of foods for what my body is screaming out for! Having a Get more Vitamins is also an amazing way to pack some goodness into your body (whilst tasting super yum!) They’re also launching a Vitamin Gum which has changed my life haha!



I really hope you loved this one guys and that you got a few ideas! I’d absolutely love to know how you beat the winter blues!

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Massive thanks to my babe Emma for helping to capture some fab shots 😀

This post was in collaboration with the wonderful people from Get More Vitamins!