In October my first year of being a full time, freelance blogger passed and it got me thinking about a whole lot of stuff (more blog posts and freelance life highs and lows coming soon!) It’s still such a difficult concept to explain to people and if you’ve read my article that was in The Blogosphere magazine, all about the judgement surrounding a bloggers career you’ll know that a year on, I still struggle to explain how I make a living to some, without doing it any justice and leaving people thinking my job doesn’t require me lifting a finger. The thing is, blogging, content creation, youtube and having an influence over an audience is a career and one I bloody love at that! 

I was also thinking about how difficult it is starting out: no friends in the business, no idea what to do or how to progress and it’s not exactly easy discussing monetary matters with someone you’re not close to. I’ve always been more than happy to share my knowledge with anyone that asks; the way I see it, it’s not going to affect my income and success if I share what I know with others, because only I am me. I’ve always been a sharer, I love to help others and give advice if I can, so here I am sharing my experience and my own advice on how to start earning money from blogging!



Okay so before I dive into specifics, a bit of an obvious point here but important none-the-less. In order for people to contact you, you need to make yourself easily reachable. No one wants to hunt around your blog or insta trying to find the best possible way to reach you – make it super easy for people to contact you and shoot you any enquiries! I had a little play around with my blog the other day and set up a few new sections, to make it easier for any prospective brands that want to work with me to see my previous work and read up about how I work,etc.

In my eyes, I like to think this helps people out a lot and saves them a lot of time – so if there’s anything you can do to make a PR’s life easier – do it I’m sure they’ll thank you and if you’re a pleasure to work with, that will reward you in the long run. Making yourself some snazzy business cards also helps if you’re out and about or at events and someone asks for contact details or your social media! You want people to remember you so it starts with being impressionable (on and offline ) and being contactable! Set up a dedicated email address for all your blogging platforms and whack it everywhere!



Affiliate programmes are the sales person side of blogging – if you recommend a product through an affiliate link and someone makes a purchase, you’ll earn a bit of commission from that sale. So you’re essentially being rewarded for making sales through your influence, which personally, I really think is well earned! If people love your style or trust your opinion enough to make a purchase from something you’ve recommended, that should definitely be recognised! The earning potential is huge for this and you don’t have to have a large audience to earn – you just need to experiment to see what works best for you. I personally use them for any products within a blog post, so whenever you like an outfit I wear I will always pop a little slider (like at the bottom of this page) so you can easily shop what I’m wearing! I also like to link any new items in my wardrobe and things I’m lusting after on my Shop my wardrobe page! I also always link items in my Youtube Videos in the description box with affiliates too (always make sure to disclose links).

The swipe up function on Instagram is also amazing – I don’t like to overuse it though as I tend to personally not watch insta stories that are super long and sales-y – but that’s just my personal preference! I save it for new videos on my channel and items lots of you have liked and asked where to purchase (such as these boots I’m wearing here – loads of you loved them!) There are loads of affiliate programmes to sign up to – some retailers have their own programmes, like Amazon or the most popular ways to use affiliate links (and personally the easies) are the larger programmes like Awin, Shopstyle and Reward Style (or LikeToKnow.It). I personally have switched to using Reward Style as I find it’s the easiest to use with the widest selection of items to link to! Affiliates are a great way to have an insight into what your audience enjoy and what’s popular amongst them, helping you create better, more tailored content!


Outreaching is a super important factor if you’re actively wanting to make an income from blogging. Yes, it’s true that some work does come to you, which is always a total dream when it’s a brand you love that have a budget, but alas not everyone does and it isn’t all sitting back and waiting for it to happen. I actually now make a conscious effort to outreach to new brands I haven’t worked with before, one’s that I love and know that work with bloggers. Me and my blogging friends also are getting into the habit of passing on our fave contacts to each other, because it’s nice to help a gal out! If I know a brand would love one of my friends, why not introduce the two and do favours for each other! A quick google search will also bring up press and media emails or you can sign up to Diary Directory for a fee if you want access to basically alllll of the beauty contacts and PRS! 

Insta DM’s are also a total legit way to pop a brand a message to ask for their media contact/email – I’m always getting messages from brands so similarly if I can’t find a brands email I’ll simply pop them a message and ask – what’s the harm! I’ve had nothing but good responses from brands when I’ve emailed with a pitch and concept – it shows passion and organisation. Don’t expect every brand to have a budget – some will gift for posts and sometimes it takes building a good relationship for campaigns to come through. Just kindly ask for them to keep you in the loop about any campaigns they have up coming and if they suit you! Having a good relationship with PR’s and being a lovely person gets you in a good place.




Within the last few years blogging apps have exploded onto the scene and mean that earning from your blog has become more accessible to everyone – which is amazing! I’ve found with personal experience that money and how to earn it is always a little hush, hush within the community – as if people aren’t willing to share their knowledge. I understand you wouldn’t want to give everything away but I don’t personally see my earnings depleting by helping someone out. Whenever anyone asks I’m more than happy to share and quickly recommend anyone starting up to some apps that I’ve used before, because it’s such a fab way to get out there, get proactive and get earning! After all, these are really where the money started for me!

Takumi was the first one I ever used, followed by Tribe. Both are similar with that you simply download and search through campaigns, where you can then choose ones suited to you! With Takumi, I find that less campaigns show up and you do have to be quick to sign up to one before they go, however once you’ve completed creating the images, posting, etc – payment is guaranteed. Whereas with Tribe, you create the image first, submit it and it can either get declined or accepted, which can be disheartening when you’ve spent ages and followed the brief only to have it declined, but everything happens for a reason huh! The Blogger Programme is also a fab way to submit yourself for gifting and paid opportunities! There are tonnes more programmes similar to these which can be found through a quick search – these are just a few I’ve had experiences with!


Being lovely, hard working, considerate and friendly can go a long way when it comes to getting more work. People aren’t going to want to work with someone again if they’re late at sending drafts and images across, hostile to talk to and don’t deliver well thought out content. Work super hard and over deliver, because in the long run – it will probably get you repeat work! However, also know your worth and if you believe people have a budget – don’t be afraid to ask! Be open to negotiate, not every brand has the same budget and be flexible to ideas! I’m usually a massive walkover and am afraid to ask for things, but when it’s your business, sometimes you need to ask and put yourself out there! I introduce myself to brands, email and ask if they’d like things featured if it fits in with a project I’m working on – I’m sure they’ll appreciate the favour! Always be polite and thankful and professional, people will remember you for that! If someone says a campaign is only gifting, there’s no harm in asking if they have a budget, even if it’s small – don’t ask, don’t get and I’ve learn this the hard way!




I really hope that you loved this one and that you found it helpful! If you have any questions at all please do get in touch – I’d also love to know your tips and how you’ve found blogging and your best ways to earn!

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Photography by Ben Kapur