“If you seriously want to get stuff done and get it done now, you need to have a little self discipline. This is coming from a recovering, serial procrastinator, so believe me when I say you need to be little strict, or risk regretting things you never got done and wish you had!”

With blogging still being such a new concept for a lot of people and industries, it’s difficult to learn about the craft until you’ve got knee deep, sleepless nights and a few bad blog posts in! There’s no courses, no guides and like every job, no fast track to success. It takes hard work, hours researching boring ‘how to’s’ on the latest software and a hell of a lot of motivation. (because sometimes, after working for 10 hours somewhere else, the last thing you want to do is write an essay on hairspray!) In the early days and even now, I find myself researching tips for certain aspects of blogging that I’m struggling with, in order to improve. I’m often left disappointed by page titles promising success, only to be presented with pretty basic tips that I’m sure my dog could give me. There are some fab posts for blogging tips out there, but similarly some totally useless ones at the same time. (here’s hoping this isn’t another, eh!) I genuinely enjoy helping people and sharing what I’ve learnt over the years about the whole blogging game. I know how hard it is, sat there struggling, wondering what the hell a Domain authority and SEO is, wishing someone could give you pointers. Whether you find yourself painfully procrastinating, scrolling though Insta on your bed (although that is totally acceptable ‘research’ 😉 ) or struggling to get everything done, I’m going to share the tips that have helped me become a motivated and proactive blogger!

Create your own workspace

As lovely and cosy it is to work from my bed, I often find myself getting demotivated and distracted. Occasionally I will work on the sofa or in bed but generally I have find my production levels are so much higher when I’m in my own, little workspace. Your workspace can be anywhere – a dining table, kitchen worktop or a laptop tray – whatever works for you!   I bought a killer (and very white!) desk from Ikea the other day for.. wait… £15! Whether you have a desk or just a little set up on a table, create a calm and organised space that you feel happy working from. My favourites for personalising your space are a good lamp, some flowers, somewhere to put all your notes/memos and your favourite motivational print, for when you need an uplift! Experiment with what works for you and then make a mental note that when you enter that space, it’s time to work hard and hustle! I treat my desk like I would any other work place and I mean business when I sit down in my big, pillow adorned chair!

Set yourself goals and rules

Yeah, rules, blah blah blah. If you seriously want to get stuff done and get it done now, you need to have a little self discipline. This is coming from a recovering, serial procrastinator, so believe me when I say you need to be little strict, or risk regretting things you never got done and wish you had! I work very well when I have deadlines, so learnt that you need to create them in order to work to your own timescale. There’s nothing worse than feeling crappy because you didn’t film that video or didn’t write that post when you wanted to and now you feel lazy. I’m still guilty of doing this on occasions, so I make myself sit at my desk until I do, then I’ll go make a coffee, or relax with some Netflix after I’ve finished working for the day, because I can sit back knowing I’ve done what I set out to do that day. Give yourself breaks and then get back to creating all that goodness you have tucked away in your amazing head! My favourite way to make sure I get my mental list ticked off is to sit down in the morning, or whenever you start blogging and write a physical list down, ticking it off as you go. Social media post, flatlay photos, filming, emails – put it all down and enjoy the feeling of conquering them all one by one. 

Fix up, look sharp

Okay, so I’m not suggesting putting your highest heels and most expensive blazer on (unless that’s your thing, then go for it!) but I mean you’re technically working. Obviously when I’m off to meetings and events, I dress slightly differently in comparison to a day of tending to emails at my desk, but this doesn’t mean PJ’s and tracksuits all day, everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover of loungewear and adore my countless pairs of oversized onsies, but the reality is, if I sit in them all day I feel sloppy and unmotivated. I want to look forward to getting into my dressing gown after a hard days’ hustlin’ – so I get myself dressed properly, even if I’m staying at home. My faves are jeans or my culottes with a soft knit or t shirt – casual, comfy, yet put together. I also love to accessorise with my favourite jewellery pieces, like this stunning and chic Pandora Bracelet* from The Jewel Hut! Putting on some simple and timeless jewellery pieces make me feel like I’ve made an effort and am put together, something which is important in getting me in the work mode! The Jewel Hut has such a beautiful choice of jewellery (okay, so I’m definitely guilty of having a few shopping Be a little bit strict and make yourself get dressed and motivated properly for a days work. (Plus then, when you do have a little evenings work on your bed in comfy clothes, it feels 1000x better as you don’t do it everyday!)

Get some kick ass stationary

Motivational mugs are literally what get me up every morning. I have way too many, but sitting down with my cup of caffeine in a mug that makes me want to work my bum off totally gets me into girl boss mode! They say most people become collectors of some sorts.. I guess mine is shoes and mugs! Similarly, with stationary, grab yourselves some awesome notepads, planners, pens and sticky notes that inspire you to write all of your incredible thoughts and ideas down! My favourites are Paperchase for fab postcards to frame and pens, Primark for random goodies (I grabbed some amazing marble and copper pins and paperclips!) and Jo&Judy for their infamous blogger workbooks! My ultimate tip for anyone, especially bloggers, is to always, without fail, carry a notepad on you like your life depends on it! Whether or not I got this idea from Hot Fuzz is debatable, but it really has saved me countless times! I actually drafted this post on a notepad in the back of a car on the way back from Windsor! Inspiration hits me at the strangest of times; on a train, late night at bed or in the bath – so I always need to make sure I have something to whack those ideas down! It will mean you have a bank of ideas and thoughts to grow a post from. There’s nothing worse than sitting down, with no inspiration and no idea what to write – I always need something to start me off on days like that, so in comes my holy bible note pad!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this little blogging tips post, do let me know if you found any of it helpful or what your top, tips for staying motivated are – I’d love to hear! If you’d like to see more of these posts, or you’re stuck on how to tackle SEO’s, twitter or growing your instagram do get in touch – it would be great to know what tips you want to see next!

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