“I wanted to insure I packed a suitcase that would see me through (stylishly!) every twist and turn of our journey!”

If you guys have been following along on the old Instagram, you would have seen, been holiday spammed and saw that last month I jetted off to sunny Spain, to explore the alternative side of Benidorm with Jet2Holidays! You guys wouldn’t believe the beautiful views and scenery and I am BEYOND excited to share the travel vlog with you soon on my channel – what a whirlwind 3 days! We ate at wonderful restaurants, drank copious amounts of sangria and took in the most breathtaking views over Benidorm and the Spanish Coast! With that in mind, I wanted to insure I packed a suitcase that would see me through (stylishly!) every twist and turn of our journey!

Packing can be both super fun and excite you even more for your time away, but also super stressful! I like to think I’m quite skilled in the packing department, my inner Monica Bing from friends definitely comes out, as well as countless checklists! So I’m sharing a few tips which have helped myself, as well as hopefully help you guys stylishly make the most of your holiday, whether it’s a weekend staycation in the UK or hitting the beaches of California!

“Be a savvy traveller and check out the climates before you jet off as well as tailoring your wardrobe to you activities!”

First of all, and probably most obviously – check out the climates for the time of year you’re going! A week or a few days before – check the temperatures – will you need jackets, raincoats or boots? A little fan to help with the heat? My fave for keeping my cool is a nice, water face mist (SO refreshing in humidity!) I knew Spain at this time of year was lovely and warm but I’m also prone to being pretty cold, so made sure to bring a jacket or two for the evenings! The amount of holiday’s that I’ve gone on in the past and not worn 80% of what I’ve packed because it just wasn’t practical or I didn’t think it through properly! Dresses on a ski holiday? I’m definitely not that ambitious and would rather stay in cosy jumpers and boots! Think realistically about what you’d wear – remember you want to be comfy too!

Also try and tailor your wardrobe to what you’re doing – relaxed beach holiday? Lots of ‘kini’s! Action packed break? Make sure to take your converse and some shorts! We had a full itinerary varying from scuba diving and jet skiing through to bike tours up the mountains and a tapas tour – so I had to carefully plan each outfit before hand, what would work through day until night to save a packing overload! I must admit any last minute worries about having an over weight bag were subdued by the pretty damn generous 22kg allowance with Jet2.com – literally the most generous airline I’ve flown on in terms of luggage – they let me have 2 pieces of hand luggage!

“The hotel was the most instagrammable, bloggers dream – pastel washed walls, pools and palm trees!”

I can’t recommend building a little capsule wardrobe enough to save you much stress and time! Before I went, as well as factoring in what we were doing and what I’d need to bring, I had an evening of pairing things together and sorting through outfits so I had a rough idea of what I was going to be wearing. The key is to make everything work in conjunction with each other, so that no matter would you sling on – it’ll all fit perfectly with everything else! Pack your dresses and make everything else flexible – shorts, tee’s, shirts, bags and shoes should all go together to save you the stress of last minute outfit panics! This floaty, dress fitted in so well with our surroundings and was so comfortable and breathable – if you’ve read this recent post you’ll know I’m loving indulging in some colourful pieces this season!

The fun part came with researching the hotel! Being a blogger I wanted to make every moment a beautiful, photo opportunity! (because looking back at holiday snaps is the best!) Knowing the setting of our stay and our hotel meant that I could incorporate the colours of my surroundings into my outfits, to make the two compliment each other. The Hotel  was HANDS DOWN one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed! I’ve already decided I’m going back, so much to do, incredible food and also a total, bloggers dream with pastel washed walls, pools and palm trees around every corner! Wait until you see the room tour in my vlog! 

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I hope you guys loved the first little instalment of my Benidorm series – I’m so excited to share all of the video content and posts with you – what we did, what we ate, where we stayed and what I wore! I’d love to hear your top, travel tips and your little packing hacks! 

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Photography by the beautiful Emma! 

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