Nothing acts as a better prompt to experiment and have fun, quite like our clothes and makeup. But even then, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of conforming to the ‘norm’, or sticking to something safe in fear of appearing ‘too bold’. This was something I was always fearful of and brings me back to school days and being worried about what others thought of my new school bag or hair style. Even the most self assured of us battle with it from time to time, but the one thing that reminds me to keep that strong sense of self and to champion my individuality? It’s meeting other inspiring women and being reminded that celebrating our individuality is what makes the world such a beautiful place; red lip or purple lip, messy hair or corkscrew curls, 70’s platforms or the latest, Topshop boots.

Last month I had dinner in London with the (newly penned!) Artistry Angels, something I’m super proud to be a part of! (You can see what we got up to on a little IGTV I filmed here!) We met up, have some cocktails, dinner, much laughter and chatted about the newest, Artistry Studio Bangkok launch and what we thought! We all want such different things from our products and all have such different tastes, so it was interesting to hear what makes other women confident, whether it’s lots of dewy highlighter or a high pigment, bold, lip. After some extensive face painting over the last month, here’s my thoughts on the newness to hit the brand!






One thing I adore about having seen in the last 3 limited edition collections, is that there’s always one or two products that stand out for me and go on to become a daily staple in my makeup bag! From the Artistry Studio NYC collection it was the highlighter, the Paris was the cheek and lip duo and the Eiffel Tower Eyebrow product, and with the Bangkok Collection? I’m a little torn over the face palette and face and body shimmer gel,  but I’ve also become a slave to the lip crayons (see below!) The body shimmer gel is THE ONE for the upcoming festive season – wear on your face for a fresh glow on your lids and cheekbones, or smother over your limbs for a supermodel sheen on your legs!

I’m also, always super impressed by their on-the-go face palettes. Us Artistry Angels all have different skin tones and all agreed the shades look fantastic on us all! Here I used the pink on my eyelids and cheeks and I’m still not over how pigmented they are; a little really does go a long way! They’re also incredibly smooth to blend, so there’s no annoying fall out on your cheeks when you’re popping it on your eyes! Saying this, I was a mascara primer virgin before I tried the new one in their Bangkok collection and WOW that stuff makes your eyes pop! If these don’t tickle your fancy there’s also the most pigmented pots of cream eyeshadow I’ve ever used plus the creamiest Kajal eyeliners; truly something for everyone (and impossible to choose a favourite!)


A bold lip has always been a little trademark of mine, whether it’s when I would sneakily smudge red in with my finger at school, to make a soft, lip stain, or a cracking plum for a wintery, evening out. It’s something that makes me feel put together, sexy and confident. That said, there’s something that can instantly diminish that all in seconds, and it’s a bad formula that leaves you checking your teeth to see if your lipstick has smudged or cracked, 10 minutes after application! That’s when I tried the Artistry Studio Bangkok 2 in 1 lip crayons, I fell and I fell hard.

If you’re a longer follower, you’ll know that as much as I love skincare and beauty, I’m pretty lazy low maintenance. I don’t want to keep checking the mirror, I just want my lipstick to look good and enjoy my evening. I put these to the ultimate test and photographed them one after the other, to see how easy they were to quickly apply and remove. The verdict? The creamiest formula I’ve ever used that glides on like a lipstick but defines the edges too, without bleeding. The result? A very pigmented, time saver that’s comfortable on the lips – hallelujah! I’ve swatched them above in the colours: Rose, Ruby, Spiced, Sunset and Fuchsia!






Seize the day, life is wonderful, don’t save that perfume or lip colour for a special occasion and wear it NOW! It’s hard to let go of societal pressures and embrace what you really want to do, wear and feel, but life really gets magical place once you begin to do what sets your soul on fire! Forcing myself to try colours I don’t normally wear (like some of the shades here on my lips!) really inspired me just to have fun with it; what’s makeup if it isn’t to be taken too seriously? If you’re reading this and you’re a long, term, Artistry fan; you won’t be disappointed, I’m continually amazed by what they pull out of the bag! And if you’ve never tried before? If you struggle to find something that ticks all the boxes (cute packaging, good quality, high delivering and long lasting) then I urge you to give it a go! The quality surpasses most things I’ve used and that’s the one thing I’m forever telling people that wins me over with Artistry!






So alongside all the new, exciting, makeup goodness, Artistry Signature Select are launching their new face masks on the 21st of October! They feature 5 different formulas for different skin types, and I’ve trialled them over the last month ( Multi-masking with two different ones at once is my favourite, whilst in a bubble bath, with a book!) and can confirm they are a total TREAT for the skin! A personal favourite is the firming mask because it smells like a fruity desert! Would love to know what kind of face masks you guys swear by – pop a comment of your favourites below!

Really hope you enjoyed this one, I had so much fun taking these retro, inspired images (coincidentally bought on by the purchase of a 70’s print calendar from an antique store!) Would love to know if you’ve ever tried any Artistry Studio products before, or what your favourite here is! Pop a comment below or my Insta DM’s are always open for a chat!

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Photography by Ben Kapur