Throughout my many years of reading fashion blogs growing up, one thing remained a constant: That I believed, through reading, engaging, observing and watching, that Fashion Week was the pinnacle and defining moment of being a blogger. It’s the years twice happening fashionable climax – THE big occasion, because what kind of blogger are you if you’re not at fashion week? This time last year I did my first, proper,  fashion week – shows and all. Changing shoes in a puddle of wee, looking like a calamity of a bag lady and a hot sweaty mess – the whole shebang.

I chatted honestly about my reflections from my first fashion week here. The highs and the lows and my first impressions of the thing. Truthfully, it will always be something that excites me but also bloody terrifies me. Years ago I would watch bloggers get the privilege of attending, before we were lucky enough to have a plethora of events hosted for our pleasure (and to gulp down endless glasses of champs) The sheer honour for them to be there to cover the event; it was something I always aspired to do, but have since abandoned for the last two seasons. I have a mixed bag of feelings towards Fashion Week – anxiousness and indecisiveness, but also marvel and awe. Here’s my thoughts for now and why I’m skipping the BROW (Back row, obvs) for the time being.


I’m the chattiest, open gal and I WILL try to make you laugh and I WILL make myself look like an absolute idiot in the process; it’s just my thang. I used to vow to change this everytime September and a new term of school commenced, until I realised this was me and I guess a little humour never hurt nobody. One thing I have learnt? This doesn’t go down well with everybody, not everyone gets your lightheartedness and you’re left with an awkward silence to rival Made In Chelsea. My experience of the shows I did attend left me feeling just plain stupid. The outcast, someone who wasn’t supposed to be there and reeling with regret over anything I said that might have been not cool or current enough. Fashion Week is a wonderful place to showcase incredible, established and emerging talent, meet likeminded individuals and relish in the creativity and I might well be back in September! However, one thing that really struck a chord with my experiences, was the ‘mean girl’ culture. Don’t get me wrong, this happens anywhere and I don’t have seasons upon seasons on Fashion Weeks to make a well balanced view, but from what I have experienced, I’ve often felt like I wasn’t good enough, didn’t have the numbers, wasn’t cool enough or wearing the right things. Judgement crept around every corner, filling a normally self assured person with doubt and I just felt like I didn’t match up to the crowd there. Next time, I’m going to go in not doubting everything I do, say and wear and JUST BLOODY BE ME! (unapologetically!)


Sadly, on occasions, I have found the amount of followers someone has, has clouded their vision, morals and general decency. People will do almost anything to get close to those with followers plentiful and those themselves with copious amounts of followers, often determine who they speak too dependant on their numbers too. This is a smaller minority mind you (most people I meet are the babest of babes) but it remains all the same and seems to creep out into full force at LFW. Blogging has undoubtedly made me some of my best friends at this point in my life and is an incredible way to meet other likeminded people but (as with anything I suppose) there is that darker side to friendship. The ones who only want to be your friend to attempt to reap the benefits, grab a contact here or there and pick your brains for anything that can further themselves. 

Events have a ‘you can’t come in because you’re 100 followers below the threshold’ feel and who I once thought were friends have since apparently forgotten about me and others, in favour for ‘larger’ bloggers or or those who benefit them more. I get it, it’s tactful, especially for brands, but not my cup of tea. Last season I had a few other friends tell me stories similar of friends who disappear as soon as you become useless to them. I feel like I found it difficult to determine what was real and what was forged. People can be frostier than Miranda Priestly and I never am quite sure what to do with myself in those situations, which is primarily why I decided to give it a miss – perhaps until I can become more self assured and confident in surrounding myself with people who genuinely care.


I loved sports at school, in fact I was’t totally awful and hurdled for my county, but soon became disinterested in it when I was exposed to the competitive atmosphere it brung. I find it uncomfortable and hate putting pressure on myself (totally do enough of that anyway.) There’s a definitive and rather large, competitive undertone to Fashion Week. One person once compared The Strand last year as a circus, and while I won’t fully agree, I can see where they were coming from. There are those who quietly let their fantastic styling and sense of self do the talking and those who have to make it known. People stumble over others in attempts to get papped and as someone who rarely raised her hand in class that terrifies me. It’s a hugely monetised event and a big earner for some, but can also make you question your worth when deals and offers don’t flood in by the hundreds. I personally found it sometimes isolating.

I just think for me, who was overwhelmed with what I think I should be wearing (literally anything to make you stand out from space) and what I wanted to be wearing (denim, white tee, red lippy) I found it at times, too much. I just want to have a good time, see some awesome clothes and maybe have a drink with some inspiring people. This was a little ramble of my thoughts towards it this year, and why I wasn’t going to make a little appearance – but I’ll never stop being in awe of the whole event, something that’s inspired me since childhood. I promise you (in despite of this little mini rant 😉 ) that it’s the most exhilarating, diverse and fun experience, (even just for a day!)


As always, I hope you found this one interesting loves! It seems I’ve never quite made my mind up when it comes to FW and although I might feel a bit out of place, I’ll never stop lusting over the wonderful streetstyle inspiration it brings! Would love to know your thoughts and if you’ve ever been!

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Photography by Ben Kapur