Curly, straight, thick, fine, dyed, bleached or au natural. Hair is an amazing way to express yourself, and for me, it’s my little, safety blanket. It’s what makes me feel like ‘me’. I’ve always been into caring for my hair and subsequently have become somewhat of a fusspot as to what I use on my hair. I stick loyally to brands I have used for years, with GHD being possibly my earliest memory of hair styling (thanks to stealing my sisters pair she got 15 years ago, that are still going strong!) So when they asked if I wanted to trial the new, Limited edition, Festival collection platinum+ styler, I obviously jumped at the chance!

Growing up using my sisters limited edition pink GHD straighteners and her original black ones (still showing no signs of giving in!) I was intrigued as to how these new ones would compare, especially as the Platinum+ is an innovative, SMART styler with ultra-zone and predictive technology, which basically tailors the styling to your hairs needs and adapts the power accordingly (hello less damage and more shine!) But with claims that your hair can be 70% stronger in comparison to stylers working at 230 Degrees, will the styling be just as effective and efficient? Keep reading to hear my verdict!



Upon opening the limited edition festival platinum+ styler I was pleasantly impressed straight away, not least because of the bag that it comes in, which doubles up as a heat resistant mat. This is a saviour for many of us with carpet war wounds, which bear the result of ill placed, hair tools! It makes it practical for travelling (I’m often discouraged at taking hair styling away with me as it tends to be bulky and annoying to pack!) so I must admit, the case actually is a massive plus instead of an unnecessary hindrance! It also keeps them protected when not in use, and I naturally use the mat every time I use them anyway, so I have somewhere safe to rest them! The stylers are also the perfect size; sleek, slim, but also uncompromising of the quality feel you get with all GHDs! I was also VERY surprised with how quickly they get to their styling temperature; it felt about 10 seconds. I’ve never had a pair so efficient, so I was very pleased, as no one wants to wait around for them to heat up, especially if you’re in a rush! (I was also a sucker for the cute, little melody that plays when you turn them on!)


Firstly; hallelujah for the technology that turns them off after 30 minutes of no use and puts them into sleep mode; so no more panicking when you’re an hour away from home and can’t remember if you forgot to turn them off or not! I also love the colour with the limited edition collection; it’s different, beautiful but also subtle at the same time. The cord is also the perfect length – it reaches my extension lead no problem and I don’t have to sit right next to the plug, there’s enough to freely style your hair! As of yet, I also haven’t snagged a single hair! The plates are incredibly smooth and I’ve been both straightening and curling with ease (which is saying something as I’m usually awful at curling with straighteners!)

It’s also nice knowing you’re not completely frazzling your hair too, because the technology means that it stays at the optimum styling temperature of 185 degrees, whatever your hair type. It has by far been one of the quickest and most effective stylers I’ve used. I often find on the 2nd day or if my hair isn’t freshly washed, that it needs going over a few times, but with this styler, one, long stroke was enough to straighten my hair, but also keeping it nice and soft! I’ve been loving using this when my hair is in need of a little pick me up; I run them through with heat protectant, end with serum and boost my roots with dry shampoo!



GHD, in my books, are renowned for their high quality and I have first hand experienced their durability with my sisters pair lasting through her teenage years and into adulthood! Of course there will be cheaper options out there, as I’ve also tried, but naturally they have differentiating results. I found that the cheaper versions significantly increased the amount of time I needed to do my hair in, but also aren’t as follicle friendly and sophisticatedly developed as GHD. I was asked by a few of you on Instagram if I recommend them and I can whole heartedly say that if you’re looking for excellent results, a great styler but also something that LASTS (there’s also a year 3 guarantee, besides the fact I know many people have said they last a seriously long time!) then I’d say 100% give them a try. After all, they haven’t got their name and reputation from nowhere! 

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This model of GHD was very kindly gifted in exchange for my honest, review.

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Photography by Ben Kapur