Teeth, pegs, fangs or pearly whites; whatever you call them, most of us have them. I serially hold my breath every time I visit the dentist, in fear of unexpectedly having to have a tooth removed or a big, old, filling plonked in. To combat this, I make sure I look after those little teeth. Like most, I also like to keep them looking healthy and white, where I can, without spending big bucks. Honestly I haven’t felt the need to consider professional teeth whitening, when I’ve discovered such a plethora of affordable products which really do the trick on the high street!

I also have invisible braces/aligners (Will absolutely be sharing my whole experience on them from Your Smile Direct once I’ve finished!) and because of this, I really needed to give myself a kick to up my oral hygiene and help keep them white as they move! So here’s a round up of some new discoveries and some, solid, products I’ve relied on for years to get those infamous ‘how do you whiten your teeth’ comments!



Starting with my favourite part; my hunt for products that efficiently, safely and inexpensively whiten! I started years ago with the Crest whitening strips after hearing good reviews, but I’ve always found them tricky to get hold of and I also want to make sure I’m not getting a knock off! I’ve always found the whitening strips are an easy, no mess way to whiten, so naturally I love these Billion Dollar Smile ones! You just pop them on, leave for 15-30 minutes, rinse your mouth and you’re done! I always notice a difference in stain reduction when I use these. I also adore the White Glo Bright Nights strips, they work a treat for special occasions! White Glo also do an amazing diamond series whitening system which is a gel like formula you put into a tray and onto your teeth. I always notice an amazing difference when I use this! 

Last up is the Pearl Drops strong and white overnight serum, a fab and low maintenance way to not only whiten, but also build your surface enamel back up whilst you sleep! It’s simple, easy to use, perfect for travel and I love how the brush allows it to really get into any gaps. This is such a fab all rounder and I always make sure I stock up so I never run out!



This is the part I really wanted to invest in for my braces, so I got the Philips Sonicare one Christmas and I couldn’t ever go back! It’s gentle but cleans SO efficiently, the charge lasts forever, it’s soft enough to clean my braces with, gets in all the nooks and has generally managed to really keep the plaque off! I wanted something that would keep my mouth as clean as possible, so I really feel like this does the job! However, for travel, I always carry an extra one (I’m prone to forgetting my electric!) and I’m loving the Humble Brush! They a vegan, cruelty free, eco friendly and socially responsible brand (that in itself won me over!) Their brush is biodegradable and made of bamboo, and is also just as good, if not better , than any plastic toothbrushes I’ve used. My boyfriend even commented on the fact it’s amazing what they’ve developed within 5 minutes of me having it! So if you want a sparkly mouth and happy conscience, this is a good option! It’s definitely now my alternative go-to!


Toothpastes; where it all begins. I’ve come along way since my strawberry flavoured one as a kid and with this, I really think I’ve found what works for me. I’ve been using optic toothpastes for years now; the blue tinted ones, for me, have always played a huge part in up keeping a white smile. I often use the Colgate one, or the Beverly Hills formula Optic blue here; a brand I’ve loved ever since stealing my sisters supply when I was little! Using optic toothpastes was the thing that sparked people asking if I’d had them whitened. I’ve always found these kind of formulas also make your teeth look amazing in photos too! This one is low abrasion and helps remove surface and deep stains (like coffee and red wine, which I’m definitely partial too!)

Pearl drops is another brand I faithfully use (once you find a good’un, I don’t often switch!) and I love their ultimate whitening concentrate. It’s also low abrasion, so not super harsh, and is my choice to-go for trips and travels. Best used in place of your usual toothpaste for a week as an intensive treatment, so also a fab option before a special day.



Ahh flossing; the thing we forever lie to our dentists about. “Do you floss regularly?” … “If that means flossing once every 4 months whilst I remember, then yes, yes I do floss.”

I’ve actually began to enjoy flossing recently (that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say!) since being introduced to Dentek about 6 months ago. I have invisible braces/aligners and have for over a year, so I’ve really had to up my teeth cleaning habits, so flossing was a pretty, solid start. I’ve never been able to really get past the front few teeth with normal floss, but after trying the Dentek comfort clean floss picks, my life and mouth was revolutionised, hence why I’m hooked on their products hence forth! You can reach every tooth because they’re curved, unlike most. (so all the way to back – hallelujah!) They also have normal picks, or bristled ones, but this is one thing that has hugely improved my mouth hygiene, and one I can’t recommend enough, especially if you really do need to take extra care because of braces, etc!



Lastly but certainly not least, something that has revolutionised (and sped up!) the process of keeping those pearlies clean; the infamous Waterpik. Particularly good if you’re not a fan of the laborious task of flossing and really can’t get on board with it. It uses high powered water, a combination of pressure and pulsations which essentially, cleans away plaque and food debris.  (If you’re alien to how they work, there’s this video which shows you perfectly)! They’re also a hell of a lot more surprisingly affordable than most think. My earliest memory of Waterpik is thanks to my dad; the ultra version – big tank and all. (It’s still going strong too!) He’s a huge fan of Costco and it was one of his newest gadgets he bought back, so I’ve been using them since I was about 14. I genuinely get excited by using this and it’s great for when time is of the essence too! I was told that it helps to blast away biofilm (that slimy feeling on your teeth!) so I love using mine in the morning when I’ve brushed, then had breakfast, to help cleanse and get rid of any residue before heading out! This is the ultimate in gadget for oral hygiene lovers and if you’re really wanting that super, clean mouth feeing. I’ve also noticed it’s substantially helped with keeping plague at bay and my god, my mouth has never felt so sparkly, it feels like I’ve come from the dentist every time I use it!

I’d love to know your top, tips for keeping your mouth happy and shining – have you ever had braces or professional whitening? What’s your swear-by product? Pop a comment below!

Some of the products were very kindly sent as PR samples, however I wasn’t under any obligation to post.

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