There’s no better feeling than writing a big old ‘to do’ list and absolutely smashing everything on it – satisfyingly ticking every task off as you go! I also love feeling like a total girl boss when I get inspired, productive and focused for my daily and weekly tasks. Whether you work in an office, at home or are out and about on your feet, it’s only natural for our productivity levels to dip occasionally. Changes in environment, emotion, wellness and seasons can all affect our motivation, sometimes without realising. Winter is my fave season (I’m a total cliche January baby and LOVE snow, boots, hot drinks and cosy knits!) but with the colder weather we can sometimes feel less motivated with darker days and colder temps.


I wrote here all about my tips on how to stay motivated, especially whilst blogging – I find if I fail to manage my time my productivity falls through the roof and I’m left feeling deflated at the end of the day! Rescue Remedy is something I’ve used for years, thanks to my sister passing one of hers down to me after her driving test – so I’m super happy and proud to be bringing you this post in collab with a brand I’ve loved for a long time! Their new Rescue Remedy Plus couldn’t have come at a better time – I felt like my change in home environment really threw me off my routine and left me feeling unfocussed and  like I wasn’t getting enough done in the day. With that, I’m sharing my tips on how I keep my self on track, pick myself up after unmotivated days and how I keep myself feeling like I can take over the world, one blog post at a time 😉  





I know, I know – THIS is where my inner Monica Bing from Friends comes out. (fellow lover of lists, fyi) I must admit, I used to assume that ‘list people’ must have been slight control freaks – that was until I discovered the wonder, the order and the satisfaction that comes with lists! I have them for everything – shopping, present ideas (cos’, yanno, Christmas is approaching and all 😉 ) weekly to do’s, long term goals and daily tasks. Frankly, without them I feel disorganised and unproductive – especially working from home! Taking 5 minutes at the start of the day to write a list of things that need to be done and prioritised give me a sense of purpose and accomplishment when I’ve completed them. Similarly, even if you don’t work from home, it’s often easy to forget things we want to do without writing them down! Grab a cute notebook, jot things down on your phone – whatever it takes to clear your mind and give you a clear focus on what needs to be done! 





Whenever I used to read the personality traits of a classic Capricorn I used to laugh at how they were depicted as career driven, stubborn beings – assuming I couldn’t be further away from that, when in actuality – it’s rather spot on. I’m a workaholic, always hustling, never really taking time out for fear of missing opportunities – this has it’s pros and cons. Sometimes you need refreshing, you need perspective and you need to take time out in order to refocus. Going on walks, a run, any exercise I find does not only a great job of giving me time away, but also makes me feel energised and motivated to come back and work my bum off! (I also love to pop a few sprays of the Rescue Remedy on before a workout if I’m feeling sluggish) 


If I spend too long staring at notes, editing pictures, forcing myself to write without inspiration and filming videos I lose a sense of why I enjoy it – I personally get things done so much faster when I’m inspired. So when I’m feeling a little un inspired, I take myself out of my workplace, out of that environment and into a completely different one – wander to a coffee shop, walk through the countryside, treat yourself to an afternoon shopping or bake a new healthy treat! I instantly come back revived and ready! Would love to know if this works for you guys (feel free to throw tips at me too 😉 )





I try to start my mornings with little rituals that set me up for a great rest of the day! Sometimes this might be making a morning juices/smoothie, having my hot coffee, preparing my fave breakfast or 10 minutes quiet time before I crack on with tasks or a nice hot shower to make me feel awake. If you’ve caught my Morning Routine on my channel you’ll be able to have a peek at what a usual morning looks like – for me, if I start my morning right, I feel 10x better and ready to tackle the day. I also love to pack essentials in my handbag for busy day or have some pick me ups at my desk to that mid afternoon slump! I mentioned on my insta stories that for the last few weeks I’ve been keeping my Rescue Remedy right beside my desk and instead of an afternoon caffeine fix, I pop a few squirts of the Spray bottle on my tongue (tastes like lemon cordial which is DELISH!)


I totally forgot I’d used it the first time and had a super productive afternoon shooting content for hours, wondering why I felt so energised and hadn’t got tired yet. I remembered I’d used the spray, which is packed with a combination of flower essences (love a good natural product!) as well as selected B vitamins to help support normal mental performance. It also comes in a dropper bottle, to pop into a drink – I’m definitely partial to the classic spray for a boost on the go! Lots of you said you swear by the classic Rescue Remedy, so I’d love to know if you’ve tried this one! You can grab it exclusively at boots, I honestly can’t tell you how much I love using this every afternoon!


I hope you loved this little post all about how to keep on track and focussed – even on the days where it feels like you need 5 arms and 6 brains! Would love to know what your tips are for staying energised and your best! Get in touch beauts, always love hearing your thoughts! 

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Photography by Ben Kapur

This post was a sponsored collaboration with the lovelies at Rescue Remedy!