It’s no surprise, if you take a look at my Instagram, that I’m a little bit obsessed with all things vintage and period at the moment. I’ve always had a keen interest in historical fashion, vintage shopping, classical silhouettes and how I can incorporate that into modern day. Alongside that, I love the rosy cheeked, dewy skin, fluffy brows and whimsical hair that accompanies many of these looks. Last year I worked on a period film and was in constant awe of what they did to my hair and makeup, and have always been in pursuit of replicating it myself, and finding the perfect products to do it! (Also, fun debate – comment your FAVOURITE Period Drama/historical film below!)
Turns out that getting the perfect, subtle, rosy lip and flushed cheeks without looking like you have makeup on is harder than it looks! The newest Artistry Studio Tokyo Addition collection from Amway launched in March and it’s safe to say it made this task a lot easier! I’ve managed to find the perfect balance to really create that Keira Knightly-esque look, so if you’re a fan of super natural, face enhancing and soft makeup – here’s how I’m doing it and playing around with my 3, Artistry Tokyo Edition Hero products.



Nothing is bold about natural, period looks; all the features work timelessly together to create a soft, pretty look that accentuates your beautiful features. Natural, soft, brows, fluttery lashes and a fresh complexion. If you had to choose one part of the face to focus on – make it the lips. I’ve always loved a lip stain for a natural (and VERY long-lasting finish) – I learnt this on set and swear by it for the perfect English Rose look. Dab into the cheeks and lips to inject some colour back into the face after you’ve perfected a flawless, lightly powdered base. The Artistry Tokyo Edition Jelly Plumping Lip tint (I have mine in Persimmon!) does exactly what it says on the tin and more. Hydrated, plumped up, long lasting and water based for a beautifully natural, matte, finish that doesn’t dry the lips. What I love is building this product up – layer on a little with the heart shaped applicator to really accentuate the curves of your mouth. Layer a little for a subtle sheen of colour, or build up for a punch of bitten lip red (which still looks beautifully understated! A great start if you’re afraid of a coloured lipstick) If you want to save space in your beauty bag; use this as a blush also and melt into the skin with your fingers!



The ultimate partner in crime to punchy, rosy, lips is an equally rosy flush. Find a shade that really compliments your lips and skin tone to make sure it works with your natural features and hair/eye colour. Anything a bit too colourful can look lovely but not in keeping with a more natural, soft look. The reason I’ve become such a fan of the Artistry ‘Oh-So-Cheeky’ Blush is because the applicator means it doesn’t come on too strong, so you can really tailor the colour build up. Here I patted some of the lip tint on my cheeks first and followed with this blush to even it out (also means it will last all day!) The lips and cheeks are where you want the only colour in this look, so really concentrate on these to make your features pop. (Also mucho enjoying the applicator – hello saving on valuable makeup-bag space by not needing a brush!)



The Kabuki Pop palette in the Artistry Studio Tokyo Edition has colours that are so delectable it reminds me of my favourite Pistachio and Strawberry flavoured ice creams! Here I used the lightest, slightly dewy and iridescent shade all over the lid to make my eyes pop and giving them a subtle sheen without looking like I’m wearing anything. It ever so slightly lightens and brighten the lids to make your natural colour pop. I also worked a small amount of the deep, brown shade into my crease to really deepen the eyes, again, whilst looking very natural and working to enhance what you have! I can’t wait to create a pastel dream look with that delicious looking jade colour too (what era shall I use as inspiration for that shoot – 60’s? – Shoot me some ideas!) Finish your look with a super thin coating of mascara for a natural flutter with zero clumps (less is more here for this look) comb your brows upwards and set with a brow gel (or hairspray works well!) and lastly, mist your face with a setting spray or face water to hydrate and help your skin look beautiful and happy all day!

Would love to know if you guys are fans of natural makeup or if you’re yet to try things like lip tints! Also a fun question – put your favourite Period Drama/Historical film below! (2005 Pride and Prejudice lover here!) Pop a comment below or my Insta DM’s are always open for a chat!

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This post contains PR samples and was sponsored by Artistry