“There’s something proudly satisfying about someone asking where your clothes are from and replying that you customised them yourself”

Ever since I was little I’ve loved putting my own spin on things – sticking 3 different dresses together and gluing pieces onto old jackets. There’s something proudly satisfying about someone asking where you got your shoes from and you reply that you customised them. I’ve suddenly been inspired over the past few weeks to really revamp pieces that are just sitting vacant in my wardrobe. It all started whilst I was putting this blog post together about my favourite, affordable designer dupes.

I then wandered around Zara the other week, lusting over summery pieces to add to my wardrobe. As I walked around I realised I already had SO MUCH of this sitting in my wardrobe and I could easily make the pieces myself. Embroidery is HUGE at the moment, florals, studs, jewels and pearls. They adorn all the clothes at the moment and is so easily achieved yourself! So here’s my little (and hopefully the start of many!) DIY – how to revamp a pair of unloved shoes into my fave Gucci Dupes!


Step 1: Clip off the backs of the earring findings and stud bases with the pliers, so that they both sit flat. Gently tap any stumps left over with the flat edge of the pliers

Step 2: Carefully super glue the half pearls inside the earring stud bases, making sure you’ve brought the correct sizes in MM so that the pearls will fit inside! I bought an assortment of pearls, and have linked everything I used in the Youtube Tutorial below!

Step 3: Once all your pearls are glued and the bases and finding are clipped to be flat, roughly place them along the heel to get an idea of the placement. When happy, apply a little glue, hold in place and gentle tap with the pliers to secure in face.

Step 4: Once the heels are covered as you like, clear up any excess glue or markings, give them a polish and you’re good to go! You can do this with any kind of shoe you like – loafers, flats, heels or boots!



“I now have a list as long as my arm of projects I want to try to inject some life into unloved pieces!”

And that’s it! Crazy simple and affordable but it’s now transformed something I wasn’t wearing into something I am obsessed with! I was toying with the idea of buying a pair of dupes (I’ve listed my top picks below for you guys!) but after realising I had a great pair of leather loafers, that could totally be changed with a few pearls seemed very appealing, so I thought why not give it a go!

I now have a list as long as my arm of projects I want to try to inject a bit of life into unloved pieces in my wardrobe! The best bit is, most of them simply involve pearls and super glue! I love the brassy metal I used here, it’s definitely a lot more understated than bright gold, but I’ve seen some great dupes with silver, why not mix things up, design your own and see how you go! I’d also love to know what dupes you’d like to see next – I’ve definitely caught the DIY bug! 

Shop the style and my faves picks!

I was SO EXCITED to share this one with you loves – I really hoped you found it useful and interesting – do have a peek at the video below to see how I made them, it really was so simple! Do let me know if you’d like to see any other of these style posts or videos – always loving hearing your thoughts! 

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Photography by Ben Kapur

Watch the Tutorial