So your gals been having a hard time sleeping recently. Restlessness hits all of us at times, whether it’s stress, an old mattress, temperatures, colds and flu or noisy housemates and neighbours. I never noticed the importance of sleep until I experienced a severe lack of it and the toll it takes on your body. Trips and holidays can leave your body in havoc and having a crazy busy schedule can leave your least priory being the amount of hours of zzz’s you clock up.

The thing is, when I wake up having a decent, peaceful evening of sleep – I feel good, productive, focussed and happy. Disturbed sleep leaves me irritable, fidgety and lethargic. I genuinely really enjoy having an evening routine. (you can watch it here!) Treating my skin to a nightly regime, lighting candles, delving into a book and hopping into bed for the evening really helps to put me in the mindset to erase the day and any worries. Here’s my advice from over the years, how I tackle sleeplessness when it hits, and my tips for anyone wanting to get themselves into some great, restful rituals.


I enjoy candles, very much. I have a box full, for all occasions and scents and they seriously make me happy. I also love lighting incense sticks, oil burners, air purifiers and basically anything that is calming and scented! I do this on the daily, when I work during the day and the unwind in the evening. I can’t stress enough how getting your sleeping place in the right mood and atmosphere can help you drift off! For example, if I have things everywhere, items to tidy and stark lighting I’ll be much less inclined to relax than if I lit candles, had a small lamp on and a little tidy before bed time. Yankees are my fave – pricier than cheaper ones but they last forever and the smell is unbeatable (nothing worse than a candle that looses its smell!) Light a couple around your room to set the ambience, and if you’re having a bath beforehand, try lighting that with candles too – I’ve noticed I relax a lot more than if I had a bright light on! Lavender is also your sleep bestie. I love to have a big, bubble bath when I’m in need of serious relaxation and use these OGX Lavender scented hair goodies – leaves your hair smelling like a sleepy dream! (Plus super soft and clean!) Other popular things are lavender parcels you place under your pillow, or a scented candle, or room spray! Dim lighting is much more relaxing on the eyes to get you ready for a good, old sleep, so get your candles out and if you haven’t got a small, ambient light, invest in one now!


I love to arm my bedside tables with sleep time essentials and try to keep them decluttered (or at least at bed time!) One thing that as REVOLUTIONISED my sleep routine is the Lumie alarm clock. Not only is the light super soft for a bed side lamp come evening time, but if you struggle to wake up when it’s dark and dull outside this is a savour! I don’t even need to turn the sound on, it just gently wakes you up mimicking natural day light, which makes me feel so much less groggy than with a regular alarm! I personally wake up very easily to sunlight so when there’s a lack of it, waking can be a little harder, so this has been invaluable! 

Carrying on with candles, I usually have one here, as well as a bottle of fresh water (because dehydration is your worst enemy when it comes to waking up well!) The cute prints serve a purpose further than just making a cute Insta Pic and also make me smile in the morning and motivate me for the day ahead. Lastly, and my most favourite – I love to keep a selection of products I always need here. Usually, lip balm (Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour is my go-to), a hand cream (this is a lovely night time ritual to just give yourself a mini hand massage) and last but not least (and THE MOST useful!) my REN sleep pillow spray – this stuff smells like A DREAM and I take it everywhere with me when I stay away! It’s the most beautifully, relaxing scent – just spritz it on your pillows and feel instantly relaxed, this is one ritual I can’t recommend enough!


I‘ve written previously about all things home interiors, my design style and the importance of creating your happy space. I can’t tell you the benefits of taking a little time to organise and design your space to make you happy! A few cute pillows, a print here or there, a cute basket or throw – anything to get you excited and feel calm in your environment! We recently got a new bed and mattress and next on my list is finding a really, lovely and stupidly soft pillow! I always get the best nights sleep whenever I stay in hotels, so why don’t we pay much attention to our bedding and beds at home?

Since I bought in a few more IKEA white drawers and a huge, squishy, velvety pink pillow, it’s opened up my room so much more and just makes me happy every-time I climb into bed! When I know I really want calming and to get myself a good, nights sleep I also try and get into the habit of having a tea or warm drink (nothing caffeinated though or I’ll be bouncing off the walls!) Besides the health benefits, it’s just super relaxing – my faves are tumeric tea bags, Chai, Camomile and mint! (If you’re not into them you could always ice them or add a dash of honey!)


On the train back from London the other day, I caught a girl sat opposite me, reading a book and twirling a Rose Quartz around in her hand. There was something that was really that was really calming and lovely about this. Remembering a few friends that are really into this sentiment, I headed down to shop and picked up a few different precious stones, reading into their meanings and I know have these in various spots around my house and sometimes just pop them in my handbag. If something makes you feel less anxious, calm or reassures you; do it! I really love the idea of these and just their presence relaxes me! Whether you’re into precious stones and gems, or fancy reading a thriller before bedtime, try your hand at meditation or practice mindfulness – whatever puts you at ease is up to you. Do things to stop your mind constantly whirling around about things you’re worrying about and combat this by performing things that relax you. Tomorrow is a new day, worrying whilst you sleep won’t do you any favours. Tidy your room for the day, put the worries behind you and become grateful for the little things – the sun shining, or a nice meal you enjoyed or just seeing someone you loved.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post – I suddenly got really inspired to share my tips and talk all things slumber! Would LOVE to hear what your tips are and if there’s anything rituals you guys have to wind down! 

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Photography by Ben Kapur