Blogging, in general, is still such a new concept for a lot of people and industries (hard to believe, even in this insta-blogging, ootd-world dominated day, some still have no idea what it is!) Which means it’s difficult to learn about the craft until you’ve got yourself knees deep, tireless nights worrying about the dreaded algorithm and a few bad blog posts in. Theres no ‘fast track’ to success, no course that’s guaranteed to reap results and if I’m honest; you have to take everything in your stride, learn, experience and work out ‘your formula’ – what works for you. Building up page views (unless you’re lucky and continually have links coming in from Vogue and Elle) takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, researching and watching the boring but ever essential ‘how to’ tutorials for the latest software. 

Despite blogging for a while now, I still find myself tapping away and eagerly reading articles promising to help with areas I struggle in. I’m often left disappointed by promising page titles, guaranteeing success, only to be left unsatisfied with the little, bettering of my knowledge. I genuinely enjoy sharing any insights I feel could help someone else and letting others know about something that has personally worked for me – so here’s what’s been helping me keep my numbers constant recently!



Have a little read through your blog or social comments and those who blog themselves – pay a visit to their site, read their articles and share a bit of love back! I always think this is a lovely gesture to show how much you value someone commenting and reading your blog and to be able to return the favour yourself. Your comment could have made their day and along the way – other people will see your comment and perhaps visit your blog. If I leave a comment, I’m always sure to put a discreet link to my blog, should someone want something new to read (beware of spamming – this looks bad, is annoying and google will penalise you!) Make it genuine, it’s a great way to discover some amazing, new blogs and if done on the regular, I find it brings in new audiences who could potentially be in it for the long haul! When I’m actively doing this regularly, I find a huge rise in comments and page views – just think of it as another way of putting yourself out there and your blog into new environments. Sometimes you won’t always show in searches, so by placing yourself on others blogs within the same niche, being supportive and sharing the love – naturally other people will gravitate towards you. This is one that has always shown results for me.

“Being an active contributor to the blogging community means you always have your fingers on the pulse and can get some new readers along the way!”


Having a social media strategy is KEY of getting your blog some exposure. Stop the press if you haven’t set up a dedictaed Facebook page for your blog. Do it now. You can then easily invite friends and family to support you (they’re always very interactive and keen to share my work which in turn, helps push it’s exposure to new audiences!) You can also run sponsored posts and easily link your instagram to your Facebook page. For example, on my Facebook Page for Style Petal, I post whenever a new video or post goes live, publish my instagram snaps and frequently ask questions to get people involved and engaged. Not very time consuming but pays off and I found this gave me a lot of ‘non blogging’ followers. Instagram, on the other hand, is notoriously difficult to get click throughs, but since the launch of the ‘swipe up’ I’ve noticed a larger increase.

Frequently direct users to click the link in your bio for your new posts on Instagram and post insta stories of your most read blog posts, linking with a swipe up. I found linking my blogging tips gets a huge amount of swipe ups – because there’s something valuable people can take away from them! Twitter, however, was the biggest game changer for me! As well as making sure you use relevant hashtags and tagging brands (a good way to get work noticed!) Scheduling my tweets (I use the built in twitter for business scheduler) has MASSIVELY helped in page views. It means I constantly have my posts being pushed out at different times of the day, catching peoples eyes!



What keeps you coming back to the blogs you read? What do you activity search for? What are your favourite things to read about and look at? Getting readers that keep coming back isn’t just about a couple of photos and a caption anymore. You need to provide something of value. For example. Here, I’m sharing the things I’ve learnt in hopes of helping others. Therefore, hopefully, you’ll find this a lil’ helpful, like my snaps and maybe pop back, check in for more tips and if you’re a super keen bean (I hope!) following along on Instagram and YouTube if you want to know more about what I do, my rambles and my style. If you’ve found loads of designer dupes – share them. If you’ve found a great way to grow your following – share your tips. Be sure to name your posts exactly as they are – so that you’re easily found in searches too! If you give decent advice, or informative posts, whatever the topic, people will trust you, enjoy your content and come back for more! Really think about what you, yourself enjoys consuming and then project that into your own work! Give people a reason to stick around. 


Whether your blog is brand, spanking new or well established, it’s still crucial to put yourself out there, in order for people to notice your existence. Just publishing posts and expecting people to stumble across them won’t do. If I notice a lull in traffic; it’s probably because I’ve been slacking in interaction – like I mentioned above. Be active in commenting, responding to your comments and posting on social media when you have new posts. Join in twitter chats (these are great for making friends and discussing really great topics/getting tips!) The Blogosphere, #fbloggers #bloghour are some to name a few. 

I’ve learn’t loads from Twitter chats, as well as had some people reach out to me after sharing me advice. Similarly, Facebook groups are wonderful for interaction (just searching blogging on groups!) and to showcase your latest work. People are very supportive and you can return the favours for each other. If you like someones work on YouTube – TELL THEM. If their blog post blew you away, COMMENT! Being an active contributor to the blogging community means you always have your fingers on the pulse and can get some new readers along the way!


Really hope you guys enjoyed this read and perhaps managed to take something new away from it! Would love to hear how you guys have been acting towards keeping your page views up and bringing back loyal traffic! Join the discussion below or pop me a tweet!

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Photography by Ben Kapur