Ironically, I sit here writing this, feeling really drained, ill,
tired, with no idea what to write

Ah, bloggers, block. Writers, block, artists block, just general, feeling a bit uninspired and no with idea where to start. Ironically, I sit here writing this, feeling really drained, ill, tired, with no idea what to write, despite a seriously extensive list beside me of ideas for times like this. It’s not often I get really bad ‘bloggers block’ but when I do, I feel totally and utterly stuck in a literary hole with no way to climb out.

 I really enjoy sitting down and writing my blog posts, I’ve found that since I’ve begun to write a lot more personally, you guys have really been able to relate, perhaps find it helpful and reach out to me with your thoughts and stories, which truly is the best. So when the writing wall hits and you have no idea how to power through, it can be really tough. Here’s how I tackle the dreaded bloggers block.

Change your environment up

As much as the organisational freak inside of me loves staying at my functional desk, sometimes I can become bored and repetitive, especially if I have bloggers block. Escape to a coffee shop, the garden, your sofa or make a pillow forte in your bed. Make yourself a happy space, get cosy and get stuck in. I love to light a scented candle, be in some comfy clothes, play a chilled out playlist and make myself a nice cup of coffee or herbal tea. Hell, you can even go crazy and get some snacks along for the ride! Enjoy being in the company of your thoughts and let the creative juices flow.

Create your blogging bible

If anyone has been watching my insta stories recently, you’ll know that I have more than a few note books always to hand. These are my blogging bibles and I wouldn’t be without them. I make lists anywhere and everywhere I can, arms lengths long of blog post ideas. This always helps to look at when it comes to writing a post. My blog posts usually come together two ways: 1. It will be a collab with a much loved, brand and we will generate the written content and imagery together, so that it flows and connects well, whilst conveying the campaign message, etc.

 Or 2. I snap my outfits up, or my fave products and the accompanying text will follow. Sometimes an outfit inspires a whole post, but sometimes I’m at a total loss of what to write about. This is where my lists are like gold, I can easily scan down my ideas to see what would suit the imagery I have. I didn’t have a ‘blog post ideas’ list a year ago and I genuinely have no idea how I functioned without it! I get inspired late at night, on a train, walking down the road – I need something to hand to jot my ideas down, notebook, phone, otherwise my ideas will probably disappear!

Surround yourself with inspiration

Pinterest, is probably one of my favourite ways to easily become inspired. I’m very triggered by imagery. Fashion, beauty, interiors, food – I have boards for everything which really helps me in pulling together ideas for something. Have a browse through your favourite blogs too, become inspired by peoples words and photographs – think to yourself ‘why do I enjoy reading this persons blog?’ – is it their style? Their voice? They aesthetic?

Think how you can emulate that feeling into your own blog. Inspiration and imitation are two different things however, so make sure your don’t blur the lines! (There’s actually a post coming on this subject soon!) Magazines are also great – I love drawing inspiration from the beautiful editorials and adverts in Vogue (I know, how cliche do I sound!) Books are also great – I found that ‘How to Be Parisian’ and ‘Love, Style, Life’ (two classic blogger loved books!) really helped me realise why I love to write and what I want people to gain from it! 

Make the most of your creative mind explosions 

Like I previously mentioned, I get inspired at very random times. Actually, usually very ANNOYING times (hello 2am wide eyes!) You know, that sudden rush of ideas, feeling so inspired and motivated you genuinely don’t have the time or space to write all your amazing ideas down! I used to continue along with this train of thought, thinking that I’ll write my ideas down ‘in the morning’ or ‘another time’. DON’T DO THIS. The likelihood is, you’ll forget half of it and be unable to pick up where you left off.

WRITE THAT GOODNESS DOWN whilst it’s there! Even if I means getting out of bed and scribbling in a notebook. Some of my best, blog posts have been written this way and actually makes the whole process so much easier! You have ready made content from the heart that would have taken so much longer to produce if you were to try and get yourself into that mindset forcefully. Roll with the brain explosions!

What I wore

Shirt – Burton (similar)

Denim – Topshop (similar)

Shoes – Public desire*

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Bag – Debenhams

I hope you loved this post huns and I really hope it helped you guys in some way – I’d love to hear your top thoughts on how to overcome the dreaded bloggers block!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

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