“Sometimes nothing beats a cold, glass of wine and a chat with one of your favourite people. It definitely feeds the soul.”

Last week we did just this – myself and the wonderful Emma from The Emasphere – who you’ll almost definitely recognise from my previous post, all about the importance of blogging friends – headed to the Vintage Festival in London with the lovelies at Laithwaites and The Blogger Programme, to have a pretty unique experience and ‘Taste in the Dark’. It’s no surprise if you follow along on Insta Stories, that you’ll know I LOVE a good glass of wine occasionally. Being able to pop to the shops and buy myself a little bottle, to enjoy a glass with Friday evenings dinner is definitely one thing about being an adult that I quite like (a lot!)

Myself and Emma are both wine lovers (she’s Aussie, so naturally a TOTAL PRO!) So it’s always super fun to hang out and have a good catch up over a bottle sometimes – so this seemed like the PERFECT girl date for us! We were invited by Laithwaites (the UK’s No.1 home delivery wine merchant!) to have a little peek at the Vintage Festival and to give ‘Wine tasting in the Dark’ a go – we were both pretty excited about kick starting our weekend off this way and also super intrigued to see how much an environment and playing around with your other senses, can affect your ability to taste! This was definitely an experience everyone should have a go at once in their life!

“How much can experimenting with the power of seeing, hearing and feeling really change our ability to taste”

I must admit, although I was thoroughly looking forward to the experience, I was also very dubious. “How much can experimenting with the power of seeing, hearing and feeling really change our ability to taste.” I can tell apart my whites from reds, but wasn’t expecting the fact we were sat in the pitch black, feeling different textures and listening different music, all whilst sipping wine, to have an effect on the taste. Oh god, I couldn’t have been more wrong – there is such thing as magic people (coming from the sceptic over here!) It began with a series of different experiments, all whilst sat in the dark (with the hosts equipped with night vision goggles and everything!) We compared wines, trying to distinguish the grapes first – red or white?

We then moved on to our hearing senses – can the music playing have an effect on the taste? Needless to say happy, jingle music made the Red taste a lot nicer than disjointed, sharp music! The biggest thing for me though, which even had Emma baffled, was when we tuned into our sense of touch. On one side we had sand paper and another some soft velvet – I KID YOU NOT the wine tasted like a whole different (and much more delicious!) bottle whilst touching the velvet! ( I repeated this another 5 times just to check 😉 ) MIND = TOTALLY BLOWN – this would also make the most fun dinner party game – am I right?!

“I actually kind of felt like a kid in a candy store. (except this is the grown up, prosecco obsessed version)”

Following this and after we got over our confusion and amazement (seriously though, if you want a cheap wine to taste incred, just invest in a velvet table!) we were then let loose into the festival. It’s always been something on my bucket list to go wine tasting, so this was something I was very much looking forward to (and can tick off of my 2017 list!) I actually kind of felt like a kid in a candy store. (except this is the grown up, prosecco obsessed version) – Laithwaites have the most INSANE array and cater for all budgets too, I feel like I’ve stumbled upon the wine version of my fave online clothes shop – browse, fill up that cart and have it all delivered to your door! They also do Hampers and spirits gifts (is it bad that I’ve pretty much sussed peoples Christmas presents already?!) 

What better way to catch up and have amazing conversations with your favourites than to get together and congregate in a room full of amazing wine! We were given a glass and left to our own devices, which left me pretty happy to say the least (followed by a HUGE pizza fuelled lunch!) We discovered amazing, new wines (sparkling, chilled red wine – SO GOOD!) met some wonderful people and even began to plan a trip abroad purely for the wine tours! If you love wine, people and having a fab time, tasting in the dark and festivals like this are a total no brainer – it was SO much fun all sitting in the dark, laughing and experimenting without being able to see a thing! I’ve also got so much summer party inspo (and a list as long as my arm) of wines to try! Get out there and organise a day with your besties, you’ll feel so good for making time for the people you love and just enjoying yourself!

I hope you guys loved this one – we had SUCH A FUN time experiencing a ‘Taste in the Dark’ with Laithwaites at the Vintage festival, having a little try of everything – literally the most perfect friend date! I’d love to know what you guys love to do with your friends, film nights, cooking, shopping – share your best ways to spend time with your faves!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

This post was a sponsored collaboration with the wonderful Laithwaites!

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