Last year, over a cheeky glass goblet of mulled wine, I snapped away and typed up my thoughts on the scents that had captured my heart last, festive, season. (See here if you fancy a read!) I’ve had an ongoing love affair with scents for years now, it’s how I alter my mood, set the tone for the day and give myself a little, dose of luxury every morning and afternoon. It’s a daily ritual and habit I find solace in, just like a warm, morning tea on a frosty morning, nestled under a duvet. 

My first introduction to ‘The Merchant of Venice’ perfumes was with their stunning, Blue Tea fragrance (still one of my faves ever.) So when they asked if I’d like to try the new, The Merchant of Venice Imperial Emerald Eau De Perfum, I accepted faster than Santa gravitates towards mince pies and set out to discover what the new bottle had in store!



Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Pink peppercorn, Carnation, Iris
Middle notes: Orange flowers, Ylang ylang, Peony, Egyptian jasmine, Lily of the valley, Tuberose

I’m a self confessed Bergamot obsessive; I look for it in candles, hand-washes, lotions and perfumes, which is probably why I fell so quickly for this scent with it being a prolific top note. This particular perfume is inspired by the peacock, with spicy floral notes including mandarin, pink peppercorn, jasmine and amber. As always, The Merchant of Venice have nailed the design; a beautiful, unique and incredibly luxuriously crafted piece, which embodies everything the scent is about. A little goes a long way with this perfume, as I found with the Blue Tea fragrance, I’m assuming because the concentrate and quality of the ingredients is so high. A spritz to the wrist and a smudge on the neck should be enough to take you from day to night, all whilst beautifully, melting into the skin. This is one thing I adore about their perfumes; they sit and develop so beautifully on every individuals skin.

When to wear: Delightfully versatile and while this would suit day and night, it immediately screams ‘luxurious evening’ to me. Think black tie, an evening wedding, festive do or beautiful dinner party. Makes you feel refined, sexy and sophisticated. I also love to wear this during the day when I want to feel extra special and to be carried into the evening.



I tried to emulate how I feel when I wear the scent, in these photos. A deep, rich, luxurious velvet fabric paired with the clean, powerful cut of a suit – effortless, sexy and dynamic. I feel like a ‘proper’ grown up when I wear it, the kind you want to be when you grow up (and smell like!) It’s not stand offish, it’s not screaming for attention, it’s just elegant, affluent and a subtle head turner. If I had to choose between this or the Blue Tea Fragrance? I’d say it’s near impossible to choose as they’re both so unique and distinct, but I’d have to go with Imperial Emerald, purely for the lure of the Llang Llang and bergamot. I’ve always been a sucker for a heavier, evening appropriate fragrance, both every one of their scents is stunning and luxurious in their own rights, and if it suits your budget? It’s a surely incredible way to inject a bit of luxury in your own, or a loved ones day!


The Merchant of Venice Imperial Emerald Eau De Perfum retails at £250 from Harrods for 100ml.


I’d love to know how you guys inject a bit of luxe into everyday! Have you got a perfume that makes you feel instantly put together? Send your faves my way!

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Photography by Ben Kapur

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