The ever changing face of the blogosphere has been truly fascinating, inspiring and incredible to watch over the last several years. Things have rapidly evolved, grown and changed, particularly within the last year or so. Some long for the old blogging days back of self timed images in our rooms and back gardens, when reality is our imagery is getting more incredible by the second, with online tutorials and blog posts making it easier for us to learn editing, camera settings and SEO. People are beginning to smash their first blog posts out with a perfectly bokehed background and impeccable style (though mine certainly was not!) However this topic seems to have taken a slightly negative turn if you have a scroll through Twitter nowadays.

I must admit I’ve only really started to avidly use Twitter daily within the last few months, but negative threads & the odd bitchiness aside, I’m actually loving it! Such a wonderful place for support, discussions and recommendations. Its a place for a plethora of opinions, which also makes it prone for arguments here and there, particularly amongst us bloggers nowadays it seems. I can understand how some long standing bloggers feel as though too many are cashing in on the blogging industry too fast, imitating others, but then again we can’t let new things and change make us bitter. Industries change rapidly, whether it’s the Health industry, fashion, the arts or blogging and there’s always going to be new competitors arising, so I’m asking is the blogosphere becoming oversaturated, or do we just need to embrace all that it’s becoming?


It’s no surprise that this debate probably wholly originated from the twitter world – a place to vent our frustrations, share our comedic mishaps, scream good news and spread good vibes. A daily scroll will present itself as a timeline full of empowerment, petitioning, retweets of killer blog posts and a good old moan too. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s good to discuss what’s important to us and what needs addressing, especially as this is such a new industry with no wrongs, rights or boundaries. But as we know, things can turn all too nasty with a seemingly innocent tweet, ensuing battlecries from all corners of the internet. Of course there will be some out purely for the money, with no regard for others, just like their are in other businesses. But do we ignore it, fight it or continue to focus on ourselves and stay in our own lanes?


I’m a sucker for a good quote, and I will never have enough love for this one. Life is way too short to live it mundanely, I’ve never settled for anything less than something that sets my soul on fire, even if it meant that I’d be penniless. Many have found this stupid, but I’m truly happy when doing what I love, finances are not the be all and end all, at least I’m trying to live that way anyway! What matters is those you love and your happiness. My happiness has always stemmed from ambition, which is why I’ve pushed and pushed this little blog of mine, kept writing, kept photographing, even if it never amounted to a job, I love it so I do it.

If you adore blogging, do it for the love of creation and no other reason. I’m often approached by old friends, asking for advice on starting a blog and that they’re put off because so many others seem to be doing it now. The most important thing to remember, in any profession is that there’s only one of YOU and that’s your best selling point! It doesn’t matter what others are doing, it doesn’t matter if there’s 100 or 1,000,000 people doing it it – do what you love and do it full heartedly, because that’s where the real magic happens. When you truly enjoy what you’re doing, other’s will see that and also begin to enjoy what you’re doing too!


Do you think if someone told Meryl Streep there were too many actresses she would be like ‘Oh, okay then, fair play’ and then give up?! No, it would push that woman so far forward that she’d show that person just how wrong they were. (after all, success is the best revenge 😉 She was apparently turned down for King Kong for being ‘ugly’ (I know, WTF!) and man did she use that as motivation to succeed even more! The thing is, there can never be enough actresses, doctors, horse riders, musicians, painters and vets. There can never be too many of anything, if you love something DO IT! If the blogging industry was ‘over saturated’ and we all stopped, once this generation of bloggers stopped then blogging would cease to exist.

We need the veterans to inspire the next generation of budding writers, vloggers and bloggers. Yes, some may perhaps be unsure of what direction to go in, they may not have found their ‘niche’ and perhaps imitate someone a little too much but thats’ life. Imitation, as annoying as it sometimes can be, is the highest form of flattery. No one can be you, and if they try it’s obviously because they admire you and your work so much and strive for that! We can’t get annoyed at people wanting to do what they love, just because it’s your hobby or career, doesn’t meant there’s no room for anyone else. If someone tries to tell you otherwise (sorry to the bullies in my early blogging years, I’m still here 😉 ) work your little butt off and prove them wrong, it’s a good feeling, trust me!


I’ll always be a firm believer in there being room for all, even if the whole world was blogging, we’re each our own person with our own thoughts and inspirations! I really hope you loved this one – would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this topic! Please do pop a comment below or join in the convo on twitter!

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Photography by Ben Kapur