LVL Lash lifts; a term I’ve seen thrown around on Instagram for a while now, but never really understood what it did. Up until mid last year, I’ll be honest and admit that I assumed it was another, pretty, pointless beauty treatment. I’ve never been one for lengthy hair routines or getting a fresh manicure from a salon every 2 weeks, so haven’t usually perused what’s on offer to get done professionally. The wildest I go is with my skincare, because I think it’s a good place to invest and nothing relaxes me more than a luxurious night routine. 

I’ve known Ella Harvey from The Battersea Skin and Beauty Clinic since my acne and roaccutane days; she’s always been a beacon of skincare knowledge and there’s no one I trust more with my skin. So when she invited me in for a facial (very kindly complimentary), we ended up multitasking and also giving LVL a go whilst the facial got to work. The before and after photo above pretty much speaks for itself, so here’s the low down on LVL, what happens, the results and is it a beauty treatment really worth the hype? (All of these photos are of my bare lashes after the LVL treatment)



So you have the usual consultation if it’s your first time, we also chatted about skin as Ella gave me a light peel with AlumierMD products (I can’t believe how glowy my skin was after!) so whilst this was working its magic, she decided to do the LVL (Length, volume, lift) lash lift! A lash lift is essentially having your lashes lifted/permed right at the root, to really open them up, as well as tinted, resulting in fluttery, lashes that can last up to 6-8 weeks if well looked after! I’d say it takes *roughly* 45 minutes, and most of that is just waiting for the lotions and potions to do their thang, so you can relax, day dream or nap! LVL is basically a perm for the lashes, so unlike extensions, it’s enhancing what’s already there – great if you’re like me and have long lashes already as it really makes the most of them. 

You’re put in these soft eye masks to help keep your lashes in position and protect your eyes, which are closed the whole time. Your lashes are then lifted into position with a little tool and the various formulas placed on and taken off and left to work. It’s not painful in the slightest, and a bit of a strange sensation at first if anything! Most of the treatment is just spent relaxing, and nothing beat that grand reveal at the end! After a little comb through (Ella gave me a wand to make sure I brushed them every day, just like using a mascara brush with no product on ) and I was told not to get them wet for 48hrs. I was dubious of this treatment prior, but left extremely happy and pretty gobsmacked with the results, it looks like I had false lashes on and makes your face instantly made up, despite having no makeup on!



WOAH. I can’t believe how long they last and just how ‘made up’ you look in the mornings (also can’t get over how they look here, so fluttery!) A HUGE time saver, even for someone as low maintenance as me, all they need is a little brush everyday. They’ve never looked so good, I really struggle to get mascara to get them to stay lifted, so this is perfect. In particular they’d be amazing for holidays and special occasions as you can just wake up and go! I also love them as being an Actor, I don’t like to wear much makeup to auditions, so they’re a wonderful way to open your eyes without looking ‘too done.’ I’m SERIOUSLY impressed and a total convert, for me, LVL lashes are worth the expense and something I’ll be doing more of, as it means less time can be spent getting ready! They definitely smashed my expectations and I personally can’t recommend giving them a go at least once (perhaps time it with a holiday so you can put them to the test!) Never thought that I’d be quite so won over by a treatment, 10/10!

I hope this was helpful and insightful if you’ve ever thought about getting LVL done, it’s something which I’m definitely going to be investing in a lot more! I’d love to know if you’ve ever had a similar treatment or are a solid LVL addict! Pop a comment below or my Insta DM’s are always open for a chat!

As mentioned, this treatment was very kindly complimentary by The Battersea Skin & Beauty Clinic – I highly recommend checking them out if you can get to London!

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