“I went from having oily, spot prone and seriously inflamed skin, to a clear, blemish free and significantly drier complexion.”

If you’ve been a follower for a while, you’ll know I’ve been on quite the journey with my skin; from struggling to acne, to embarking on roaccutane/isotetrinoin, in a bid to clear my skin up. I went from having oily, spot prone and seriously inflamed skin, to a clear, blemish free and significantly drier complexion. I’ve talked about my 2 month progress on roaccutane here (including the ups, downs and side effects, as well as my fave products if you do suffer with acne) – and another full progress post is in the works too (so do let me know if there’s anything you’d find helpful/want including) as I know how isolating it can be and helpful it is to hear of others experiences.

Rather than discussing my progress, in this post, I wanted to give you a full Roaccutane survival kit; the things that solidly saw me through the insanely, dry, lips, the flaky skin and all the changes that came with it. I still use all these products (despite being off of the medication) especially in the winter, when my skin is prone to more dryness now; so whether you have dry skin, are thinking of going to Roaccutane or are half way through; these saw me through solidly, so here’s hoping they work for you!


Starting with a biggie; getting your day cream right can make or break how your skin is feeling, especially whilst on roaccutane or when it’s very dry and irritable. In the early days, my skin was really uneven with bad texture, but still dry. After a couple of months it was drier but also prone to patches of flakiness, so you’ll need something uncomplicated, richly moisturising but that also won’t make your makeup look dodgy (this happened with a few other moisturisers I tried as they didn’t settle into my skin!) Also remember to ALWAYS put SPF on top too; something we should always do but in particular on roaccutane as your skin is much more sensitive to the sun.

These formulas are all quite similar in texture and smell, and made sure to soothe any irritation I had. The Clarins Gentle Day Cream is the thickest of the bunch and my go-to when my skin is super dry. The Bioderma Cicabio cream is great as it’s formulated for use after dermatological procedures and encourages the skins healing process as well as calming. Last but absolutely not least – La Roche Posay has been my go to through acne and now into clear skin; the Effaclar H is formulated especially for oily skin dried out by products and compensates for side effects of over drying treatments. So basically perfect if you’re on acne medication!



Face washes were the things I was most hesitant about getting – I knew I needing something simple, nourishing and kind to my delicate skin. These are all very milky, moisturising and calming formulas, so great if it’s feeling dry or irritated. The Avène cleanser is wonderful for skin whilst on roaccutane and similarly, the La Roche Posay Effaclar H is made with skin on drying treatments in mind, so both are a safe bet if you’re unsure on what to use to cleanse! I splash water over my face, massage these in and wipe with a soft, warm cloth. For something thicker and more moisturising, the Clarins gentle foaming cleanser is fab and also has shea butter in, which you can really feel it help calm and nourish your skin. 



To remove my makeup, I can’t imagine my life without micellar water! I’ve been using it for years and always use it all over my face, on a cotton pad, to take off any makeup and eye makeup, before going in for a proper cleanse. I love the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Makeup removing solution because it’s for sensitive skin (plus the travel size bottle is perfect!) Then for an extra something before moisturiser and after cleansing, I shunned my acidic toners whilst on roaccutane for something more soothing, with the Clarins extra comfort toning lotion!


Oils and night creams are without a doubt, my favourite part of skincare. They’re thick, luxurious, and are a good excuse to take some time to wind down at the end of the day and massage them into your skin. They were also a saviour at replenishing my dry skin whilst on isotetrinoin (roaccutane). I’ve got an oil, balm and thick cream here – so one for everyone, deepening on your formula preference! For an oil, I opted for the Clarins santal face treatment oil – slightly thicker than some others I own, so fab for dry skin, but also really subtly scented, for a beautiful pamper. A firm favourite is also the Decleor aromessence night balm for many reasons (I have mine in neroli amara, but there’s loads of other scents.)  It’s a balm that melts in your palms, is wonderfully moisturising but most of all just feels like a spa treatment at home, so truly just feels like a total treat. Lastly, an essential for those super, crazy, dry skin moments – the Sebamed anti-dry intensive night cream. It’s incredibly thick and I was reliant on this to really help my skin when roaccutane completely dried it out! It’s formulated to calm flare ups and irritation and they also have a day cream too.


Come evening time, I favour something a little more moisturising to take off the day with. I just really feel like oil or gel cleansers get into every pore to really de-grime your skin of the days makeup, plus they’re great at not drying your skin out. I have a few favourites, but firstly I adore Roger & Gallet and their cleansing mask. They’r probably one of my favourite beauty brand of the moment, because of their high end products and packaging but at accessible prices. The Aura Mirabilis mask is so hydrating, so you can either cleanse with it, or leave on for a bit of a nourishing treat! 

NSPA (exclusive to ASDA or their website, btw!) is also a brand I’ve recently been super impressed with, again for their affordability and high delivering products! The NSPA expert softening cleansing balm is moisturising, rich and melts away any makeup, without drying out sensitive skin. Its enriched with loads of oils (sweet almond, cocoa butter, grape seed) and is always my night time go-to.



One thing I was going to miss, going on roaccutane, was face masks, so I made sure to find some suitable to use! First up is the famous GlamGlow Thirstymud hydrating treatment, as highly recommended by loads of you on Instagram! It smells delish, is super cooling and hydrating and is lovely when left on overnight! Fab to be used multiple times a week, or even in flight for a pamper! Next up is the Avène antirougers redness relief soothing mask. (if you hadn’t noticed already, La Roche Posay and Avène are probably my most highly recommended skincare brands when it comes to both dealing with acne and whilst on roaccutane, they have so many formulas for different skin problem areas!) This mask is another saviour when your skin is being unpredictable or dry. It calms and cools, even hypersensitive skin and helps repair with each use. 



A few times, my skin got almost, unmanageably dry, flaky or irritated whilst on the drug and I relied on these as back ups, when my normal cleansers or moisturisers weren’t doing the job. The Bioderma Cicabio pommade and repairing ointment is great as an extra moisturiser on top, when your skin is really misbehaving and helps repair burns, cracks and peeling. Cloud 9 Tranquility I used more as a targeted treatment, as it’s great for extremely dry, scaling or damaged skin. Keep in your handbag for spontaneous flare ups. Lastly, Clarins skin beauty repair concentrate is also fab for an emergency treatment, also helping to calm irritations and inflammations, with a serum like texture, so very light weight. Plus the size also means it’s another hand bag friendly option! 


Lastly but absolutely not least (probably the thing I went through the most of whilst on roaccutane!) ; hand and lip cream! My god, do you go through A LOT of lip balm! I had a good rotation going on and always had about 3 in my handbag! It goes without saying, the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is a no brainer; a total cult product, on roaccutane or not! Similarly, I love Dr Lipp and Dr Paw Paw, because they’re also multitasking products and ointments, so you can use them not only on lips, but hands, cuticles and more. Dr Paw Paw also has a fab duo out (pictured here!) with a scrub built in too, which is fab as my lips also got quite peely/flakey whilst on roaccutane! For a delicious treat, the Kiehls buttermask for lips is rich and sweet smelling, perfect to slather on before bedtime. And lastly for hands, I always have my Time Bomb combat cream with me – also smells amazing and is quickly absorbed so you don’t have to wait around with slippery mitts!


 I hope you guys found this helpful – whether you’re starting your roaccutane journey or struggle with dry skin. If I can be of anysupport or help what so ever, please do get in touch! Pop any questions below for future posts and videos that you want answered, or if you just want to talk to someone you can pop me a message on Instagram! Advice, recommendations, I’m always here! Pop a comment below or my Insta DM’s are always open for a chat!

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