Me and my skin have had a roller coaster of a relationship since I hit 18. It was seemingly clear up until late teenagehood, where it then began to deteriorate (for reasons unknown!) Fast forward 5 years, many, many medications and lifestyle/diet changes later (and last but not least, a slightly terrifying course of roaccutane and I finally feel like myself. No hiding, no pitifully, low, self esteem and no longer a former shell of myself. This winter is the first in many, I’ve been able to actually ENJOY skincare (can I get a hallelujah!) – If you want to read more about my skin journey, I wrote about the beginnings here!

So when USANA asked me to try the Celavive range out for winter, I obviously jumped at the chance to up my skincare game! They’re a luxurious line of self-preserving products to cleanse, refine, and replenish your skin, and after trialling them for some time now, I’m excited to share my thoughts, findings, as well as other tips I have found help me keep my skin happy this winter!



I’m the first to admit I’m impatient when it comes to seeing the rewards of a skincare regime. Many a times I would buy products promising to banish my acne, wait months and see no results. Your skin has a cycle and in order to see real results, you need to stick with it and persevere! Alway keep lip balm and a good, rich, hand cream in your handbag (or 6 if you’re me!), so you’re not off guard when winter hits your extremities. Plus it’s an excuse for a mini hand massage! Once a week, intensify your evening routine and turn it into a pamper! Exfoliate to help keep a glow about you – it’s easy for our skin to turn duller in the winter months. On top of this, double cleanse with a hot cloth cleanser to really, deeply clean and also moisturise at the same time! The warmth of the cloth is a great way to relax but also cleanse the pores (plus help a winter cold!) I love to slather on a moisturising face mask and leave it on overnight once a week too – a treat for the skin and I always wake up with a super, soft face! Lastly, don’t skip SPF just because it’s winter – this is said by EVERYONE for a reason! 

“It’s all about finding a routine that fits into your lifestyle. If you haven’t got time for 10 different lotions and potions, streamline it to suit you and your skins needs.”


An unashamedly cliché suggestion, but for good reason. I recently wrote about my top, tips on boosting your mood within the winter months here, and the importance of watching your vitamin intake. We’re all prone to a case of the winter blues, some perhaps more than others, and a huge factor I found that contributes to this is a lack of certain vitamins (not least Vitamin D, which is pretty damn difficult to keep your levels topped up in England!) But as well as affecting your mood, a deficiency in vitamins and minerals also plays a part in your skin and hair’s health, often resulting in dullness, breakouts and dryness, amongst other things!

Keep a bottle of cool water in the fridge and take it with you/ pop in your bag/ at your desk, to remind you to keep your fluid levels up (I’m always super guilty of slipping up on this one and suffering the consequences!) Invest in good vitamins, especially B vitamins and vitamin  D, zinc and C, or head in search of some specially formulated for what you feel you and your diet is lacking. What’s often on the outside is a representation of what’s going on internally; so if you’re struggling with skin changes, have a look to see if your diet is in check or lacking anything. 


For me, having a skincare routine has helped not only keep me on track, but also given me something to look forward to indulging in, come evening time. An excuse for downtime, a pamper session and 10-15 minutes to myself. It’s all about finding a routine that fits into your lifestyle. If you haven’t got time for 10 different lotions and potions, streamline it to suit you and your skins needs. I personally stick to a simple routine in the morning, with more products coming into the mix when the evenings draw in.

For AM, I opt for the Celavive gentle milk cleanser for a quick and efficient cleanse, whilst also not stripping the skin of moisture. Followed by the vitalising serum, a light formula, packed full of powerful ingredients, then finished off with the protective day cream; a total essential because of the UVA and UVB ray protection and SPF 30, whilst also being perfectly moisturising, even for dry skin. For evening I add a toner into the mix (I’ve been trialling the Celavive protecting toner) as well as the hydrating eye essence (this is a personal fave because of the metal applicator, making it so soothing after a long day!) All locked in with the replenishing night cream, a luxuriously, rich cream, helping promote plump and dewy skin, come morning time!


Would LOVE to know if you have tips or products you absolutely swear by to help perk your skin up in the winter months! If like myself, you can suffer from a bought of the winter blues, be sure to read my tips for lifting your mood too! 

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This was a paid for advertorial with Celavive and Usana – all images, thoughts and words my own as always!

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