Ah Fashion Week. The Bi-Yearly pinnacle of the industry and one big occasion for your diaries. Whether you’re a blogger, buyer, designer, editor or just adore everything and anything fashion, it’s kind of a big deal. From reading blogs at the start of high school, through to starting my own, I’ve watched in awe as the fashion seasons pass, trends come and go and bloggers take over the streets. It’s been mesmerising watching the rise of bloggers, so much so that I’ve always dreamed of attending at fashion week, soaking up the atmosphere and absorbing all the insane street styles. I’ve always thought that Fashion Week was kind of what everything accumulated to when you’re a fashion blogger, the time to shine, schmooze your arse off and have a bloody good time. I didn’t really know what to expect, nor did I venture in with pre conceptions, just an open mind and a naive and silly choice of shoes. Here’s my reflections from my first fashion week and here’s hoping you find it useful, interesting, relatable or just entertaining!

“Nailing the perfect, fashion week ensemble is bloody hard. I still have no idea what my ‘style’ is. I just wear what I like and what I feel comfortable in ( apart from shoes, I always end up picking uncomfortable shoes because, well, I love them.) Don’t fear others judgement and don’t compare yourself to others. Do you and do it well!”

“Firstly, the struggle of dressing for fashion week is real.”

It sounds so ridiculously conceited, but I got back home the day before fashion week, no idea what to wear and tearing my hair out. The thing is, I’m a lover of spontenaity – I like to loosely plan outfits and then fully put something together in the spur of the moment, so that I can dress according to my mood, the weather and the general vibe I’m feeling that day! This is the first hurdle; people spend days, weeks, months even, pre planning their outfits and herein lied my problem, because I’m just not a pre planning kinda gal. Luckily, the babes at Very Exclusive were on hand to let me take this INCREDIBLE Needle and Thread jacket for a whirl – it was love at first site and added something fresh and unplanned to my look for Day 2 at LFW. Especially when you’re as inexperienced as me at Fashion Week, you can really let the whole ‘I’ve got to look amazing, but feel like myself but look like the BEST version of me all at the same time’ really get on top of you! I wrote here about how easy it is in this industry to compare yourself to others. I was adamant I wouldn’t do this and as long as I focussed on feeling good, staying true to myself and dressing for myself – I’d be fine.  I’m paired back, a little bit basic and love classic pieces. Street style and paparazzi material? Probably not, but that’s okay. Don’t go out of your comfort zone for the sake of a big Canon.

“It’s a huge contrast and mix of incredible, luxurious ‘pinch me’ moments and just the down right, unglamorous “

I’m definitely not speaking for everyone here, but I’m assuming that if you’re a really well established blogger, celebrity or socialite, then fashion week is going to be a hell of a lot more glam than your average Joe Prim. I’m not going to paint a facade and I’m definitely not afraid to tell you the more gritty details and reality of fashion week from my point of view. But I feel like that needs a whole new post, so if you’d like to see a comedic post or video about the perhaps, less glam aspects of FW, let me know because that would be hilarious and very interesting to put together! Although I have explained the highs and lows in my Vlog, which is coming to my channel soon, so head over and have a cheeky subscribe if you haven’t already! Reality check aside, I am still in love with Fashion Week and find the whole time so intriguing, inspiring and interesting! Personally, from actually experiencing it this year instead of watching from the sidelines (Twitter 😉 ) I feel like I’ve learnt so much more about what goes into fashion week and why it’s such an important time. You’ve got the parties, the champs on tamp and constant blow drys, but you also have the aching feet, changing on the streets (yes I kind of did) and sometimes, the isolation and feeling of not fitting in.

“Find yourself a fashion week buddy”

Buddy’s were great on school trips, endless banter and if you got lost you weren’t alone. Same applies to fashion week and MY GOD it would have been daunting if I didn’t have my girls with me! My fave Aussie, Emma was in town for FW and I’m now having severe separation symptoms! I spent all 3 of my FW days with her and I can’t tell you how much fun she made them! We laughed, moaned, ate and drank (and then tried to recover Sunday morning). On Saturday we met up with Tanya and Kristy for a red wine, fuelled dinner and it was the best! It’s sometimes difficult to make friends when you perhaps don’t see them much or even haven’t met them yet (here’s looking at you Insta friends!) ! A LOT of my working life is spent by myself, so it’s so refreshing to have a group of girls you can relate to and trust. Over the past year I’ve really formed some great friendships through blogging which makes me super happy! Having a Fashion Week buddy will not only mean you can feel more at ease in new situations, but you have someone to laugh with, help choose a wine (V. Important!)  take pictures and put up with your moaning because your shoes are destroying your feet! 


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I REALLY hoped you like my little reflection of my first Fashion Week – I’d love to know your thoughts, if you’ve been or if you’d love to go! I cannot wait to show you the vlog of my time this year so make sure you’re subscribed! 

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Photography by Ben Kapur