I was first introduced properly to Amway and their brand, Artistry Studio, with it’s plethora of (beautifully packaged might I add) products, last year, at once of their launch events. It was for the NYC edition, with a similarly creative and bespoke, designed packaging. I was hooked ever since, particularly on the mascara (by far the best I’ve ever used). So, needless to say, I was pretty excited to see what the newly launched Artistry Studio Parisian style edition had in store and to get my hands on it!

Admittedly, I knew I’d take to the collection before I’d tried it, purely because the inspiration was drawn from Paris, which, let’s be honest; always delivers! Their city collections are inspired by the lifestyles, art, culture to fashion and this collection definitely embodies the sophistication and style of Paris! From Eiffel Tower, inspired brow products and versatile handbag staples; here’s my thoughts on the collection that launched today and my favourite picks!


It goes without saying, I’m a sucker for a versatile product (as I go on to mention below and how I’ve used these products beyond their initial use.) The two hero’s of the collection, for me, is the iconic 3 in 1 brow shaper (Mine’s in Crème caramel, wearing it on my brows here!) and the cheek and lip duo (Mines in Pantheon Peach – also wearing on my cheeks, lids and lips here!). Firstly, I fell in love with the Eiffel Tower shape of the brow product (who wouldn’t!) but adore the creamy, texture and angled brush it comes with; making it super easy to apply. I either apply more graphic, precise strokes for evening, or smudge into my brows and brush through for a natural, full brow for day time! The cheek and lip duo is a game changer for me, it’s also very creamy, making it easy to blend into your cheeks for a fresh, flushed, glow. Gone are the days of laboriously trying to get cheek tints to blend naturally! I also love how it has two tones to it, meaning you get 2 colours in 1! I like to blend the two, or for a more dramatic lip – use the lightest and brightest of the pinks! It’s also compact, so trés handbag friendly!


Two products that are always in my travel and makeup bag; a multipurpose oil to keep your skin and hair gleaming and a makeup setting spray; to set your makeup and refresh during the day. It’s worth noting there are a few more incredible products to the line that I haven’t tried yet, but you can have a peek here! I’m definitely going to be trying the liquid lip colour next! The multipurpose dry, oil spray for one, I cannot recommend enough! I have very fine hair, so it’s tricky to find an oil I can actually use. Not only does this have a texture like I’ve never used before (very, very fine, so works even on my hair and leaves no heavy weight to the hair!) but it also smells, INCREDIBLE! I spritz it in every morning on the ends, to revive dry strands but also so that my hair smells like a luxe, perfume!

I always have some sort of face mist in my handbag now; especially for busy days, as my confidence gets to zero if my makeup feels grimy or like it’s moved to places it shouldn’t be! They’re also great as setting sprays are usually compact enough for every day handbag use! The Artistry Studio Parisian Style edition make up setting spray not only locks my makeup in place and increases hydration, it massively increases the staying power of my makeup. But of course the winner for me is also that it provides an instant refresh (so great for commutes, holidays, or if you’re just feeling a bit groggy!)



I’m all for stretching the versatility of the products I try, as I love to utilise them beyond their normal use (plus it saves on packing space when you’re going away = genius!) These products definitely deliver the goods when it comes to multi-use! Smudge the lip and cheek tint (which is versatile in itself!) into your lids for a warm, fun, pop of colour and pink glow, I used the tint as an eyelid, colour base and layered pink shadow over the top here! Spritz the multi use dry oil spray into your roots and comb back for ‘wet look hair’ and melt into your collar bones and down the shins of your legs for a goddess like gleam in the warmer months (I LOVE doing this trick!) And for another fun thing to try – use the brush and the product from the 3 in 1 brow shaper for faux freckles. I find it’s the perfect shade and texture to be able to dot and smudge into your nose and cheeks!

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the collection – have you tried Artistry Studio? Which product would be your favourite? I’d also love to know what your dream city would be to visit! (I’m definitely a NYC or Paris girl!) 

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Photography by Ben Kapur

This post was sponsored by Artistry Studio