Keeping my face clear of blackheads has been somewhat of a seemingly, life long task for me, ever since I developed acne. I scrubbed, scraped, peeled and polished in attempts to gain a clearer, smoother, milkier complexion and I like to think I’ve tested the market pretty well! Whilst on roaccutane (my last resort to clear my acne up, a strong medication – you can read more about it here if you’re intrigued!) my skin became the clearest it’s ever been. The medication was literally PUSHING the oil, sebum and essentially, ‘crap’, out of my pores. I was blackhead free!

I’ve since been off of the drug for a year (how my skin is holding up and it’s progress is here.) and whilst my clear skin is still a huge novelty, my pores have started to fill up again, and so I embarked on finding the ultimate routine to tackle blackheads. So whether they’re on your chin, forehead, cheeks or nose; here’s my tried and tested cleansers, masks, scrubs and strips, to clean those pores and get your skin gleaming again. From fairly new products I’ve introduced to my skincare, to ones I’ve been using for years; here’s what made the cut.



Coffee scrubs; something up until recently, I thought was just anther FAD, Instagram fuelled, hyped up, product. Boy, how wrong was I. My full thoughts are coming soon in the form of a blog post (yes I really do need to talk to you about these that much! But for now, the cult brand that is Frank Body have swept me off my feet and into a coffee, splattered, shower cubicle; and I like it a lot. I know they have various products (a quick google will present you with them if you want a nosey) and they also have products specially formulated for your face. The scrub I’ve been using, I’ve been slathering on both my body and a little on my face. I figured the ingredients are natural enough that I trust them on my face, and lord are the benefits of this sweet! Quite honestly, I’ve never used anything that’s had the effect these granules of goodness have on my body. Particularly on my face, a gentle scrub and my face instantly looks bright, squeaky clean, polished, fresh but also left nourished, unlike a lot of scrubs that just strip everything away. This is one that you need to just try to understand and a lot of you on Instagram have been agreeing after trying! A solid, lifetime favourite now.


Ahh the infamous, holy grail, pore extracting product! This one I have vigorously and extensively researched throughout the years! I was forever on the hunt to keep my nose pores clean and sparkly, without tugging at the purse strings. Nose and face pore strips can get pretty, pricey and I’ve tried a fair, few brands. What have I learnt? Honestly? Don’t even waste your time on anything but Bioré. Seriously. Time and time again I’ve invested in other brands, some with more strips, some on offer and some just to try something different, and they’ve always had a slip and slide on my face, or have just done absolutely nothing at all! 

The disappointment was real and that money could have been invested in a large, reusable cup of cliché, pumpkin spice latte. My faves are currently the Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore strips. They all deliver consistently, but I’m a sucker for these ones as not only can you feel them getting to work with a gentle, cooling effect on the skin, but because of the colour, you can really see what they’ve pulled from your pores, which, let’s be honest, is most satisfying! 


I have no idea what my life would be without micellar water, but I don’t want to try and envision it. Admittedly this is getting a bit Bioré heavy, but let’s be honest, for me, they’ve always been the masters of knowing how to tackle a pore or two. For me, micellar is pivotal and I use it when I’m being lazy with washing my face come morning, and vital when taking makeup off in the evening. They need to be gentle, efficient, affordable and not leave a residue on my skin; all of which the Bioré baking soda micellar water does!

For a refreshing, cleanse that won’t dry the skin out, I recently discovered their Baking soda pore cleanser, and it’s perfect for a wake me up, face splashing, wash in the morning. (Plus we all know baking soda is a cleansing god send; for furniture, teeth and… skin!) For me, I can’t really use anything too harsh on my skin at the moment, so this is perfect when I get a build up of blackheads or breakouts, but want something not too harsh to help the problem.


I LOVE me a good face mask, and here’s 3, fab, options, each bringing something a lil’ different to the table. First up, a solid, skincare brand, recommendation that saw me through acne, on medication and through to today: La Roche Posay. The Effaclar Sebo Controlling mask has a thick, cool, mud-like texture and I pop this on when I’m really feeling like I need to get rid of the dirt in my pores, or clear my face for an important day, without it upsetting my skin’s harmony. Super gentle and a fab all rounder. The Bioré blue agave and baking soda whipped mask has a texture like no other, and super cooling for summer days. My skin instantly looked super fresh after this, the first time I used it, I was really impressed by the result after just one use! I’m all for something that’s going to stop the pollutive effects on my skin.

And last but not least, the skin genius’s that are Erborian. Again, the Erborian magic transformask has a really unique texture, it combines the benefits of a skin cleanser AND a skin perfecting mask! It helps to smooth your skin, tighten pores and reduce shine, as well as having a really cool, pearlescent effect on contact with your skin, that changes into a milky film on contact with water! Trés cool and it works.



I’d love to know if you guys are avid users of any of these products or what your holy grails are for keeping your pores squeeky clean! I’d love to hear as always! Pop a comment below or my Insta DM’s are always open for a chat!

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This post contains some items that are PR samples, however as always, I had no obligation to post and all thoughts are my own and are no way influenced.

Photography by Ben Kapur