I love writing about the blogging industry, it’s still really in it’s infancy (in the grand scheme of things!) it’s exciting and ever changing. If you’ve read my post here all about the blogosphere and how others have commented on it being oversaturated, you’ll know that I whole heartedly disagree and celebrate the ever growing community. However it has got me thinking (As well as Lydia’s though provoking post here) about my morals and stance as a blogger. Everyone wants different things, everyone values different things and that’s what makes it so diverse. However there’s one thing that I can’t help think that we should all try and uphold and that’s building and maintaining a feeling of trust and transparency amongst ourselves, our readers and fellow bloggers.

Really, without trust, why would anyone listen to a word we say, consider buying a shoe we love or take interest in our musings? I read the blogs I read because I value their opinion, I trust their view and appreciate what they have to say, even if I didn’t agree myself. I value their honesty and disclosure and that, in my opinion, is what truly sets some apart from others. When I deliberate collaborations and sponsorships that come my way I massively consider my audience, even more so than myself. If my readers have no respect and see me plugging new brands and items every day then how will they know which opinion to trust and which product I truly love? With this said, I’m exploring the importance of being a trustworthy blogger.

“I’ve always been damn proud to stamp that #ad on a post because I still find it incredible that I’m able to get paid for what I love and something that I built from nothing. Why should you be ashamed of that? Be honest and respectful and be proud of your hard work!”


Something we notoriously love to seek out – it is the law after all. It would be massively shamed upon for big companies to hide ads or lie so why should we be able to get away with it when we have such trusting and impressionable readers? Twitter witch hunts are forever picking reality stars in particular apart for their lack of disclosure. Heavily promoting brands from supplements and protein to clothes and shoes. Absolutely nothing wrong with that within itself, however it becomes a problem once one stops disclosing what is paid advertorials – making it difficult for audiences to determine what is sponsored and what isn’t.

I’ve always been damn proud to stamp that #ad on a post because I still find it incredible that I’m able to get paid for what I love and something that I built from nothing. Why should you be ashamed of that? I’m also proud because every brand I work with has had a crazy amount of consideration put into it – why on earth would I share something wth you guys that I don’t love/use myself? A collab should be natural and enjoyable to write about because you have such a passion and belief in that brand, and I don’t know about you – but when I get excited about things, I don’t stop talking! The fact is a lot of influencers money is made through sponsored work, so don’t hide that – embrace it and others will appreciate your honesty! (and you won’t be breaking the ASA guidelines 😉 )


You can never be too picky because your blog, your social channels and your YouTube represents YOU. If you promote something you hate, the only reputation that takes a hit is yours. Kinda scary when your whole, little, business is in your hands but honesty is always the best policy and can’t really do you much harm – lying on the other hand, or false advertisements can. I see you guys as my friends and there’s nothing I love more than finding an awesome product, sharing it with my friends and letting them have a try. Which is why anyone I work with has to be worthy of my reccomendation to you all! Be picky, be fussy, turn things down and jump with joy when you find the perfect collab for you!

At present, I turn down 8 out of 10 collabs (which is a pretty big deal for someone who hasn’t got a mass following of 100,000s and I actually feel really pleased that I’m staying true to myself) This is purely because I don’t feel comfortable promoting things I can’t use or won’t use – if I was promoting 5 skin care brands at the same time I can’t help but feel you’d lose slight trust in my opinion. (that said, I religiously use a hell of a lot of skin care brands and you’ll know that from my Insta Stories!) I just find it’s easier to pour yourself and your heart into few collabs at a time – don’t feel the need to accept every thing that comes your way. Don’t accept anything you don’t feel comfortable and always disclose, always be honest and true to yourself and your audience will be able to see that and appreciate you even more!


I always appreciate it when people take a moment to interact with their audience, take in to consideration what they like and tailor that into their work. I always try and respond to you loves on Instagram, YouTube & Twitter and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you send me messages on Insta stories! I find it so interesting when I share a story and you guys can relate or send me advice – because it really makes me feel like I must be doing something kinda right! It makes me feel connected to you guys and with every message I get to know you a little better – who you are, what you’e been through and what you enjoy reading about and watching!

That said, you guys always seem to enjoy my more personal posts – life, advice, the blogging industry – which is why I’m really inspired to write about all of those things currently. (I cannot thank you enough by the way, for all of your support on my body confidence post too – you are all AMAZING!) Building that all important relationship between blogger and audience is all about mutual respect. I love you guys and truly value everyone that takes the time to read my blog and watch my videos and I try to make that known! Similarly it really makes me happy to hear your feedback – what you like and your favourite posts. I trust your opinions, so when I ask for suggestions on Insta stories I know you guys are being honest and it will help me continue to improve and create things you like!


I really hope you loved this one beauts – I always find it super interesting to hear others thoughts on the subject of disclosure and trust within the blogging industry! Do get in touch my loves, always loving discussing these things with you!

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Photography by Ben Kapur