You might have noticed that there’s been a considerable rise in skincare – geared, blog posts around these parts lately. If you’re a longer term follower or follow me on instagram, you’d know that I used to suffer with acne. Since breaking free *Cue Queen’s ‘I want to break free’ * I’ve been obsessed with trialling new skincare, because I can actuallyhere! feel the results and changes it brings me now. I’ve actually been off of roaccutane/acne medication for a year now, if you want to see how I’m doing, I typed up my experience here!

I’ve been using Artistry makeup for a while now, after being introduced last year, and you might recognise the name from this pink-tastic post I did a few months ago (paris + makeup = what more could you want?) So when they asked me to give the Artistry Signature Select Personalised Serum a good trial and share my honest thoughts, I jumped at the chance! Does the skincare live up to the makeup I’ve used, and is this FINALLY a serum that does it all?




Being immersed in the world of beauty, blogging and getting press releases and new launches through the door, has meant that whenever I talk to friends out of the industry about serums, micellar water and why I’m obsessed with facial oils, I’m often met with a bemused face. I’m used to being exposed to the latest beauty trends and face masks that resemble Jason’s infamous hockey mask from Friday the 13th, but many of my friends have no idea what I’m talking about (as I was, a few years ago!) So, if you’re not too familiar with serums and what their contribution to a cracking, skincare regime is, here’s the low down.

Facial serums are similar in the way to they work like moisturisers, but are significantly lighter on the skin. They have the ability to really penetrate through the layers of skin and are normally used after cleansing and toning, before moisturiser. They’re not really hydrating enough to use instead of a moisturiser but more as an added step before and then you subsequently use a moisturiser to lock in all that good stuff! You can get various ones to target different things; firmness, lack of hydration, oiliness and breakouts, amongst other things. I’ve found once you introduce serums to your skincare, it’s hard to revert back – you feel like you’re missing something and how did you get by before! It’s worth saying, adding that extra step into your regime doesn’t make it any more laborious. Because of the consistency, they sink into your skin almost immediately, leaving almost no residue, so really just quench your skin’s thirst and help tackle trouble areas. If we’re being honest; I’m somewhat of a serum advocate/incidental hoarder!


So here’s the amazing, unique selling point of the Artistry Signature Select Personalised serum (which is kind of a bit of a hint in the name) – it’s completely personalised, which makes sense, as we all have amazingly, beautifully, unique skin and different things we all want to target. You can essentially create your very own serum by combining up to three (out of five!) amplifiers to address your individual skin concerns. You can choose from hydrating, brightening, firming, anti-wrinkle and anti-dark spot to add to your base serum and et voila – you have your own customised serum! The powerful ingredients have been developed to work together and it’s an absolute, multi tasking, wonder and is going to be a godsend when it comes to the dreaded packing of the wash bag (mine always weighs more than my clothes in luggage!) Gone are the days where you need a handful of different serums, where you can simply pick and choose up to three to inject into your base serum!

I must admit, the science lover inside of me loved the process of mixing my own, personalised serum. You take the universal base serum and choose up to three amplifiers to then freshly mix by twisting the cap and infusing the targeted ingredients (the noise was very satisfying – which would be the power infused technology!) It’s the only product in the beauty industry to use this, which has airtight packaging, pressurised with nitrogen to infuse the formulas, making sure it’s as potent and fresh as possible (hence the ‘whoosh’ noise when you mix them – mucho exciting!) The fact is, most of us have multiple skin concerns, such as dryness, dullness, hyperpigmentation (me!) fine lines and wrinkles, so having something to tackle what you personally want to target just makes sense.



Serums, at worst, add an extra 30 seconds to my skincare routine and the rewards I reap from investing that pittance of extra time are given to me in the form of more hydrated, softer and glowy skin! Especially after roaccutane dried my skin out, it really screams out for some extra love, attention and moisture now. I absolutely notice when I don’t use them and it’s refreshing with the Artistry Signature Select Serum, to be able to tackle numerous things at once, instead of having to choose! If you’re looking to step up your skin care game, whether you want to plump out fine lines, pop in some extra hydration or brighten that complexion, adding a serum to really penetrate and get to work on your skin is such a fab (and low maintenance – hallelujah) way of doing it. Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated or take hours, but when you do come to cleanse your face in the morning and wipe away the day in the evening, really relish in that time and enjoy it. Use it to focus, give yourself a pep talk, reflect from the day and have a pamper session. Serum is, after about a year of using it daily, a definite step that’s here to stay!

I’d love to know if you guys are skincare novice’s, newbies or experts and what your stance on serum’s is! Skincare and my acne experience is always my favourite talking point, so my Insta DM’s are always open for a chat!

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Photography by Ben Kapur