So I’ve finally decided to give myself a huge, kick up the back side and start to churn out regular Youtube videos, instead of the odd one here and there! Of course, I’m doing Vlogmas this year as Christmas is MY ABSOLUTE FAVE! You can catch part 1 & 2 here if you’ve missed out! But Vlogmas and festiveness aside, I asked you guys over on my Twitter what you wanted to see more of and you voted hair – so I thought a winter, hair, favourites would be perfect to kick start the season! I always get quite a lot of comments on my hair over on Instagram so thought I would put together a little round up of my essentials that have really helped keep my hair amazingly hydrated, frizz free and looking fab for the party season! So here’s a little bit all about my winter, hair, must haves!

The Basics

Shampoo & Conditioner

This winter, I’ve found that my hair’s been having daily tantrums – one day it’s dry, the next frizzy and the day after that it’s just not cooperating! It’s worth adding that my hair is VERY long, fine (but there’s a lot of it!) and any product that is too dense will just make my hair look like it hasn’t been washed for a year! I’ve been a fan of OGX for years and was excited to try this when I pulled it out of my Cosmopolitan Influencer awards, good bag! (Catch the vlog here!) It hydrates, tames that winter frizz (thank you, central heating!) all whilst leaving you hair smelling INSANE! Like seriously, your hair smells good all day! WIN.

Dry Shampoo

I’m the first one to admit that my life would be in shambles without dry shampoo. At a festival? Dry shampoo. Travelling and no time to wash your hair? Dry Shampoo. Broken leg? Dry Shampoo. I also love to spritz this can of wonder all over my hair when it’s freshly washed and needs some grip or texture for up-dos and topknots, otherwise my fine hair will be slipping and sliding all over the place. I like to think I’m a faithful and loyal gal, so naturally, considering Batiste saved my hair (and life) many a times as a teen, I like to stick to it, in fear of trying something that disappoints. I have indeed tried some other fab, dry shampoos, some great, some not so great – but what can I say, I’m a Batiste girl at heart.


The Bardou has become a serious, up and coming favourite brand of mine, especially since the launch of their INSANE Booster brow (basically a brow product like I’ve never seen before!) Glamorous, sleek and luxe – I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging but this hairspray also delivers the goods. I normally detest hair sprays because of the rock solid feel their give your hair and for that reason put off using them where possible. However I’ve found that with this keratin enriched spray, you still get that hold but without feeling like a piece of plastic – thank god!



I must admit, 90% of the time I stray away from ‘volumising’ products (would LOVE to know if any of you fine haired gals do too!) and this is simply because they’re usually way too thick and greasy! Ironically, I really need some volume so the Umberto Giannini volumizing root lift has seriously changed my hair game. I now genuinely enjoy blow drying my locks – it volumizing without causing build up, smells gorgeous, holds your hair in place and just generally made my hair look like I’d had it professionally blow dried (a big accomplishment for me, who is definitely NOT a hairdresser!)


Ya’ll know I love a good multitasking product – who doesn’t?! This magical, Cloud 9 quick dry, potion of amazingness not only protects your hair from heat damage but it seriously cuts down the time it took to dry my hair! I was in a frantic rush the other day to dry my hair before catching the train into London. Spritzed this in, combed through, grabbed my barrel brush and hairdryer and 5 minutes (yes, really.) later my hair was dry, sleek and I made the train (might have ran a little!) A must have if you’re a traveller or low on space!



Body, hair or face – oils are a natural godsend and do wonders for everything and anything – I currently switch between the Batiste Oil mist and Lee Stafford Argan Oil Serum, depending on the level of nourishment I need. The Argan oil serum is fab for deeper hydration, particularly on the ends of your hair and I love to apply this to wet or damp hair after a bubble bath, or dry hair when it’s feeling unhappy from the cold. For on the go, I love the Oil Mist as it’s so fine so much lighter on the hair – great if it isn’t freshly washed but needs a hydration boost!

Pamper essentials

The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree range tonic (available in Jan!) and Lee Stafford deep nourishing hair treatment are a must have for any pamper evening and for those of you who really want to get yourselves a healthy, head of hair! Like I mentioned in my winter, hair care must haves video below, a lot of us probably overlook taking care of out scalp, despite it being the starting point of amazing locks! This refreshing tea tree tonic gently invigorates the scalp and takes care of your hair from the roots! There’s also nothing I love doing more on a winter evening, than slathering the Deep nourishing hair treatment all over my hair and leaving in a hot towel for 10 mins for utter bliss and some crazy, soft hair! This really puts moisture back in your hair if your normal conditioner just isn’t cutting it.

I hope you guys loved this post – do check out the video for some more, in depth thoughts about all of these products and how I use them! I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of them – leave a little comment or snap me ‘style petal’!

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